The $245 million Lusaka Roads Expansion Projects to start in Sepetember

A section of Kafue road under construction in Lusaka.
A section of Kafue road under construction in Lusaka.

A section of Kafue road under construction in Lusaka.
A section of Kafue road under construction in Lusaka.
WORKS to expand roads in Lusaka at a cost of US$245 million are expected to start in September this year, contractor Shapoorji Pallonji Africa managing director Ranjit Gajare has disclosed.

This development will reduce congestion in the capital city as the contractor is expected to build four fly-over bridges and expand selected roads.

Mr Gajare said this when he called on Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, Judith Kapijimpanga, press secretary Naviley Bangwe said in a statement yesterday.

He said his institution is just waiting for 15 percent counterpart funding from the Zambian government as the Indian Government will provide the rest of the money through Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India.

“The works will involve expanding selected roads from two to four lanes, while some existing four lanes will be expanded to six lanes, with buses having dedicated lanes,” he said.

Mr Gajare said the three-year project will see the construction of ring roads from Makeni to Mumbwa Road, and further connect to the Great North Road after National Heroes stadium to make Lusaka a smart city.

He said the Great East Road from Arcades to Lusaka central business district will have two lanes on the fly-over bridge, while the existing four lanes will be expanded to six lanes.

“The project takes special care to the requirement that 20 percent of the works are done by Zambian local contractors,” Mr Gajare said.

And Mrs Kapijimpanga said the country appreciates the Indian government for extending another goodwill gesture through EXIM Bank of India for the execution of the project.

“I will convey the message to the Ministry of Finance through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the project because we are all looking forward to the timely commencement of the project,” she said.

Mrs Kapijimpanga urged the contractor to employ more youths and honour the minimum wage as the Zambian labour law requires.


    • Why are we not using money collected from toll gates to build new roads? I thought that was the idea behind toll gates so that road construction can become sustainable.

    • This is good development. LCC needs to be informing residents of city exactly what’s happening. We know it’s central gov’t funding and overseeing but LCC has obligation to explain to residents which roads & what will happen. We also need mayor to tell us what ‘smart city’ means. The ‘garden city’ concept for Lusaka makes city beautiful & stand out amongst many capitals with it’s treelined streets despite not having a big skyline of skyscrapers. We’ve lost some of this however with new roads not having a similar concept, old roads losing this beauty because of indiscriminate cutting of trees & play parks being sold & lost. We need to build on this concept for Lusaka. We need a green area where residents can go and relax. God Bless Zambia

  1. Kikiki kaloba to build substandard roads in Lusaka while rural Zambians remain in darkness. While lungu and friends get cuts for awarding contracts poor Zambians barely making ends meet. Life under dictatorship


  3. Our planning is pathetic!
    Great east road was recently rehabilitated under the Lusaka 400 road project.. why wasn’t this done under that contract? We need to be serious with the way we manage resources in this country, this is absurd.

    • Ba Lusaka. Read and understand. The works are between Arcades and Town Centre. The works you are talking about were between Arcades and airport turnoff. And those are two different scopes of work. Expansion and maintenance are two different set of works

  4. Fi upnd kaloba or not kaloba,we dont care as long as PF is using the same loans to develop mother Zambia because even at household level people borrow to do big projects!!all well meaning Zambians know that PF means business!!before 2016 the face of Lusaka or Zambia at large changed and PF seems to up the game as we heads forward,meaning come 2021 a lot of develomental projects will be fulfilled across Zambia AND FURTHER PUSH UPND AWAY FROM STATE HOUSE!!

  5. This is a commendable initiative though the kaloba is too much. It appears everyone wants a piece of the Zambian cake. The Chinese are dangling their money on one side and now the Indians . Russia is doing the same with the national airline project. I actually don’t think the Indians are the best at such projects.

  6. This is good for our country but we only hope RDA will be up to the task of supervising the Indian contractors because their past experience like the short roads in Palabana have not been completed by an Indian contractor and the quality of the work so far done leaves much to desire!
    This is tax payers money and no compromise on the quality of work will be entertained this time around. RDA must work up and demonstrate why they are being paid. Too many Road projects have stalled why? Don’t tell us that it’s because of non payment because that simply shows lack of planning and seriousness.

  7. @spaka like lilo:insults is a sign of weakness and evil!
    Lets do civilised politics.believe you me,president Edgar Lungu do not sleep.he means business!!at the rate things are moving,i simply cant see how upnd can defeat ECL’s PF in 6.5 provinces come 2021!!we have seen some presidents relaxing after winning elections in Zambia before,but ECL is different.week in and week out,ECL initiates big projects in different parts of Zambia!!ITS AMAZING,AS WHILE THE OPPOSITION PARTIES RANT DAILY,ECL IS BUSY DEVELOPING ZAMBIA!!I
    expect the opposition parties to waste their money and time when competing against ECL’s PF in 2021-MARK MY WORDS!!

    • I think people are getting tired of borrowing news now……we are showing the youth that the only way is to borrow……

    • Njimbu

      Anybody, even a cinema patient can go on commissioning toll gates, roads And buildings all from borrowed money….that is easy to do. Anyone can do that.

  8. We should all be ashamed for lack of knowledge on national issues.
    Zambia has very good plans.
    Zambia has good intentions for its people.
    All this has nothing to do with PF.
    Parties come and go but the blueprint for national development remains.
    Please,let us study the 7NDP before we start exposing our ignorance of national matters.
    The job of opposition requires SERIOUS research.
    Unfortunately,the UPND does a terrible job.
    The MMD who know far better about governance are busy working with the PF.

    • The 7NDP do not mean borrowing money every week or borrowing money from every forigner we see. !!

  9. It is now very clear that money from toll plazas will never be used for road development in Zambia but mainly for politics and a few for civil servant salaries

  10. These debts will kill us, we have gotten used to living beyond our means.
    We are building castles we can’t afford.

  11. Development is welcome but not thru borrowed money for roads when we are collecting money from toll gates. The toll gates money should be paying for these expansions. Where is the toll gates money going? To PF debt payments & cadres? Look at Kafue Mazabuka road. How can can a government be to neglect such a vital road because of politics. Yet many people have perished there. Their blood is on Lungu and his PF ministers.

  12. At to make Lusaka a smart city. This is really laughable. Smart dirty city. Lusaka can be a smart city even now. Cleanness is the first snd number one step to be a smart city and not just having bus lanes or fly over bridges.

    • infrastructure is far more important… smart city is when we can have the ease of traffic.. look at china and India… even with the world’s highest population they can still manage to run traffic easily… so this is an important step towards development of Lusaka.. in fact Zambia….

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