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Zambia debt debate: Now Nevers Mumba writes to Mutati

Headlines Zambia debt debate: Now Nevers Mumba writes to Mutati

Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference
Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference

MMD President Nevers Mumba has written to Finance Minister Felix Mutati seeking the truth on Zambia’s true debt position.

In a letter dated July 31st 2017 addressed to Mr Mutati and made available to the media, Dr Mumba is requesting Mr Mutati to state the final position on Zambia’s debt position after he issued conflicting figures in Parliament.

The MMD leader now says his party intends to further raise this question of clarification on the floor of Parliament where your statement was given.

“Arising from your address in parliament when you announced the national debt figure as $7.2 billion after your initial figure of $17.2 billion was corrected by your office, we have embarked on a long search for the truth. Attached to this note is the outcome of our research, which actually reveals that your earlier figure of $17.2 billion is closer to the truth than your last figure of $7.2 billion,” the opening statement of the letter read.

Attached is the letter by Dr Mumba to Finance Minister Felix Mutati

Nevers Mumba's Letter to Finance Minister Mutati
Nevers Mumba’s Letter to Finance Minister Mutati


  1. Mumba is bitter because he has been sidelined.

    Like him, Sampa, HH, Kambwili, these men are showing their testosterone with their chest right up in the air, in the WRONG YEAR.

    tHIS IS noT 2021,

    allow This Government to work in Harmony and stop throwing these silly statistics of budgets

    I am pulling my hair as we speak

    I have a a Phd


    • Mutati, should take that letter, go to the loo drop the big lump and clean himself using that later and flush it. It is unworthy his time and effort.

      It is a worthless piece of paper designed to undermine this Government.



    • Nevers Mumbai forgot to sign as MMD President.
      Letter to another MMD President, they need reconciliation.

    • As usual…in denial mode. Anyway you are not even in Zambia iwe ka cimbwi. Reality has started dawning on your fellow PF vuvuzelas

    • In what capacity is Mr Nevers Mumba writing to the Minister of Finance? Doesn’t he have a member of parliament in his constituency to ask? Mumba is again showing how highly he thinks of himself. The Minister of Finance is answerable to the President and Parliament, and not to Mr Mumba.

    • @Mushota:

      Nevers is seeking clarification on a matter of public interest. Are you in the correct state of mind to shower him with such insults? It would be helpful if people who claim to be intellectuals ( like you do) learn to debate such issues on non-partisan lines.

      It is the shallowness like yours that is will bring down our country.

    • Mushota that’s not sexxy to insult your minister Mutati. If you can tell him to treat letters like that, then you can tell state house to stop buying toilet paper.

    • @ Uncle Charles #1.7

      For your information and in order to broaden your rather limited intellectual horizons, the Minister is ultimately answerable to the PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA. The same applies to the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

    • “I AM VISIONLESS, I HAVE NO VISION” lungu screamed to the huge crowd at an election rally.

      $30 Billion Dollars later Zambians are still poor, destitute, unemployed & hungry & kids with stunted brain & body growth.

      Yet we still have millions of brain-washed Zealots worshiping their god, the Malawian Drunkard Muslim Dictator.

    • @Uncle Charles, that’s not true. You don’t have to be an MP to ask Mutati about the National Debt. You just need to be a Zambian Citizen–and that because the national debt affects every Zambian. It affects you too, Uncle Charles, including your children and your grand children, who will pick up the burden of paying back the debt. In other words, you take the total figure of the National debt and divide it by the Zambian population. The result is what each Zambian owes. So why shouldn’t I ask the details of the national debt that affects me personally? Or maybe you didn’t know that–that it affects everyone, including you, i.e. if you’re a Zambian? It affects Nevers too, and thus he has a right to ask.

    • You know the answer to that but …you don’t want to talk about Zambia’s debt. This is why we never move forward because the country is full of illiterate cadres…no wonder they are asking why maize is now being bought at K60 when they were celebrating last year when the Lazy Bum Lungu during an election year announced that price forgetting about tomorrow.

  2. Nevers, the government owes $30 Billion and is asking for your help to pay back the money. Please assist us with ways and means of paying back and not ever borrowing again in future Dr (Mr) Mumba.

    Yours Sincerely Felix Mutati.

    • @ kci…That only makes you look foo1ish. There’s nothing funny about the national debt. And you’re trying to make a joke out of it. That sick sarcasm is pathetic.

  3. Dr Nevers Mumba is asking a decent question that surely deserves a decent response from the Minister of Finance. Let us wait for an answer and hopefully, it will come.

    • Spot on …when its LAZ that asks a question they tell them to form a Political Party and when an opposition Party Politician asks you start ridiculing him…and you wonder why we are wallowing in poverty.

  4. Oh I get it now. Hon Mutati took away the position of MMD president from the “zambia shall be saved” cheat.
    UPNDonkeys as usual, here is food for the day, we don’t know whether tomorrow you will have something to eat if underfive does not tweet.

    • So you are happy with an MMD President being your Finance Minister? You have no shame..the very people you were calling names in 2010.

  5. To Hon Mutati, we suggest that you put it in your pending tray until 2021, or if you wish, simply do what others have suggested.
    We have much more important work for you e.g. closing IMF negotiations or mobilising resources to pay local Suppliers and Contractors, etc.

    • Bankruptcy of ideas and incompetence in governance is the PF’s value add to Zambia. They have broken down every system and made the country a kantemba! Borrowing money without a vision! And this i.diot ati Terrible doesn’t want the government servants to account to the owners of Zambia? Masipa mo toho!

  6. Very soon the debt sh!t will hit the fan and all your small savings at zanaco will mean nothing.
    Be warned, this is no partisan joke! Reality will strike.

  7. Which MMD members of Parliament are going to table that motion ? All MMD MPs belong to the Mutati faction. Reading stories from social media is dangerous.

  8. After ranting bra bra bra on the social media, giving us wrong figures now he has waken up wants a clarification from the Minister. Mr. Mumba that is what you were supposed to do before alarming the Nation. Donkey.

  9. LT: “MMD President Nevers Mumba has written to Finance Minister Felix Mutati …”

    ACTUAL LETTER: Signed, Nevers Sekwila Mumba (in his personal capacity)….

    What is this joker trying to achieve????

    • He has signed as a Citizen…is he not a citizen? What of the debt are you happy with it? Does it matter to you whether its $7Billion or $17Billion or 33 billion? Doesn’t that part sink-in in your numbskull?

  10. Its a shame that people are insulting Mumba when he is merely asking the Finance Minister to disclose the actual figure you, your children, your grandchildren will pay in the future. In some countries with advanced economies…its people would hold the minister to account not in Zambia. This is why you will be paying refuse collection fees when you top up your handsets… because you elect empty tins who only represent themselves.
    Wake up from docility, you fooools!!

  11. Why address Mumba as MMD President when the courts have ruled that Mutati is the MMD President? Fellow citizens what is so difficult for us to respect our courts of law? Ati ‘MMD President Nevers Mumba’ kikikiki!

    • What is more important to you MMD Presidency position or how much your children will pay in tax when these debts are due?

  12. That PhD twat should has no thesis floating online like most PhD graduates. Dr. in what exactly which university in the U.K.? We are all here and we know how it works!

    • @Kaz – yet you yourself are not smart enough that you are distracted by a troll…what is your contribution on the contents of that letter. What is wrong with your people?????

  13. And where in Glasgow, South Side? Might as well zip it and go away and disappear and in heroin infested environment full of junkies and those recovering. Say something sensible for once. I have a PhD, my foot!

  14. What is astounding is the PF rats on LT not concerned with Zambias alleged true debt….all they care about PF concealment of a true dept figure and any one who asks questions is committing treason…

    • They now have where to run to when they are done looting more borrowed money. They just don’t care how much debt they leave Zambia with. The sad reality is it will be the poor Zambians who will pay the debt through slave Labour! This is what used to happen in old bible times. When you fail to pay your debts, your lender will come and get your children to work as slaves as compensation. Sad that the docile Zambians don’t see the importance of Nevers Mumba’s line of inquiry. All those who know that Zambia is their only true home must begin to demand answers!

    • @18 Spaka like lilo, these “PF rats” are, in my view, part of the government apparatus. They are on LT to spew nonsense. A true patriot would keep their government in check, despite party affiliation, tribal grouping or socio-economic class. If you go on the streets of Zambia and ask people about the economy, you’ll get better answers than from these PF rats! We are all feeling the effects of an unsustainable debt portfolio except for the rich, corrupt government officials. Dr. Mumba is doing a good job of bringing this into the public square where we will have a chance to question the government leaders.

  15. Colleagues on this forum. A patriotic Zambian does not side with any political party but with the truth and correct policies needed at that particular time regardless of the source. In this particular case, the Honorable Minister must tell us the correct debt amount and how he hopes to pay it back and how long it will take. This information should be at his finger tips. This is different from walking into ZANACO and get a loan to buy a tata and along the way it breaks down but you still manage to pay back the loan in 5 years. He is putting the next generation and their children in debt instead of leaving reserves for them. Let us be practical lovers of this country by holding people we have entrusted with leading us by holding them accountable.

    • @Chali – the other day I almost cried when I read on Zambian social media that Star TV will be rolling out some Chinese movies, soaps, documentaries soon on African TV channels/stations…then it donned to me that the Chines have been strategically procuring shares in govt TV stations around Africa especially for this reason, to brainwash us…you know what? The Chines are sly …they understand the power of media hence the reason they closed out Google,MSN, CNN and any western media powerhouse.
      Not Africans, they are selling out for a few pennies, they never learnt anything from colonial history ….Lazy Lungu is even patting himself on the back…these racist people do not even consider black people as humans!!!

  16. I Wonder Why People Are Insulting Mumba Here. He Is Being Patriotic By Asking Mutati To Tell The Nation The True Figure Of Zambia’s Debt.
    Pf Cadres Dont Care At Such Bt Only Cares At Dancing For Lungu At The Airport When He Is Travelling.

    I Feel The Truth Shall Only Be Revied When Theres A Change In Government And Thats When The Investigative Wings Will Up Their Game To Start Arresting Erring Officials And Politicians. So Sad!!!

  17. Let us set a precedent, let us hold our leaders accountable while they are still in office. You cannot “gulf” such a figure and you are the Minister of Finance. What was the intention of trying to mislead the country? The Minister must hold his Permanent Secretary accountable. but for us, he is the face we seeing. In fact the President must hold him accountable.

  18. Minister of Finance office clarified the figures already but someone went to Cook his own figures and wants another clarification. What a waste of time. Its like a teacher makes a correction on a question in an exam but you still insist you wrote your own. He will simply mark you wrong or just cancel and move on.

    • Iwe ……this is not like you going into a bank….many zambians will die for lack of medicine or hunger when we start paying back this money…..mutati gave a misleading figure and must be queried further.

    • You are an imbecile! If you have nothing positive to contribute to the debate, pipe down! You should be praising Dr. Mumba for raising these questions. But since you are a PF rat, we don’t expect much from you. You and your rotten party are saddling us with debt that we cannot pay! Mwanawasa had to clean up Kaunda and Chiluba’s messes through a humiliating process of being called HIPC. This time your children will be given as slaves to the creditors – iwe kapoli.

    • @Wanya wanya: you have been bombarded by a donkey chuundu chaitwa…kwekwekwekwe…..imagine a whole group of 1mbeciles believing Nevers’ rubbish and trying to alarm the nation. Then you ask yourself: how can a country borrow to the tune of 133% of its GDP and the rest of the world just sits and watches??? Only a group from the opposition are the only ones who have information about this “terrifying” debt??? Smells like donkey dung!!!!

    • Zambian citizen

      “…Then you ask yourself: how can a country borrow to the tune of 133% of its GDP ..”

      And how did Greece get into its mess, how did UNIP get us into past mess ??

      Why don’t you PF rats want people to be satisfied with answers , after all its not only money that belongs to PF rats, it’s the whole country….

    • …and Greece was on BBC, Sky, CNN etc every morning, right??? How have they ignored Zambia with its 133% debt to GDP ratio??? Because it is rubbish that exists in upnd dunderheads that’s all!! It is not real!!! You donkeys have run out of ideas…did you hear the statement the drunken Nkombo gave about urging government to buy maize at K115 per bag??? You 1diots have lost all sense of sanity because of your bitterness and hatred!!!

    • Ati why is Greece on BBC, CNN and not Zambia?? This is where the PF rats are chewing their tails…zambia is of not an iota of importance in the geopolitical world order. Lungu and the PF rats think other countries like eygpt, Greece can get an IMF bailout so can Zambia. The West does not care about how you destroy your country but they will not give you any IMF on account of democracy.
      Ukraine was running a very high debt to GDP , did you see much of Ukraine on BBC CNN, as much as Greece??

  19. Today on LT: “GOVERNMENT says the upgrading of Chilenje and Matero clinics to level-one hospitals has reduced referrals to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) from 13,604 in 2016 to 2,900 in the first quarter of 2017.

    Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said the reduction in referrals has reduced congestion at UTH, and enhanced health care services.”

    • It seems the PF rats want people to be licking lungus boots for doing his job, WTF ,

      On top of that the rats want us to be greatfull for doing something with borrowed money ??

    • …yah, it seems you donkeys think that money is just going into people’s pockets, right??? So we have to keep SONTING and showing you how it is benefitting Zambians, donkey!!!!

    • It’s using borrowed money bambo, any one can upgrade a clinic with borrowed money.

      The rats should sonta at archivments without putting us in suspect debt….

    • …so borrowing to build hospitals is not a sin, is it??? Our children will benefit form these hospitals. America built its railway network in the 1800s on borrowed money which helped in its industrial revolution. I really don’t see why a donkey like nevers should alarm the nation if we borrow to build infrastructure future generations will benefit from!!!!

    • Zambian citizen

      It’s about knowing the truth….without any questions mumba wants to know the true figure he, his children and grandchildren have been yoked with like all other zambians.

      Mumbas figures might be high but a figure in the region of 15 to 20 billion is more realistic.

  20. Like a Headless chicken. He gave us figurers himself last week so what figures is he looking for now. So his brains evaporated with his hair. What a disaster.

    • And mutati first says 7.2 billion then 17 billion then back to 7.2 billion while reports released before loans give a much higher figure , Zambians of all persuasions have the right to be fully informed how much they owe….it not money that belongs to PF

  21. Who does Mumbai represent in Zambia? Who does he speak for? Which Party is he in? We have forgotten where he belongs since he has been playing musical chairs in multiple parties. One day here then another there! COR…..he is political normad in the desert of no hope. He is tenacious in a wrong sort of way. He is like a cockerel entering other chicken coops trying to take over the wife and children from his mate!

    Anyway….seriously, once he establishes the exact amount of debt, what, how does he intend to do with it? If he somehow, in a mad world ever became President(because the Green Party puts everyone on ‘weed’), how would he repay it?

    • It seems the size of the debt is a good reason for him to stop trying to be President. Why have the headache?

  22. Well done Nevers Mumba ,the cloudy picture of Zambia’s public debt is something that every taxpayer should be alarmed about.

    • Especially civil servants whose PAYE will continue increasing while on wage freeze. PAYE was increased last year and reliable sources at MOF have hinted it might get to 40% or more soon. The amount of disposable revenue has dwindled and hence this desperation to continue increasing existing taxes and introducing new ones. It’s time to ban any further debt contraction until the true debt situation is made public. IMF would have helped to get the truth but have hit a brick wall. PF is scared the truth will come out hence the public attacks on IMF that they can go to hell. It happened in Mozambique. It is happening in Zambia. The worst thing we have done to the anti corruption fight is to introduce dual citizenship. It has two sides, the good and the ugly. The ugly side is where the…

  23. Well done Pastor Nevers Mumba. U have raised a pertinent question which can only be answered thru a Debt Sustainability Assessment Audit. The IMF Board will not approve the $1.6 Billion Loan to Zambia until the Debt Stock figure is known and verified. The proliferation of Debt Stock figures is a checkmate to Mutati’s wishes to borrow money from foreign lenders including the IMF any time soon.

  24. So what Ba Nevers? Why does LT keep on calling former MMD Pressident, MMD President? He is unofficailly a UPND meber!

  25. A few years ago UPNDonkeys used to make an attempt at claiming what they were capable of doing. Remember the “economic manager” mantra about underfive? Not any more, they are now essentially noise makers not distinguishable from GBM, and perpertual jailbirds. Nothing to promise, offer or deliver peepe baneene, complete dunderheads these UPNDonkeys and their underfive.

    • So you PF rats think by jailing HH on fake charges that will diminish his reputation as a manager ???

  26. Spakz like lilo plezse read or rathe6 gooble sri lanka and chinese loans. That country is now how zambia will be. I keep saying that the chinese make long term plans by giving poor countries money then when no repayment takeover the assets. No need for military you aare already defeated and conquered economically.
    You are correct they are very adept at brainwashing pipo.even the idea of splitting zambia into more provinces is how communist china ran jts country. You have provinces a chairman then is handpicked pipo who report any infractionnback to him. Pipo are told to work hard for the country but the workers wallow in poverty while the ruling class live the good life. We are being colonized by the chinese when will we learn

  27. All political bloggers if you are genuine I ask you to google an aticle by associated Press by inputting
    “Dictator” jails political rivals in Venezuela. Are there any parallels with the situation in zambia both politically and economically. Its well worth reading with an open minf

  28. @Jay Jay – What is more important is how the money is being used as you can see if you can their is a lot of development of late which will benefit us and the generation to come. since we don’t have any other means to develop our country yes we should borrow like other countries. if America can borrow who is Zambia not to? Any way Jay Jay any suggestions how we can raise money to develop? your suggestion will be very very welcome rather than insulting those who are trying hard to make Zambia a better place to live since most of you run away from your country to the already developed countries. Come back all of you so that we can develop Zambia together, if you can not keep quite and stay where you are as cleaners, grave yard diggers, looking for the aged etc.

    • Who is Zambia? Do you think the US budget is suplimented by donors….its dull fooools who have no understanding of geo politics or global markets that vote.
      Who is Zambia? You ask…really laughable…wake up from your folly!!

  29. What a silly question to ask Jay Jay, you mean you don’t know yr country? which you have runaway from because of poverty opted to be a nyamazai in a foreign land. the one to wake up is you here our government is trying hard to make our life better, do you want all of us to come there and do donkey jobs.

  30. Iemba this might be a strznge answer but the best way to raise money for the improvement of zambia is to not borrow money…….because weonly have to repay with interest and that interest that we use on debt repayment should be diverted into nstional improvement programs instituted by our governments. Unfortunately we have to keep borrowing to pay pur past debts which become pur present debts then our present debts become our future debts. We never get out of tbe debt trap… so we become dependent on donor funding.. which government has ever addressed the debt left by unip. Its always been catch, now we have a government that has actually succeeded in elections promises. We have reversed to unip days.. are we proud as a nation

  31. This country and its people has great potential but we have people in power who only care about their own these people like Pius Kasolo from ZCCM. zccmminerhateskasolo.blogspot.co.za

  32. @Spaka like lilo #23.1, Hazaluza Heka, jailed himself for being an Under Five Card (not thinking). No one jailed him but himself. If he were smart he would be campaigning clean to convince voters but he is just like you – a loser.

  33. This was the first step that Mr. Mumba should have taken before alarming the Nation with his false findings. He is working up side down now. You issue a statement on debt without verifying the figures then later your write a letter to the Minister to tell you the actual figures. Who will take you serious in this manner? You are doing the first things last and you hope people to take you serious. This is how people loose their focus every time they want to gain political mileage. Do the first things first in future. I am sure Mutati will give us all the actual debt position and how that debt is going to paid back and what are the benefits of this debt to the nation. If I borrow to take my child to school, then i doubt if m child after graduating will come and shout at me for borrowing the…

  34. Ubulofwa busangula abantu ifipuba.
    Ba Nevers nabasanguka ichipuba.

    The USA the world’s richest country owes the international community 19.9 trillion dollars or 61,000.00 dollars for every American.
    If, it is true that, Zambia owes the international community 32 billion dollars, it means that every Zambia owes 2,000.00.Which is nothing to worry about.

    Who hasn’t seen the developments that have taken place.
    Why is Nevers Mumba barking like a rabid dog?

  35. LUSAKA TIMES . Was my answer to workman so honest that you withdrew it. Post it or is this another form of democracy in zambia

  36. This Debt Stock is a very serious issue and wont go away until an Independent Debt Audit is done by a reputable firm. Even IMF Board will ask the same question and will not approve a $1.6 Billion Loan to Zambia until a Debt Sustainability Assessment is done. Mutati will eat a humble pie and disclose the true Debt Stock Figure after a Due Diligence is completed. Zambia cannot continue to borrow without assessing whether or not she will generate sufficient export earnings to service and repay existing and new loans.Period.

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