Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Doctors elect new leaders


The Zambia Medical Association on Saturday ushered in a new Executive after the Aaron Mujajati led Executive completed its final second term.

Dr. Abidan Chansa was elected new President to be deputised by Dr. Samson Chisele.

Outgoing ZMA President Aaron Mujajati thanked several stakeholders who worked with the Association during his reign.

“I wish to thank all the Media professionals that I had the chance to work with. I also wish to thank all the partners that supported our work. Special gratitude goes to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya for supporting us during our term,” he said.

“I also wish to thank the various sponsors that have been working with us. I wish the next team all the best and to continue serving the country with diligence and dignity.”

The new Zambia Medical Association Executive is as follows:

President: Dr. Abidan Chansa
Vice President:
Secretary General: Dr. Francis Mupeta
Treasurer: Dr. Kevin Zimba
Chairperson Public Health: Dr. Nsofwa Sukwa
Chairperson Publications: Dr. Nzaisenga Baptist
HPCZ Rep. : Dr. Mashanga Paul
Chairperson MERB: Dr. Masiku Phiri


  1. How on earth does this matter to you and I?

    These associations with due respect are worthless to us and it would make sense not to report them.



    • @Mushota you have been challenged to produce your PhD or them of your dissertation. Please oblige us! And it is also true, these are real doctors who have spent 7 years to produce a first degree! When they go for specialisation you don’t even come near! Sink into your little hole please!

    • Medical officers like any profession do aspire for PhDs but personally I do not understand why both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ doctors (Dr.’s) like to use that prefix before their names! Add to the confusion also the honorary titles. We are all better off without our fancy titles and sticking only to Mr., Ms., Mx. or better still just our given names.

      While our medics are increasingly assuming higher public profiles than before, their success rate in diagnosis of ailments especially the rare ones leaves much to be desired. Many of us here have battled the ill effects of mis-diagnosis at nearly all medical centres in the country.

      Wonder if any would have been able to clearly identify the ‘mitochondrial degeneration’ as has been seen in the now late baby Charlie Gard …

    • @Mushota I am of few the people who doubt your education credentials, kindly do as requested post your Thesis. We would like to see it? For else might be an illiterate female PF thug sent in the diaspora.

  2. Congratulations to new office bearers, w sincerely hope you will ofter direction to this clueless PF govt on health care delivery which has broken down. We need well equipped and staffed hospitals. A motivated staff. ZMA should lobby for a bill that will stop govt from paying medical bills for senior govt officials and their families. Bottomline, please can we insure that our hospitals have medicines, equipment and trained personnel!

    • The cobra on a stick is a global symbol in medicine used to symbolize medicine, healing and rejuvenation. Its used everywhere even WHO which is lead in this sector

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