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The position of Presidency is sovereign, President Lungu tells chiefs


President Lungu being welcomed by Mwata Kazembe at his palace
President Lungu being welcomed by Mwata Kazembe at his palace

President Edgar Lungu has implored traditional leaders in the country to work and support government in delivering the much needed national development. President Lungu bemoaned that some unnamed traditional leaders don’t want to work with government in uplifting the plight of the people.

The Head of State said the position of Presidency is sovereign hence his appeal to traditional leaders to work government for the betterment of the ordinary Zambians. President Lungu urged traditional leaders who do want to work with government to rethink there stance.

He wondered how development can be accelerated when chiefs in strong holds of opposition parties are shunning to work with the government. President Lungu said this today in Mwansabombwe district when he paid a courtesy call on Mwata Kazembe the 19th of the Lunda people at his royal palace.

The President thanked the traditional leader for inviting him to grace this year’s annual Umutomboko traditional ceremony of the Lunda people. President Lungu noted that some chiefs don’t want to him to attend their respective traditional ceremonies because of political inclination.

The President pledged his continued commitment and support in working with the Mwata Kazembe royal establishment. He stated that Chiefs are an important integral in the governance system.

President Lungu praised the establishment for organizing a colour traditional ceremony.

Meanwhile President Lungu has directed the Minister of Finance to solicit for funds to tire the road leading from the Palace to the main arena.

And Mwata Kazembe has thanked President Lungu for accepting to grace this year’s ceremony. He assured President Lungu of his support in moving the country on the economic path of prosperity.

The Mwata Kazembe also cautioned people peddling lairs to stop as he is a strong PF supporter. Mwata Kazembe explained that he is among the founders of the ruling Party.

President Lungu meeting with Mwata Kazembe at his palace
President Lungu meeting with Mwata Kazembe at his palace


  1. The only problem is that you were not legally elected to that office. You have abrogated the law and illegally assumed office while a petition against your election is pending. You have gone on to persecute any one who opposes your views. My friend dictatorship is not sovereign. Silly rat

    • Ba Lungu nabena, Men we don’t wear chitenge when just visiting Mwata. Doing things too much to prove humbleness.

    • Agony is accusing traditional leaders of aligning themselves to the opposition, only to hear mwata kazemba say he is a founder member and pf supporter(cadre), if he is one of the founders then he was aligning himself to a opposition pf before 2011,and no one gave a hoot.

  2. “Mwata Kazembe explained that he is among the founders of the ruling Party.” I thought chiefs are suppose to be non – partisan?

  3. If it is true that Lungu said the “Presidency is sovereign “, then I am wondering why he is refusing to be called a dictator. Zambia is not a monarch, it is a republican. In a republican the highest ranked person can only be a leader, not a ruler! The Position of presidency in Zambia is only Adminidrative at the most and executive in the least. Where does Mr Lungu derive the power to called sovereign?

    It is then very unfortunate that a leader of a repblican democracy can refer to themselves as sovereigns.Seveigns are supreme or ultimate rules, the alphas and omegas. It is unconsititutional and Government must clean on this one! Our constitution is thretened!

    So, is that the reason I heard the President stating that in our elections the winner takes it all? Hell no. The winner does…

  4. The President says, he wondered how development can be accelerated when chiefs in strong holds of opposition parties are shunning to work with the government.
    Two weeks ago, if not mistaken, he was in Dudumwezi, I thought he said he was happy with the meetings that he had with a number of chiefs from southern province. So what has changed that now he still feels that they are shunning to work with the government?
    Its either that meeting was not successful as we were made to believe, or I sense continued effort to divide than to build, hence my appeal for the president to be the President of Zambia and not PF president.

  5. Ba NEZ nabo, bushe finshi ifyaba mumutwe wabo kanshi, njebeniko mwebantu? Pantu ifwe lyonse nga balanda ba NEZ tulaluka, muchisungu ati “puke”.

  6. This is Leadership which inspires and certainly so, when the traditional leaders take advantage of the Government of the day and work together, it’s the people (subjects) whose lives would be uplifted.
    I strongly support the development of agenda by the President especially whose traditional leadership work and support Government initiatives. Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern and Central Provinces can be leading examples of serious development to prove what the President is saying. These are Provinces that can transform Zambia permanently using local economic power to support the rest of the country. Let’s take these areas seriously because they have unique natural resources that can attract investment locally and internationally. For instance Fish Farming, Livestock and…

  7. Malema calls lungu a coward…..allow people to oppose you if you are a true leader …..mastonline

  8. The independent movement is on the move. Just a few years ago the Mwata was caning PF cadres. And you believe today that he is PF ! The PF the Mwata rejected was an organised Party. Today’s PF is something else. It only makes sense to Rupiah Banda. Your excellence President Edgar Lungu you are now alone, may be Vubwi will win you the 2021 polls. Can the Concourt please conclude the Munali and Lusaka Central cases. We want to show the Alpha and Omega how he has fallen from grace. No PF. No UPND. Just the people of Zambia against mediocrity. CK lisha belu – nggeh.

  9. Everyday Lungu wants to remind every one who is sovereign. The man is so obsessed with power he can’t perform unless he sees people bowing before him. That’s why ignoring his motorcade is a treasonable offence

  10. In a proper democracy it is the will of the people that is sovereign. Sovereignty often refers to kingdoms and monarchies. Zambia is a republican state with the Constitution as the supreme law. Lungu is thus not above either the will of the people or the Constitution. He is really fast tracking to tyrannical behaviour and actions as we have seen. That is what happens when you have no ability to govern. You resort to ruling by force.

  11. if the pf is really a pro poor party why is that the Lusambo can state that unless a district supports/votes for the incumbent party then they will get no development. This is blatant blackmail and if HE ECL was genuine in his belief that he is for all Zambians he would dismiss Lusambo. If you are for all zambians why not give development opportunity even to those that didn’t vote for your party. Development is for ZAMBIA not just PF supporters. Linking development to boot licking is totally reprehensible and shows the true character of a person

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