Today’s Message: Retrain Your Brain


Today’s Scripture

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
(Romans 12:2, NKJV)

Retrain Your Brain

Living in victory means that sometimes you have to develop new habits. If you’ve been negative for a long time, you’ve got to retrain your thinking from “I can’t” to “I can;” from “It won’t happen” to “It will happen;” from “I’ll never get well” to “God is restoring health unto me;” from “I never get any good breaks” to “God’s favor surrounds me like a shield;” from “I’ve made too many mistakes. I’m all washed up” to “I’m redeemed and forgiven. My best days are still out in front of me.” It’s like reprogramming a computer. Sometimes you have to wipe off the old, outdated, dysfunctional software and load in something new.

If you’ve spent your days focused on how things won’t work, it’s time to focus on how things will work out! It doesn’t matter how bad it looks, how many people have told you no, or how long it’s been that way, God has the final say. It’s not over till God says it’s over. Shake off the self-pity. Shake off the disappointment. Let go of the old and choose to believe Him. Declare His promises over your life and see His blessing and victory as you align yourself with Him!

A Prayer for Today

“Father God, thank You for the transformation power in Your Word! Thank You for giving me hope for my future. I choose to trust You, I choose to believe Your Word, and I choose to declare Your truth and watch victory unfold in Jesus’ name! Amen.”


  1. The bible is a useless book written by very cunny imperialists to defend their abhorrent actions on poor gullible people like Africans. The bible clearly state that it is ok to own slaves and beat them. Why would any sane African who knows history believe such a useless book. Please read Levictus and even respond to me. Today I am not in the mood for silly responses as I had a heavy night. I would rather be hangover than go to church and make another man rich

  2. Timely reminder indeed. When the devil says no, Lord says YES! Oh how I Love My Lord and My God. Just to learn that He did it all for me. Thank You Lord. Thank You for Blessing My country Zambia. Drought has failed, Confusion has failed, Satanism has failed, Tribalism has failed, Elitism has failed, etc. All because of You Lord. We are a Christian Nation and the Lord has said Yes to Zambia. Thank you Jesus. God Bless Zambia!

    • But we still have poverty and Zambia is one of the poorest nations in the world. So what has your Lord done ? U are living in utopia young man . Read widely and analyse texts and you will realise that the bible is a load of s.h.i.t. I know it gives you hope but please be a man and face reality. Now you can go on and call me Satanist because that is the only come back you chaps have kikiki

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