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We are stronger together, Mutinta Hichilema tells HH as couple celebrates 29 wedding anniversary

General News We are stronger together, Mutinta Hichilema tells HH as couple celebrates 29...

Mr Hichilema counsels his wife Mutinta in court this morning.
Mr Hichilema counsels his wife Mutinta in court

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and his wife Mutinta today clock 29 years in marriage on Sunday as UPND leader remains detained by police.

And Mr Hichilema says he never knew he would celebrate his birthday and marriage anniversary in prison.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mr Hichilema said 31st July is a special day for him and his wife Mutinta because it is on this day that God, almighty made it possible for them to join hands and begin sharing and caring for each other.

“When Mutinta came to see me in prison this morning she said as I listened, “My dear husband, today is our marriage anniversary and had it not been for this situation, we would have gathered with family and friends at home and share stories of our journey, but please do not despair, for we will surely soon celebrate. The people of this great nation will also join, but always remember that together with the nation, we will always be there for you,” Mr Hichilema narrated.

“Families make Nations,” so the saying goes, indeed each one of us makes our country. It therefore goes without saying that a united family is very important for a country,” he added.

“Mutinta and I shared sad stories of how marriages are breaking up and in some cases, couples going to the extent of maiming and even killing each other, leaving children hopeless and vulnerable. There is no need for people in the nation to begin killing each other especially over marriage disputes,” he wrote.

“Families at every level must be encouraged to amicably resolve differences. Charity begins at home. If we can settle our differences amicably at home, then certainly we can with God’s guidance settle differences at a national level.”

He stated, “I never knew I would celebrate my birthday and marriage anniversary in prison. All we can only say is that God has a plan for everyone out there.”

“Lastly, as Mutinta was about to leave the Mukobeko maximum prison, she held my hands and said “HH, we are stronger together even in today’s marriage anniversary but we are made even more stronger by the nation”.

“And happily my Mutinta added, ” HH, 29 years of our marriage only seems like yesterday to me and I pray to God to continue giving us wisdom, strength and more days”. Dear friends, thank you for your continued support and may God bless you all. And may God bless our country.”


    • Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Hachilema. May God strengthen and comfort you during this time. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

    • 29yrs is impressive. They married young, in 20s, but hold on to have children for a lonnng time. Their kids are so young. So many inspiring about HH & Mutinta, they even know family planning. And no outside girlfriends like Sata, RB, Edgar and me.

    • Wishing someone bad fortunes is pure the epitome of evil. Please desist from this evil language. its not good for you as an individual and certainly not good for the nation. I look forward to the day when we will agree to disagree without having daggers drawn out for each other’s throats.

    • Guess you also need d!cK. Where is your boyfriend? Do you not have an anniversary coming of when your a-hole was first pierced??

  1. Prison is a testing ground for zambian future presidents. In zambia , one must first be imprisoned before they lead the nation. Why that is, I don’t know. So HH you are destined to be a future president.

    • I can’t remember when lpm RB ECL were imprisoned. Sata yes for few hours only. Stop this lie. Prison is not qualifications for one to be president. Actually it is a disqualification if we factor in the constitution. Just pray that hh never gets convicted.

    • In fact prison becomes home for presidents after leaving office so hh tenure has finished that’s why he is in prison.

  2. Next anniversary you might spend it alone.

    By the way when is self proclaimed Zambia’s richest man (HH) contributing towards the burnt market?

  3. Treason cases tend to take a long time to dispose of. In Zambia it’s worse. Akainde Ichilema could have been smarter and avoided mixing with riff raff like GBM and William Tekere.
    Look where he is and where they are. Who’s the smart one? The one in jail with his right hand for the night? or the wife beater who walks freely?

    • Calm down dude. HH is in jail and calm. Why are you acting worse than the Livingstone electricity sabotage baboon? Chill. Uyo Sunday Chanda waiting to have his nuts stroked so hurry up.

    • I reckon the wife beater is smarter, how else can one imagine sure convicts to escape jail and without writing any examination he is PHD holder from a University whilst his boss is in jail! This Dr Smart could have planned things people cannot see and comprehend – he could be beyond a natural/holy scientist

  4. How can they celebrate 29th when they were parted 4months ago. It’s 29 less 4months. Not yet 29 . Kikiki


  6. The nation is so peaceful while HH who everyone even the United Dunderheads have forgotten remains locked up! Its obvious that the one writing these “letters” is not the incarcerated cretin Human Hyena (HH) but one of his ar.se fleas possible Looney Mweetwa.

    Be it as it may.. Happy Anniversary to them… Had Human Hyena behaved itself it would have been in the arms of its partner. However it choose to walk path of arrogance, insolence, hate, bitterness and violence! As a result it is where it is and the nation is at peace..the blood thirsty sa.tanic UPNDunderhead cretins are just a mere minority of tribal thugs that will remain perpertual losers until they change their hateful ways-maybe, maybe only after 15 years or so! God show them the way! Amen!

    • The hate from 2020vision, Mr Kudos, Nubian Princess, etc is alarming. Are these people human? Do they have family? Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. We are supposed to be a Christians nation, or is that a donchi kubeba?

  7. @obatala what about the death wishes from spaka like lilo, wanzelu, Nez and other sa.tan.ic UPNDunderheads…which is worse you hypocrite???? To call a spade a spade or to wish someone death???? Please answer that! And for your information most of us only started telling it as it is to these sa.tanic United Dunderheads after they vomit their usual hate speech! Those are facts mwana so stop cheating yourself!

    • @2020vision, so because others are scumbags, you decide to be one as well? That too you sounds very Christian? Nothing sounds more moronic!

  8. I was at mukobeko today with the first couple. Lovely pair they are. Just look how beautiful they look unlike lungu and Esther. One can tell that these two are made for plot one. Very presidential and calm. Hh is still going strong due to his love for this country. Amazing man. They thought prison could break a real son of Zambia soil. Ruphia banda wagunwa kikiki

  9. Kikikikikikikiki..hahahahahaha…NEZ you crack my ribs! You mean the plot one in Namwala or Dundumwezi perhaps? Certainly not Plot One Independence Avenue. The constitution has no provision for a tonga president but for a Zambian President. Go back to the drawing board where you selected , not elected, underfive as a tonga president. Maybe underfive’s son if he has been well schooled like Andy Mazoka.

    • I made 1 comment and you replied with 4 comments. Do the maths. The truth hurts. Stay strong bro

  10. What underfive conveniently forgot to.mention is that August also marks the first anniversary of the mother of all his political defeats.
    He correctly says that “if we can settle our differences at home, then certainly we can settle our differences at national level”. Why he did not take that route but chose antagonism and prison beats me. Maybe its the UPNDonkey syndrome of contradicting oneself? Or maybe it is the bad influence of GBM wearing off? Or maybe the catholic Bishops preached something into him?

  11. And who is tge acting oresident of UPBDonkeys anyway? That GBM is so bored that he is now buying honorary doctorates to keep him busy. What is the purpose of being appointed vice president if you are not trusted to act as president when the incumbent is away? If its the tribe why didnt underfive appoint the correct veep?

  12. This is a wonderful couple. What God has put together no man can separate. Dictator and Sadist Lungu should release HH from Jail unharmed and unconditionally. We cant have a nonentity like Mumbi Phiri ordering IG Kakoma Kanganja to arrest and imprison HH on fake Treason Charges. The Charge is politically motivated and HH and 5 accused are innocent and there is absolutely no evidence to show that HH and others attempted to overthrow GRZ. This persecution by the illegitimate Lungu govt must stop and let the Petition be heard in Court without fail.

  13. We thank God for the blessing of your marriage. What God unites, no man should separate.. We continue to pray for you and your family.
    Each day that passes by is like a spear piercing through the heart. The confort is that, we slowly are driving towards the day of our salvation. God has heard our prayers….he is for sure going to hear our cries.
    As for those who are busy mocking us, we can not help it but pray for them, to also receive God,s mercies, experience the peace from him which surpasses all understanding. I really feel pity for people like Kudos, who died long time ago, but roams the earth like a human being, and yet he is long gone to the neither lands….I pray for his soul to find its creator and rest in peace.
    It gives a sense of pride to find a person of your caliber,…

  14. @#3 7 #11, He will never be a leader in Zambia but a leader of UPND! My heart (human) is for the woman, feels for her. If only they can do politics with wisdom without playing Under Five.

  15. Great words. Non-partisan, just the realities of life and how strong people can be together when they try.

  16. I thought these flags show where one is posting from ? One claims that he was at Mukobeko today while his flag has all along been the Union Jack.

    • You must have accepted for lusakatimes to know your location because you are daft. I myself refused and am using systems purchased and registered in the United kingdom. Stay strong bro. If You want to meet I have always invited you and even offered to pay for your transport and yet you always refuse. What are you hiding

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