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Three Chinese nationals and two Zambians nabbed for illegal possession of Ivory at Chanida border post

General News Three Chinese nationals and two Zambians nabbed for illegal possession of...

Three Chinese Nationals and two Zambians have been arrested for illegal possession of 25 rhino horn pieces weighing 32.2 Kilograms at the Chanida Border Post in Nyimba District in Eastern province.

The five were arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

The suspects who were nabbed at the Border Post that links Zambia to Mozambique are expected to appear in court to soon.

And Mr. Kalembwe has assured the public that no rhinos have been poached in Zambia’s National Parks nor stolen from Government stockpiles as reported in some sections of the media.

This follows the arrest of a Chinese woman at Oliver Tambo International Airport in South Africa for being in possession of 11 rhino Horns which were found in her luggage.

The Chines woman is said to have travelled from Lusaka to Hong Kong via Johannesburg where she was arrested and has since appeared in Court.

Mr. Kalembwe however said joint investigations with the South African Authorities have been instituted to establish how the luggage containing the rhino horns eluded security checks at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport and to establish the source of the rhino horns.

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  1. They will let them off, as soon as China threatens to stop construction of the airport. Weak and useless government. No rule of law. You are in the pockets of the Chinese with your VP ( an aging hen) in China moving around with a begging bowl, you think you can arrest a Chinese national. No way!

  2. Lungu has also benefited from this illegal trade. Watch his this case will disappear in thin air due to selective justice.

  3. Comment:
    Beware the Chinese.
    It’s the same thing wherever in the world they are found.
    Criminal activities is their speciality.

  4. And you want Chines to invest in Tourism…really sad…these people will not stop until they have emptied our National Parks to satisfy their sick needs. Just introduce a shoot on sight policy for poachers like they do in Botswana.

  5. But from where these horns? It doesn’t make sense since we have had no rhinos in Zambia since 1986 somewhere there

  6. release the CHINESE ASAP and arrest those 2 Tonga men found in the company of the 3 chinese. It is the duty of any well meaning Zambian to protect the integrity of our country why could these two Tonga pipo connive with chinamen even show them which borders to use to exit , RELEASE CHINESE AND CAGE THESE TWO tONGA BULLS

    • You are one dull fool ! You are a tribalist ! Who said the two zambians with these chines e plunderers are tonga ? It’s people like you who are causing problems in this country ! Zambia has sold its sold to the Chinese thats why they smuggle Rhino horn from South Africa, through Mozambique into Zambia because they think they can get away with it by paying more bribes to the zambians they own !

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