ZRA to freeze all bank accounts without TPIN by end of 2017



The Zambia Revenue Authority has warned that it will freeze all bank accounts whose holders have not obtained their Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) by 31st December, 2017.

The TPIN is a pre-requisite to all procedures of tax registration under Domestic Taxes and Customs Divisions.

ZRA Corporate Affairs Manager Topsy Sikalinda said it is a requirement by law for every citizen with a bank account to have a TPIN which should be submitted to that same bank for inclusion to their details.

He said in an interview that those with TPIN will not be taxed from their bank accounts but that the PIN is only an identification initiative by ZRA for all tax compliant individuals.

Mr Sikalinda explained that all the money deposited into individual bank accounts is already taxed and therefore, the acquisition of a TPIN would not lead to double taxation.



  1. Dictatorship in full swing. Also register sims so they can keep tabs on you

    • Besides the enormous tax that is deducted from workers now i think this is another strategy to abuse the poor worker by introducing another tax that will hummer account holders. I am closing the account by that date period. I have one overseas so its done you are in problems bane.

  2. It’s dancing time…..ohh I forgot , the majority of those made to dance dunnuna reverse do not have bank accounts…..

  3. Here we go again Zimbabwe did same thing to its citizens…we are just following suit….ladies and Gentlemen its over…dictatorship in full swing….

  4. It must be said….such aggressive moves to tax people will only lead to people not using banks…the majority of money through Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Somalis and others will not pass through the banks but will have underground networks….that is three quarters of the money in the private sector and money from precious stones.

    Only money for GRZ contracts will be fully taxed.

  5. To what can i liken UPND country CHAIRMAN (HH) to? He is like a man pushing to grab woman from her legally married husband. The woman says, “… no me am already married…”. The CHAIRMAN keeps insisting that am the husband, while moving from one alangiz to another seeking for help. Meanwhile the rightfull husband is having bedroom gimnastics with the wife and producing children while the CHAIRMAN has not even one to keep him warm in the cold night. Mukose ba Hamukobebo Haingila (HH)

  6. Thats the problem a problem with comedians trying to say serious things. Even when they distributing threats, it still comes out as a joke

  7. freeze them, who cares, we will just withdraw our money from the banks. so don’t bother yourself ba sikalinda tops.

  8. Chinese firms were awarded the bulk of contracts from the $17.5 BILLION Debt.

    But has ZRA collected 35% Corporate Tax?

    35% x 17.5 Billion = $6.13 Billion.

    Indian Traders are also not taxed.

  9. The country must create incentives to encourage people to open bank accounts and not to be afraid. In other words GRZ must learn to create value in people’s lives.

  10. Right now, I do not see the value of independence in Zambia. I have nothing to lookup to, no role role models no, no current or future plans. Just continuous random senseless acts.

  11. ZRA should not inconvenience clients of the banks…What they should do if at all they want to implement what ever is just simply allocate the TPIN numbers to the account holders and inform the clients of the banks thru the bank system…ZRA should grow up and not intimidate account holders…or let them open a ZRA portal on their website where we can register and get the TPIN thru Internet…ZRA must be user friendly…

  12. Cant remember when I read any sensible thing from NEZ, and or any UPNDonkey for that matterr. Maybe I will never get the chance, seeing that this breed of donkey will become extinct very soon.

    • Kikiki he probably entered a donkey and forced himself on it because even a donkey cannot allow to be f.u.c.ked by an ugly chap like terrible

  13. ZRA, find out why almost every comment on this your requirement is against this move. their foreigners not paying tax and TPIN, follow those and leave poor Zambians.

  14. ZRA, find out why almost every comment on this your requirement is against this move. there foreigners out there who are not paying tax and have no TPINs, follow those and leave poor Zambians.

    • How do you know what demons sound like. Limbi you heard b.a.n.o.k.o moaning while been f.u.c.ked

  15. Government just needs to focus on job creation. More people in employment means more taxes collected. TPIN as an idea is fraud in the current state the nation is in. Why squeeze the already squeezed majority and just how far is this regime going to carrying with such strategies? In all honesty, Lungu is not doing himself any favours with his questionable presidency. One would think Government, Lungu would shift focus and concentrate on improving the lives of the majority Zambians. Whether Pf/UPND and other political parties or not, this is one huge questionable development that needs to be objected. More power to the black market at the expense of the nation. Come on enough is enough bane. The bank of my ‘under’ the mattress is calling. Banks will have no business and lead to job losses!

  16. ZRA should work with the Banks on how to come up with a good solution,or by simply allocate the TPIN numbers to the Account holders and inform the clients. And not ZRA to start intimidating Account holders. The Banks have a system that they do use e.g. when there are some changes on Account numbers,that is one of the sysems that ZRA can learn from Banks on how they manage that.

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