Commonwealth University confers Honorary Doctorate Degree on GBM 

GBM in a selfie with his wife
GBM in a selfie with his wife
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in a group picture
UPND Vice President Geoffrey
Bwalya Mwamba in a group picture

United Party National Development (UPND) Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was on Friday awarded a honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration from Commonwealth University.
The degree was conferred to GBM during the 15th Dubai leadership Summit held at Arabian Courtyard hotel under the theme “Corporate Social Responsibility for Leaders and Managers’.
The Summit is initiated by the Commonwealth University and London Graduate School Consortium to serve as a forum to inspire leaders exchange ideas and opinions about practical leadership challenges and also to enable leaders to benchmark good practices.
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba born in 1959 is the son of Zambia’s  African Minister of Agriculture Muma Mwamba who later became Chief Munkonge and his mother Grace Chileshe both of Kasama Disrict.
Mr Mwamba is an entrepreneur and astute  businessman who begun his  business  with a loan borrowed from his mother but grew to create other businesses and investments both locally and internationally.
Through his hardwork he has managed to inspire young ones into business and entreprenuership.

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba receiving his doctorate
UPND Vice President Geoffrey
Bwalya Mwamba receiving his doctorate
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba receiving his doctorate
UPND Vice President Geoffrey
Bwalya Mwamba receiving his doctorate
GBM in a selfie with his wife
GBM in a selfie with his wife
GBM's Degree certification in Business Adminitration
GBM’s Degree certification in Business Adminitration


    • Well deserved.

      Mine is a real PhD acquired through blood, sweat and tears




    • This University has forgotten to mention the same Great **** Man (GBM) is a lowlife wife beating, swearing, former drug dealer and just an undesirable blood thirsty cretin not worth the space he occupies on this planet.

      They should’ve done some background checks to confirm all the above before given him that meaningless title.

    • Some of you learned colleagues from UNZA have never made a difference in anyones live for your plots, allowances from workshops and to travel for conferences abroad.GBM has been a force to reckon with in the business and political spheres in Zambia. He is street smart and though ruthless he deserves the doctorate awarded.Booksmarts should stop being jealous.

    • There is no law university , even a fake one that would give the fraud convict wannabe dictator any honery degree or anything…..

    • @2020vision Don’t we all have our own skeletons! It is impressive that a man of humble education takes up a decision to improve himself! I absolutely applaud him and truly acknowledge his failings. Mister, let’s give praise where it is due! There was a former Solwezi MMD MP and Deputy Minister who dropped out in school in grade 7 and went off to complete a Master’s degree!

    • Atleast his works can be seen by all anlike some people who claim to be lawyers but have nothing to show for and when a country has a lwayer in state house it has become a lawless society, If i had a way i would try these tow self made powerful businessmen , HH and GBM.

    • Not a real PHD. He has not done any research and made a discovery that has added to world knowledge. He has not had to defend his work at a university Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard,etc to prove his work is original! Nonsense like Maureen Mwanawasa! Silly fat wife beater.

    • From grade 7 to Dr What an achievement.
      Anyways congratulations. I also elevate you from GBVM to simply Dr. GBM. Please also strive to conduct yourself as a dotoro.

    • @Chansa, is this when you have known? Most of us knew this from way back in the Kaunda era. The title doctor does not always mean one has a PhD. It has been like this forever. Welcome to the side of knowledge.

  1. Well deserved from a self made man. This exemplary man who so happens to be incoming vice press has a lot of wisdom to share on business setup and management. I would rather listen to him that listen to mutati who has a degree unplanned borrowing from the university of kaloba in samfya. Well done vice president. I will join you and your family layer to celebrate at intercontinental. Thanks for inviting me As usual.

    • When GBM was with PF together with Mulenga Sata, Guy Scott, Miles Sampa, etc., you were insulting them the way you are insulting Felix Mutati. If Felix Mutati decides to join Upnd today, together with Mumbi Phiri, Father Bwalya, Davis Chama, etc, you will blow your trumpets for them and start insulting Maurine Mwanawasa, Dr. Kaseba, etc if they decide to withdraw their support for Upnd

  2. Vabouoka , nichi tange tange… It appears that when one has a bit of cash they can just go and buy a doctorate degree

  3. This is an insult to education system. Dr. GBM awe sure twasebana. 2 here is this university any way. God help us.

    • Just Google before you comment and make a fool of yourself. This is just a Mickey Mouse university registered in Belize City, Belize Island and housed in some nondescript building in the UK. This so-called university is not the same league as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge or Princeton. You guys seem to forget that the Zambia Qualifications Authority recently issued a statement that only those with earned doctorates should be addressed as Dr.

    • @Facts as if we care! He is a Dr. now. He joins Dr Lusambo, Dr Kambwili, DR KK, Dr Mumba, Dr Chiluba and frankly if Lusambo can be a Dr anyone qualifies.

  4. Good things seem to be happening to running mate GBM since underfive went in. Given that it is now clear that underfive will be away for a long long time, is he the incoming presidenT of UPNDonkeys?

  5. Doctor of corrupt practices. Mukomfwa ati, that’s the univ One of his children goes to or the owner of the university owns a household goods shop and GBM bought USD50,000 worth of stuff

  6. How do they get these honorary PhDs? I have an earned PhD from Kiwi land. I would like to be given an honorary Professor qualification so that I can be called Prof Mwana wa dada. I have been working for it for 5 yrs now but to no avail. I am not giving up, though, because I know of some academicians who were my former lecturers at UNZA, about 30 yrs ago, still being simply PhD holders

    • Not CK and Lusambo. GBM deserves it more than the other two! Celebrating GBM’s life-time achievement has definitely caused red and yellow eyes in some especially those who like to compare themselves with others and think they have a high sense of achievement. A PhD is worthless if the roof above your head is not your own. We have seen many wasted lives in this kind of existence. You are one dismissal away from destitution and miserable existence. Show us what your PhD has done to fellow man and GBM will show you how as a result of the many lives he has touched through employment is more deserving of a PhD! Yalileta akanthu PhD pa Africa. Bwafya!

  7. This is well deserved as this man has demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills over years. Who, in the 90’s didn’t enjoy GBM mealie meal?
    Hats off!

    • …any rubbish and excretant out of PF is a hero in upnd today!! Any 1diot who insults PF gets free legal services from hh’s lawyers; look at Tayali?? GBM was called kaponya and marketeer when he was in PF, today he is Vice President with a doctorate degree and all the supporters are proud of him?? What a party of reprobates!!!

  8. Its a shame to the academic fraternity…an abuser, a drug dealer, a criminal being honored..womaniser! They are endorsing all is illegalities…Shame..shame shame…Yes has has achieved alot but to honor someone is not a small means you are cheering him for his reputation.

  9. If these are the names of GMB parents, where did he get the names of his Children Thandiwe, S’bongile and the like?

    Is the wife of GMB bemba or from other tribes?

    • Do something to your tribal lenses! One’s ethnic extraction is of no consequence in the modern era! Don’t be a tribalist! If I introduce myself as John, don’t ask me about my surname. Doing so only makes you a tribalist because you want to pigeon-hole me according to your prejudices! That is primitive to say the least but I don’t blame you. Most Zambians are not well exposed. They have never lived in more advanced societies. Some have lived in these societies but the village bush in them is just too much!

    • And why is his wife’s tribe relevant? We are not going anywhere as a people because we focus on the most ridiculous issues. Get over this tribal nonsense my brother.

  10. When the PF rats like 2020vision, terrible belittle the opposition just remind them that lungu is a fraud convict, they promptly take cover.

    • @wanka you used to call GBM Great Bag of Maize on your ZWD website or don’t you remember? Oh I forgot you are a baby blogger that has only just discovered the internet…ati kikikikiki…some of us are on record of always being against GBV – even when he was in PF because he is a genuine low life!

    • You seem to have nothing else to talk about and promote your useless tribal party except talk lies as you have been instructed by your perpetual failed leaders??? How does a fraud convict register for public office?? How does a fraud convict remain a LAZ member?? Your insignificant hate campaign of a failed state and dictatorship seems to be fizzling out and now you have run out of ideas??

    • 2020vision

      GBM bankrolled you rats and was your defence minister then he was great.

      Zambian citizen

      Why did LAZ take away lungus law licence??
      Tell us why , don’t take cover now will you ?

    • @wanka like lilo GBV was never great to me some of us are not brainless zombies like you and Nez. I have always been on record of being against GBV even when he was Minister of Defence I’m on record right here on lsk times of pointing out his many corrupt acts-just as I do with Dora and Mutati. It has always been a real blessing for GBV to join UPND because it shows your party’s true character to bring in such a thug…Cannisius was pushed aside for the sake of this blood thirsty cretin GBV..but as usual united d.underheads will always make such mistakes its in your silly nature!

    • 2020vision

      You only hate siliya and mutati because they are not PF rats…..period…inyour ranks you have corruption advocates like davis mwila, violent phycophaths like kaizer Zulu and kapoyongo….

  11. UPND were mocking Dr Kambwili h.c and Dr Lusambo h.c when they were offered theirs just because they did not belong to their party…But now on Dr GBM h.c they want to justify why…

  12. This is rubbish as nobody in Zambia would call GBM as Dr.GBM h.c.if i were him,i would reject it as its only ideal to earn a PHD from the class room.
    As for upnd cadres,please ignore them.they are lost in the first when their god HH was arrested,they all thought it was a joke.but now its over 100 days behind bars and nobody seem to be concerned about HH!!even those die hard tribalists such as Chief Mukuni,Hamusonde,who used to make noise in The Mast,have gone quiet!!”POLITICS TEYA BANA BANE!!”
    We shall see if Dr.GBM will be supported by upnd cadres once he tries to replace HH as upnd leader if HH’s political career ends in Mukobeko(if convicted)!!LETS WAIT AND SEE!!

    • You also , I asked your fellow PF rat Zambian citizen why LAZ took away lungus licence and he has taken cover, maybe you can tell us ????

    • @ Spaka, you’re just jealous of President Edgar Lungu…Mudala just work hard if you want to be like him…the more you demean him the more we like him…

    • Zakeyo

      I am only responding to the non stop insults the pf rats direct at HH and UPND.. …also the more you rats insult HH and UPND the more they get support….

    • @ Spaka, the more you insult others who hold a different view from you and call them rats, the more you lose your popularity Mudala…

  13. Outbreak of doctorates! It’s sangwapo now. Get yours before they run out…Kikikiki. As for GBM, congrats! Let’s encourage each other as Zambians and promote each other. Why is it that foreigners see and promote the good in our own and all we want to see is bad in each other? No one is perfect but appreciate the good others have achieved and give due credit!

  14. This is not good. This man abused his position in government to award himself contracts and he gets conferred with a honorary Phd in Business Administration? Some tuma universities aweh sure.

    • @citizen, well spoken. Just to add to your point, a desperate use of archaic English does not this document authentic. I have never in my life seen any decent university offering, even honorary degrees on which it shows the university address. The lamination probably is more expensive than the paper given to GBM. It looks so embarrassingly fake!

  15. I am sure the Commonwealth Unviersity tried hard to entice Mr Aliko Dangote to purchase their doctorate….kikikikikikiki.
    I googled it and wow!! you can obtain that doctorate at a gala dinner in Dubai etc that costs US $500 plus US$100 for your spouse and other friends and family. Before that an exchange of emails, plus your profile and a transfer of US $4500. Chapwa and you are Doctor Donkey as soon as the next awards dinner can be organised!

  16. As an academic, I feel that it is high time Universities seriously reviewed the conferring of Honorary degrees to any individual that generates negative political news. From this moment, I verily swear that I will NEVER, ever recommend my grandchildren to register at the so called ‘Commonwealth University’ – wherever it is located on this planet Earth. Neo-colonialists/ neo-imperialists have found that the best fertile ground to generate anarchy in African States is by resorting to pampering selected evil elements through the process of awarding of “Honorary Doctorates”. I am at pains to figure out the criteria which were used to confer Honorary Doctorates on Chishimba Kambwili and GBM. The concept of University education is being watered down.

    • @Mwansa Kabinga, if you are academic, you should know that Commonwealth University is NOT a real university but a ‘diploma mill’ where everybody who has a bit of cash to spare can go and buy a ‘degree ‘ of some sort. Please be not be at pains, because these papers are worthless. Besides, you do not university education to get an ‘honorary degree’. Just look at the wording of the so called degree and take a deep breath, … reads ‘granted at Belize City’……..but they were in a Dubai Hotel. Laughable!!!!!!

  17. If this guy were still in PF, a barrage of tribal stuff were going to be here! But now he is UNPD , Under Five team is okay with it!

  18. At least we have seen his certificate compared to some people like Mushota who keep on boosting in words. I work with educated Professors and Doctors they dont boost, Its actually the less educated who waste their time promoting their secondary school certificate. Get really and live a normal life.

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