China is busy buying us off whilst we keep fighting tribal and political battles-Haabazoka

Lubinda Habazoka
Lubinda Habazoka
Lubinda Habazoka
Lubinda Habazoka

Economist Lubinda Haabazoka has charged that China is buying off all strategic positions in Zambia’s economy whilst Zambians are busy fighting ourselves on tribal and political lines.

Dr Haabazoka who is also a Lecturer in the School of Business at the Copperbelt University warned that by the time Zambians finish fighting and reconcile, there will be nothing to share.

He said the blame is not on government only but that most of it is on greedy citizens.

“When you are selling property, you just look to sell at high prices to the Chinese forgetting the implications! Your children and grant children will be relegated to shanty compounds,” Dr Haabazoka said.

“Look at Zambians seriously cutting down the Mukula and other hard wood selling it to the Chinese!!!!! Why can’t they cut the trees in Asia?”

He said government banned the chopping down of the Mukula and its Zambians who rushed to the media to blame government.

“Who does that? Operation Mitengo or whatever it is called has come at the right time!!! Let security forces man our forests!!! You can chop down our sources of oxygen to go and make beds in Asia!!!! I am not anti-Chinese,” he said.

Dr Haabazoka clarified that he is just saying that the trade is unfair.

“It’s impossible to get permanent residence in China or let alone citizenship but they have it all easy in Zambia!!! ZRA and ACC busy following small Zambian businesses leaving the Chinese to flourish. Just near the stadium, Honourable Bowman Lusambo ordered the demolition of a Chinese car wash!!!”

He added, “I have nothing against the Chinese. I actually think that they have really helped in building infrastructure for African countries but their new model of expansion into Africa is alarming. As Africans we have totally got it all wrong!!!! Look at Zambia for example, the Chinese have strategic positions in all sectors of the economy. Media (Topstar), Mines, construction sector (mei mei etc), agriculture sector (small scale indigenous Zambians can no longer compete), Land (These guys are buying our land and properties in strategic places with impunity), etc.!”

“Why am I worried? President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has proclaimed that Indians are now an indigenous tribe in Kenya. He did this just before elections. His calculation is basically to get the Indian vote coz most Indians have Kenyan citizenship! I have nothing against Indians.”

He continued, “We suffered together during the colonial times, we were oppressed together but can Africans be given the same status in India? Where did all this start?”

“After changing to a market economy in 1991, we lied to ourselves that we needed to privatize all public entities. Zambians at that time had no money because for 27 years it was a crime to even own $1. So foreigners came in and bought us off. If we controlled 90% of businesses in Zambia, today we control less than 10%.”

Dr Haabazoka charged that Zambians have been relegated to just owning Tuntembas and small real estate even though the Chinese are busy build large estates to rent to us.

“After 15 years, it will be difficult to negotiate with them. They would own most land, most property and businesses. I hope they wouldn’t have bought Zesco or Zamtel then!!!”
He charged that Zambians themselves are to blame.

“Who is to blame??? Ourselves!!!! Look at how patriotic Russians are? Generally Russian citizens had no money prior to 1991 but after they liberalized their economy, they sold property to themselves creating oligarchs. These guys heavily invest in Russia and have helped keep wealth locally,” he said.

“The Russian government also chose commercializations against privatization that’s why you have huge companies like Gasprom that are able to fund huge government projects like hosting the Olympics and World Cup. Trump in the USA has realized that his country is being looted, hence the America first program!  What is happening in Zambia,” he asked.

“We are busy fighting ourselves on tribal and political lines whilst China is busy buying us off! By the time we finish fighting and reconcile, there will be nothing to share!!! Let us develop a sense of patriotism. Even this article will attract negativity from Zambians even though it’s for their own sake but if I write this in the U.K., I was going to be knighted!!!By the way, the U.K. Has lost its identity because of the same open door policy.

Dr Haabazoka has since urged Zambians to take up strategic positions.

“Let us stop fighting!!! ZRA should concentrate on foreign businesses especially those that issue invoices in foreign languages!!!! I mean then how does ZRA tax them??? The Post was closed for taxes but I haven’t seen that enthusiasm against other foreign players!!! The mines who pay peanuts to ZRA should not be spared!!!”

“Let’s learn from Putin and put our house in order!!!! Let us unite Mwebantu!!! In reading this statement, do not politicize it!!! It’s not meant for politics but to protect that which I inherited from my father and grandfather I.e. Zambia.”

He said, “Very soon the only right we shall be able to exercise is the right to vote coz we have forgotten about Zambia and are busy looting it!!! God bless and unite us!!!! I love this country from Nakonde to Shangombo!! It can’t be a failed project.”


  1. Thank you Dr Haabazoka. You a re so right. We as a people need to learn to stand up for what’s ours. Even when government/chiefs sell land to foreigners and we don’t agree as a people, we should be able to protest peacefully against it. We literary do nothing. We are being overtaken by Chinese and South Africans in our country!! Its unacceptable.

    • @Myzambia! you think Lungu will let you protest against his pay masters! You will be arrested for treason!

    • Very well articulated Doc, you have nailed it. Sadly in Zambia it’s difficult to fix stu-pidity. Excellent words of advice.

    • This man is Tonga and has no message

      Ignore him.

      Zambia is fine

      Prosperity intact. Ignore this man

      Agreeing with him shows you are a mental midget.



    • LT, how long are you going to entertain tribalists and tribalism on your blog? I think this is worse than insulting the president or using the f-word. The post Mushota posted was supposed to be moderated and not displayed. She might be your favourite blogger but please tame the dame.

    • The Dr. hit the nail right on the head. He’s right. Zambia is being sold to the highest foreign bidder. A few years from now, most Zambians will find it impossible to buy land, or even own a meaningful business–in their own country. In the 70s and 80s the Indians had dominated business and owned almost every single store in Zambia. Not only did they refuse to sell some of these businesses to indigenous Zambians, they even refused to rent the buildings to them. They would only sell and rent business buildings (stores) to fellow Indians. Enter the Chinese. These guys have been buying land and setting up business buildings left, right and center. A few years from now, Zambia will be, by and large, owned by the Chinese. Remember, he who controls the money controls everything,…

    • (Continued)… including the economy and politics. Zambians will become beggars and vagabonds–in their own country, because there will be no more land left to do anything. While the Dr. mostly nailed it, I tend to differ with his assertion that the common Zambian people are to blame. I don’t think so. And this because most Zambians who are participating in the selling of their land don’t know any better. They don’t understand that what’s happening now will have terrible consequences for the future—the future of their own grandchildren. The politicians are mainly to blame in that they’re the ones who are supposed to be gatekeepers, and custodians of the country’s resources. They are the ones entrusted with the responsibility of controlling how foreigners participate in the…

    • (Continued).. country’s economy. If the government allows foreigners to do whatever they want with impunity, this is the result. Patriotic Zambians within the government need to arrest this situation quickly before it’s too late. If you go to any country be it India or China, the indigenous people own most of the businesses. And it’s hard to setup a business in these countries as a foreigner, let alone an African. Why are we black people always thinking we’ve been condemned to be consumers, and never producers and owners of businesses? Begin to empower indigenous Zambians economically. We want to see Zambia saturated with indigenous Zambian millionaires, and not foreign millionaires. Foreigners do not usually have the best interests of the host country at heart. They make money…

    • (Continued)… and send it back home. Begin to empower the indigenous Zambians or kiss our beloved country goodbye.

  2. You keep fighting political/tribal battles cuz that’s how far your mind goes.The Chinese ,the Indians,Bill Gates and all those tuntemba Zambians all get 24hrs in a day equally.

    Now why blame the Chinese/Indians for your own mistake of aiming low and being less industrious?

  3. Remove the PF government through correct channels and, maybe a new group of proper ‘think tanks’ will emerge. The tribal issue must not be allowed to arrest the potential which all Zambians possess. I would not entertain the thought of fighting Zambians anywhere. I truly love Zambians because prior to the PF and MMD madness and confusions, genuine unity prevailed among the people of Zambia. God bless Zambia. Viva HH and UPND.

  4. As a graduate with a minor in development studies and having read the book entitled how Europe underdeveloped Africa, we ought to think twice. Keep it up doc.

  5. You make a lot of sense, I hope our politicians regardless of party would put Zambia first. Zambia is really in need of patriots who are thinking beyond the now.

  6. I salute you dear brother,for this sensible article . So far all we keep reading and hearing about is this sad issue of tribal insults and division. How I wish we could all realise that God created us all in his own image and that we are all equal and that Zambia is for all Zambians and not only for the few. I pray that we dont become a colony of CHINA one day.

    • Doc. You are a disgrace. Shut your filthy wide stinking gob. You know what the problem is. This country is investing in the destruction of the opposition and it believes so strongly that when this is done then they will be at peace to develop it? So the Chinese who are funding the investment are free to do as they please.

  7. Zhongguo meng for you to compete with Chinas In Xi’s view, Chinese foreign policy should help realise two goals for the country: the doubling of China’s gross domestic product (GDP) from 2010 levels and achieving what he refers to as the “renewal” of the nation by 2049

    As it tries to offload its excess capacity and rewind its orientation to a consumption driven country what is the correlation with Zambian economy “‘remember that famous quote if China sneezes the rest of the world sneezes so if its growth will double by 2049 what would be the Zambian Chinese driven firms economy and projects grow to………in 2049

    If you can estimate and log you will see why Dr Lubinda Habazoka good points…

    • @ Jonathan

      “…“‘remember that famous quote if China sneezes the rest of the world sneezes…”
      Attempting to reinvent ” When the Fed sneezes, the World catch the flu…”???
      As to Comrade (LOL) Xi “Vision”, please try to connect the following dots: Spartley Islands, Rangoon; Sri Lanka; Djibouti; Addis Abeba; Nairobi; Dar Es Salaam; Maputo………..
      New Colonial master at work? Who is paying the bill for this infrastructure development? Comrade Xi or the next generations of poor Asians and Africans?

  8. and concerns should be taken seriously and seen not from political lens but in national Interest

    There is need now that before to establish a Foreign Investments Committee on Foreign Direct Investments and Clearly define areas that are of national strategic importance especially resources The committee for foreign direct investments together with ZDA should appraise and see the Capital formation and structure of ownership those Chinese’s and foreign firms especially non SOE before accepting those Investments

    What then also happens if all projects awarded and funding from china and others become complete What will those firms be doing and what next for the…

  9. projects these driven firms and not consumption driven as in the china new era Its true like the Dr Lubinda will agree that FDIs unwind and often rewind and if no safe havens are created in these times the conditions become more worse off than before

    Its good to have the Chinese and other FDIs and Finances to activate Zambia’s commodities for value exports but working out the local economy and firms with Chinese long-term local presence is even better long-term There is no doubt that China is a good partner to look to but having a win win situation for both is even much better Chinese firms and Investments are good people also

  10. My brother you are very right about your observation including the ZRA chasing Zambia citizen owned companies leaving mncs evade tax owing millions due our compromised admnistrations.How i wish we could also be lucky to have a real Patriot like Magufuli in Tanzania.Corruption is killing us.Investors cannot be flooding State house,institutions for investments are there.It is sad to see how Chinese and other mncs including banks are ripping us off.

  11. Sometimes learning from Chinese the success stories is not bad so long as the access to capital for Zambians small and medium firms is supported and activated

    Twinning with cities and universities like the NRDC to China Agricultural University will be fruitful long-term including CBU

    Zambia should learn also the good points from the Chinese Great Rejuvenation and see how the Chinese have for long-term positioned themselves

    lets accept them work with them but know our priorities and part

    Thanks Lusaka Times //

  12. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. – Sun Tzu

    Chines are swiftly colonizing Africa without the docile Africans not knowing it…this caliber of leadership we have is too compromised to see, I mean where on earth does a govt allow its provincial ministers to go on an all paid for tour/course in China. You have a Veep who is in China begging left, right and centre for everything she sees there without shame. I challenge any rich African to attempt to operate a TV channel in China…he wont get anywhere but in Zambia they have sold ZNBC to the Chines.

  13. “China is busy buying us off while UPND is busy wanting their tribal chief who lost the elections to be President,” Habaasoka.

  14. Too late for Zambia! China has come. We have already sold our birthright like Esau because of greed! The thought of the Chinese voting is real and scary! They have already started producing Chinese coloureds!

  15. Now this is something worth reading about, you did a good job thanks Doc: I hope some people will take this seriously instead of posting negative comments supporting the current Government:
    We need to come together and protect Zambia.

  16. Tell me why we wouldn’t be bought off by the Chinese when we fail run and grow our Zambia Airways ,we fail to run the mines and we rely on South Africans for telephony & retail supermarkets?

    Only thing we know is running tuntembas, 24/7 tribal politicking and watching EPL.

    • @19 Mzambia.. I TRIED TO VOTE FOR YOU EVEN a X 1000 but the system allows only 1 Vote!! YOU ARE SPOT ON! We are so petty, simplistic in approach, loving leisure and things of little relevance for our tomorrow!! THIS CUTS ACROSS OUR ENTIRE NATION, political leaders from both ruling and opposition included!! THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING AT WHAT TO GET FOR THEMSELVES and THEIR CADRES and NOTHING FOR THE NATION!! When SATA talked against Chinese, Indians, and Lebanese he was accused of xenophobia, when he got into power he saw he could use Chinese money to fulfill his campaign promises, BUT IT APPEARS HIS FOLLOWERS ALSO SAW some ground for personal enrichment! ANOTHER political leader wants to chase Indians of KCM to bring Anglo-American bcoz they EAT TOGETHER! It is PATHETIC!

  17. Zoona ba Doc it’s like we are permanently docile. We should learn to love ourselves and not to glorify every thing foreign. The 1990s is classic example of how unresasable national assets were lost in the name of privatisation and nobody is asking questions !!

  18. Very good article.. …..those with power don’t seem to care and are not visionary enough…..corruption has corrupted them with untold richers…….only KK and PLM at least tried to fight corruption.

  19. i am zambian. i live outside zambia. Not long ago my boss traveled to zambia for business. His sentiments when he returned where how much the chinese are running country. If an outsider can observe this, then something is surely wrong.
    I believe our living in peace has made us naive and passive. We need to wake up fast… Faith with no actions is DEAD

  20. In addition, the Emirate Sheiks have a system of giving back to their people. The government pays for its citizens to empower them; education, further studies, assistance in general. The rules are then very strict for foreign nationals. in this way, the wealth is recycled back to the country and its people.
    In zambia, its for one’s own pocket. Soon you die and have left no legacy or inheritance for your children or country. people need to take responsibility

  21. Chinese invassion is a real threat they will easily overrun the small Zambian population in time. Issue of pitying Zambian tribes against each other is to a large extent influenced by leaders we have had since Independence, who cannot account for their Zambian partenal origin beyond they themselves, they’ve florished through divide and rule whilst indeginous Zambians clobber each other.

  22. YOU ARE SPOT ON! We are so petty, simplistic in approach, loving leisure and things of little relevance for our tomorrow!! THIS CUTS ACROSS OUR ENTIRE NATION, political leaders from both ruling and opposition included!! THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING AT WHAT TO GET FOR THEMSELVES and THEIR CADRES and NOTHING FOR THE NATION!! When SATA talked against Chinese, Indians, and Lebanese he was accused of xenophobia, when he got into power he saw he could use Chinese money to fulfill his campaign promises, BUT IT APPEARS HIS FOLLOWERS ALSO SAW some ground for personal enrichment! ANOTHER political leader wants to chase Indians of KCM to bring Anglo-American bcoz they EAT TOGETHER!BOTH THE PF and UPND LACK A STRATEGY FOR EMPOWERING ZAMBIANS, THEY ARE ALL LOOKING OUTSIDE!It is PATHETIC!

  23. @mama; I agree with you; LT has tolerated Mushota’s tribalism for ages; Mushota has been able to influence Lungu & PF in their tribalism; her/his tribalism talk sponsored by PF should have been deleted each time; in a day when most Zambians have intermarried we can’t entertain the PF sponsored tribalism talk; yes tribalism talk is worse than someone insulting a president using the F word for sure;

  24. The write is Tonga , WHY comment on his tribe rather than his contents? LT is promoting anarchy by allowing tribal statements for useless bloggers like he so called MUSHOTA with or without PhD WHO CARES? Coming back to the issue at hand Doc is spot on but he thinks like this because he is not a political leader. Once he is appointed PS for Education , he will join the bandwagon just to keep his Job, politics kills us in Zambia , a good elite , knowledgeable man like HH can make a good president whether u like it or not u have the facts but hatred makes u and I have characters to rule us aiya

    • This animal so called Mushota is part of the LT group who are running this website. That is why all the time you see comments that are negative about UPND and Tongas. This website is a PF propaganda. That is why nobody talks of closing it.

  25. One of the worst capitulations is letting the Chinese make business signs in Chinese. They even write Chinese papers. English is the official language of Zambia. The only languages allowed for information must be local (because they are indigenous)and English. Uneducated Chinese should not be coming to Zambia until they learn the official language. Nut fellow Chinese are already catering to them by writing in Chinese.
    Zambians with money tend to buy expensive cars and suits. They don’t do businesses to create jobs. They do not strive for excellence in business but under the table payment. When they get a loan they buy an expensive car and try to use the changes for running the business. Go figure.

  26. Read more into chinese investment, china has prposed the international highway aka as the silk road linking all continents of the world to CHINA by 2049. In the meantime they are “investing” in countries world world that have plenty of land. China is running out of land for its own people and land for agriculture to feed its people so the are “invading’ countries economically, particularly impoverished nations. They give enormous loans to build infrastructure and when the country cannot repay the loans they take over the infrastructure. Now they have a country with everything in place when they decide to utilise that country and its pipo for its own needs.
    Becareful as we proceed with chinese loans

  27. That’s what we need. Not politically motivated innuendos from poorly educated people like Nevers Mumba. Perhaps doc you should have added how Zambians can learn from the Chinese financial discipline. We’ve failed in self capacity building because of our love for luxury life. Some friends have been given potions of new roads to do some minor jobs such as drains, bridges etc. The first thing they have done is to buy expensive cars even before doing any rec. Result is to abandon the project. Indeed we’ve to be careful on how we depend on foreign investment. It should be a start up not perpetual. Thanks Habs for this fresh air.


  29. Dr. Lubinda Habazooka is one academic above tribe from the way he comments on national issues. He is very right about our lack of patriotism as Zambians. It is about time we secured something for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren instead of giving away everything to the Chinese. Just read about the way ordinary Germans react angrily to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opening up of the country to all manner of foreigners.

  30. Lubinda has very good points! Well said young man! Especially on the issue of ZRA- these guys should give a break to Zambian businesses by extending the Tax amnesty to end of September at least! More Zambian tax payer will pay meaning more money for ZRA- its better people pay willingly rather than forcing them as the whole exercise of running around to collect and inspect will be costly and ZRA will victimize many small businesses that are already having a hard time- let these businesses be given a breather at least! Sata said PF is a government for the poor!

  31. #masalmuso; the Chinese are taking over nations; they buy one house and expect the next house to be bought by Chinese friends; some suburbs in Australia and elsewhere have become Chinese within a short period of time; business wise have you ever heard of China town in western cities? Zambia is yet to cry;Chinese are better than Indians where development is concerned but the Chinese population grows at a faster rate where they’re give free reign;

  32. The problem with Zambians is we will all agree that this article is good, makes sense,food for thought etc.
    By next morning , we tend to forget and move on like nothing ever happened….
    no wonder foreigners conquer us easily

  33. Kk airport cabinet what are you trying to say are you agreeing with me or disagreeing or just posting to have a post
    If you are interested google china in sri lanka and see the parallels with zambia. Australia has a foreign investment board that can and does veto chinese investment when not in countries best interest.. in Australia there have been Chinese since earl 1800s because gold found there. Also australi takes refugees from many asian countries so pipo u see could be Vietnamese, cambodian, singporean, Malaysian, japanese , chinese. As you know most china towns in a city in australia are where there a great number of chinese restuarents and chinese grocery supppliers. Where are u, melbourne, sydney, perth where

  34. The real problem lies in the type of Governments we put in place.The current Government is interested only in greed wealthy for themselves and not the well being of ordinary Zambians.In order to remain in power they use divide and rule using tribe.This game is very dengerousy today Tongas can be removed from all strategic positions but the situation can change.

  35. These are articles that bring fresh breeze in the way we are looking at things.A myopic person will straight talk about tribalism because of he or she lucks intellectual discussion.The learnt man has brought out issues which need to be debated with intellect and sober mind.A small mind will always deviate from discussing real issues to discussing petty and puerile issues.We need to delve on issues which the learnt man has put across than being tribalistic and nepotic.

  36. This is quite good analysis and I support it. The tribal fight here talked about is not there to that extent at all but just between 2 people. Yes the rate at which the so called investors are entering Zambia and setting up businesses that does not benefit the locals is alarming. The foreigners, come at liberty and have NO regard for rules when it comes to erecting buildings. They build to take up even the space meant for road enlargement. All countries which are experiencing wars have turned Zambia their Heaven on earth. Its time we woke up from slumber. This is typical “The master and the camel story” and sooner than later we shall be displaced.

  37. An intelligent and educated man has put up an article for an intelligent debate for Zambians to analyse, critique and learn from but unfortunately, some people are still trapped in the tribal issue. Can we all try and focus on more important issues such as the economy of this country? It’s kind of shallow and backward when all they think of is tribe. Argue intelligently for once please !!!

  38. Politicians have you hear from the educated ones: MPS protect our Country for the sake of our Children and your children and grand children to come: In Heaven you will account for every thing. Ukwali insoke takwafwile abantu (God Says My people are destroyed because they have no knowledge) Read Hosea 4: 6 – Dr. L H has hit the nail on the head. My brother God bless you:

  39. Well said Dr.
    As Zambians we must learn to invest into the future.
    We more of the now, enjoy now and suffer latter.
    Thats not the will of God for any people group. Look at Israel as a nation, they have turned a desert into paradise. The resources we have can not be compared so some so called 1st class world developed countries. Let us use what we have to develop our nation, set the foundation for our children and invest into the future. Foreigners come and foreigners go.

    Our leaders too, must have the vision for the nation. Zambia is heading into a wrong direction and we must help our leaders to do the right things. If they are wrong lets all speak out. Poverty is not good for any one. God help us and bless Zambia

  40. So so sad and very scary.. Some chiefs and chieftainesses (kaya if this word exists) even go as far as denying Zambians to settle and get title on their land yet foreigners are allowed massive tracts of land. We are really selling ourselves short! One day its a bush, the next theres a sign saying no short cut, private property blah blah and who owns it? white, chinese, Indian.. the indigenous Zambian whos great great great grandparents used the bush for their livelihood are now criminals to be prosecuted on tresspass! What kind of people are we? Fighting our own brothers and sisters on tribal lines while foreigners from far away lands shrink what we own.. In the end it wont matter which tribe will rule as there will be nothing to rule. The negative effects of of our greed roll out right…

  41. Habasoka! Zambia is doing very well and HH will never be president! @Anyoko #31, why all you readers of Dog Watchers in Zambia have the same view points? Even Wikipedia is reliable that your tribal newspaper Yes, you see all the supporters of this article are from Namwala and they think UPND, and only UPND can rule better! They don’t talk about how someone in your party became rich “overnight!!

  42. How come this article appeared in the Daily Nation and signed from a Ms Phiri, Habazooka are you guilty of plagiarism?

  43. Patriotism is the greatest force that can ever unite and build a country. It is the fuel to a country’s success and greatness. Let us embrace one another and become genuine patriots . One Zambia One Nation

  44. Hazaluza Hagain, while the President and Zambian lovers will continue to point at progress – where the hard-working President has worked!

  45. Very good observation musankwa. I ndeed, why are we so blind? Where’s leadership in all this? We may need a new political party to fight along these line. I hear you man.

  46. 2.7 billion hectares of arable land remain on the planet mainly is sub Sahara Africa, central and South America. 60% of this land is in Africa. The Chinese are buying land, harvesting and sending the crop straight back home.

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