Zambia writers and film makers urged to lead in marketing Zambia to the outside world.


Acting Director for the Department of Arts and Culture in Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Thomas Mubita has advised writers and film makers to take a lead role in marketing Zambia to the outside world.

Mr. Mubita says it is important to market the country about its beauty and cultural heritage saying this can only be done by writers and Film makers’ total participation and activities.

He said the best books that can ever be written about Zambia are those written by local people who he feels can write knowledgeably about the country’s beauty, unity and its cultural heritage.

He said this in a speech read for him by Senior Cultural Affairs Officer Silvia Mwando during the launch of two books by two Zambian writers entitled “The Wind and the Windmill and Tell It Like It Is”.

Mr. Mubita has also urged writers to work with the Ministry and other cooperating partners and produce works that will go a long way both locally and internationally.

He said his Ministry is always striving to find ways of supporting writers and other artists who are interested in promoting Zambia and sharing information with the future generations.

The books are authored by Marita Banda and Sydney Muponda , who all based in Lusaka.

And Speaking at the same event, National Arts Council(NAC) Assistant Director Performing and Literacy arts, Mwiche Chikungu said it is important that Zambia as a country produces its own books.

Ms Chikungu said the industry has also great potential to create jobs for the local people through utilizing their talents.


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  1. If politicians are failing to market it how can ordinary Zambians be expected to? First the government wants to gag freedom of speech via stoopid laws like criminal libel against the president, and then they want the same muzzled people to talk good about their country? Lungu, You can’t have your cake and eat it.

  2. Thank you Mr. Mubita, unfortunately, we have moles in our nation! Look at the person above @NEZ who only reads Dog Watchers in Zambia! These guys are so irresponsible and tribal that they can sell a nation! Thank God no one will ever vote for a Namwala district chap!

  3. Go and try to do your @NEZ fulish staff to another president like the Under Five Card has been doing and see which country will let him be!

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