Be wary of the vicious campaign by UPND and their allies to discredit State institutions -Sunday Chanda

Sunday Chanda (L) with Frank Bwalya
Sunday Chanda (L) with Frank Bwalya

Sunday Chanda (L) with Frank Bwalya
Sunday Chanda (L) with Frank Bwalya
THE Patriotic Front (PF) has advised Zambians to be wary of the vicious campaign by the United Party for National Development (UPND) and their allies to discredit State institutions to dent the country’s democratic credentials.

PF media director Sunday Chanda said the party leadership is saddened by the unpatriotic behaviour being exhibited by the UPND of undermining State institutions through their negative statements aimed at damaging the country’s image.

Mr Chanda said in a statement that some of these remarks are a threat to national security and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

“The UPND have attacked nearly all wings and departments of government – from the Judiciary to the police to health and everyone in between.

“As the governing party, we take great exception to this continued ploy by the opposition leadership to seek some kind of relevance by propelling lies and falsities without any sense of consideration of the impact and effect of their actions,” Mr Chanda said.

He said cheap politicking will not earn the UPND political support because Zambians are well-informed to be swayed into believing the falsehoods being peddled by the opposition party and its allies.
He said it is uncalled for to paint all government wings of the nation as inept.

Mr Chanda also condemned UPND for allegedly insulting the integrity of the men and women in uniform by perpetually accusing them of always acting on the instruction of the ruling party on matters of national importance.

He advised the UPND leadership to desist from playing with matters of national security.

The Afro-barometer Report recently claimed the quality of elections has deteriorated in Zambia and yet the European Union (EU), Commonwealth, African Union (AU), Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) all declared the elections credible and fair.


  1. Mr Chanda no one is trying to discredit you – you are doing that by yourself! The continuous lies that you are all perpetuating is discrediting the PF. We are not stupid we know what is going on ! Stop saying that the upnd is meddling in state security – the only reason you say this is because you want to enforce the state of emergency especially as 14 August draws closer !

  2. You must be a retarded monkey because how can anyone discredit something that is as dirty and useless as the state institutions under an illegal government such as lungus. You have failed and want to shift blame. You claim to be in power so take the issues that come with it like men. That is why I keep saying that lungu has small man hood. Anyway me I am enjoying my weekend as I am attending gbm party and then later meet me at raddison. All those who want to chat with me feel free. I am an open book who will engage our people.

  3. PF regime and its leader is discrediting itself. PF has discredited the judiciary by disobeying all judgements against its MPs who lost elections, disobeyed judgement against all ministers who stayed in office after dissolution of parliament ordered to pay back salaries, PF has disobeyed Zambia’s constitution in various cases all because PF considers itself above the law. Abuse – all Zambian institutions and its employees are abused daily including non payment of their salaries – the police, the civil servants, state media reporters, the universities employees are all going on without salaries for months. PF regime is truly abusing Zambians.

    • PF should ask RB. 2021 someone will say ” the zambian people have spoken” you have lost my vote and those of my family because of firing Kambwili.

  4. I think Pf has lost its minds,because if you claim that people are well informed, then why get worried. To be honest with Pf, the truth is that we are informed and aware that Pf has lamentably failed to govern, so be ready to pack, come 2021.

  5. Only a fo0l would take a regional party upnd serious as all it knows is ranting nonsense daily!WHOEVER DOESNT SUPPORT HH IS CONSIDERED TO BE UPND’S ENEMY!!SO UPND CANNOT BOTHER US!moreover,upnd was formed in 1998,to date it has never won any presidential election but dreamers still think it may win one day-amazing!!!
    When i look at PF’s splendid works across Zambia,especially in provinces where voters appreciate Govnt works,i simply cant see how PF under ECL may lose 2021 elections!!

    • After spending 10 billion lungu did not even need to campaign but had to rig and use violence unseen before…..

  6. You arrested a face book user who pointed out your barbaric attacks against innocent funeral mourners yet you kapoyongo threatened kambwili with violence in front of lungu……..sham on you dictators.

  7. Upnd have no reason to be heard because they are under5. To me they are irrelevant kids just making noise to be noticed.

    • Haha..What country image? You fools (PF) are doing a good job at that we told you very soon people will realize that the PF is nothing but a bunch of thieves….and your new tactics of intimidating innocent people won’t work this is not 1965…the Seka oponokwe days…are long gone…sorry sir….good luck…

  8. Bakili Muluzi, the second Malawian president, made every sort of lie to win the office. He failed to fulfill the promises and led a laissez faire management system to destroy the country previously for discipline worldwide. UPND leaders are even worse than this.

  9. PF is a party of kaponyas and people who don’t think. There is no vision and no direction in their government. Their management style can only be described as “government by crowd-thinking” like an instant-justice mob!No one needs to say anything to destroy PF image, it’s already in tatters.

  10. Chanda should go to Political Science Schools. He don’t know Politics and democracy at large. He think, whatever he dreamed when sleeping he talk. Once offended by his wife he shows to z world.

  11. Sunday Chanda you are embarrassing the Bembas, from the founding fathers, mine workers to Trade unions. Bembas have played an important role in bring people together. Today you are being used like a used tyre by Lungu to spread hatred, violence and suppression of voices and those regarded as the enemies or adversaries. Sunday it’s not long ago when Sata was insulted and gassed by MMD. Look at Mumbi Phiri, Amos Chanda, father Bwalya, yourself and Emmanuel mwamba. You are a shame to us BEMBAS.

  12. You are black sheep of our tribe. You are behaving like bush products will with no moral compass. People who are unteachable , unintelligible and pompous. When you time come to see the other side of the coin , you will be complaining and asking church and the private media to covet you. The same you are closing and threatening on daily basis.

  13. From what you read they should also be attacking the CEOs of this country who steal from national companys for their own stomachs just like Pius Kasolo from ZCCM.

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