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Let’s rename Livingstone town to Mosi-O-Tunya-Dr Phiri

Headlines Let’s rename Livingstone town to Mosi-O-Tunya-Dr Phiri


Former Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Dr Sam Phiri has proposed the renaming of Livingstone City to Mosi-O-Tunya.

Dr Phiri said time has come for the city to be re-named Mosi-O-Tunya from Livingstone.

Dr Phiri who is also a lecturer at the University of Zambia further proposed the removal of explorer Dr David Livingstone’s statue from the edges of the Mosi-O-Tunya Falls.

He said the statue should be replaced with the statues of the people who led Dr Livingstone to the falls such as his slave Chuma.

According to history scholars, Chuma and Susi were natives from central African who attended and accompanied Dr Livingstone.

Chuma and Susi came to attention after their employer Dr Livingstone died at Chitambo’s village in modern day Zambia and they decided to carry his body all the way to Bagamoyo on the coast of modern day Tanzania where it was handed over to the British authorities and transported to London for burial.

Chuma was only a boy when Livingstone and Bishop Charles Mackenzie freed him from slavers in 1861 and from that day Livingstone became his only “family”.

And Dr Phiri has also proposed the renaming of Zambezi River to its proper name Liambai.

“We have done it before in the case of Fort Jameson, Abercorn, Feira, Broken Hill and Fort Roseberry and Northern Rhodesia. We can surely Africanise these things,” Dr Phiri said.


  1. At what cost and benefit? Just for the sake of it? Let us improve the economy, democracy and civilisation in everything we do first. Only changing names won’t earn us the respect we need from the other races.

    • You are absolutely right. We are too obsessed with trying to hide our mess rather than focusing on cleaning up and putting our house in order. You hear all these politicians arresting people just for pointing out the obvious mess that everyone can see. They must think the rest of the world is occupied by a bunch of fulls who cant notice the most obvious rot. When visitors come to your house, they will be able to notice the stench of the rot even if you go out of your way to cover it up. Just clean-up – get your acts together and you will see the respect come to you.

    • These Patriotic under PF is worsening. Why not start removing “Sam” from your name, let it be Lungu Phiri.

    • Livingstone was Scottish and I think this is RACIST of Mr Phiri. He should be arrested for racism.
      My preference is to have white names as towns because they are easier to pronounce

      Names such as Jo, Jack, Nick are better names than CHama, Mwango, Tasillah, pathetic isnt it?



    • @1.3 Nostradamus, YOU ARE LOST, apart from Burma Road, which was named after the country Burma, which is now Myarnmar, the other roads you have mentioned are named after AFRICAN CITIES, just LIKE YOU CAN FIND ZAMBIA ROAD in ADDIS ABABA, KABWE ROAD in ABUJA, NIGERIA,NDOLA ROAD in another African country, I can’t remember well.. etc. By the way, Burma was named after the country where some of our people were taken to fight for the British in the “2nd World War”. That is why we have names like GONDAR Barracks, Gondar is a region in Ethiopia, Chindwin is from Asia and so is Kohima barracks!! There is history in some names while in some there is Pan Africanism!!

    • Renaming of the town will not positively change things! But working hard is what will change Livingstone and Zambia for good, brethren! So, work hard, honestly and deliver, bwana permanent secretary.

    • Musi uwa tunya.
      The pronoun ‘that’ is not ‘O’ in the baToka language. It is ‘wa’. This reads. ‘The smoke that thunders.’
      Do not get confused with the Nigerian movies you are watching. Dr Livingstone deserves to be honoured by Zambians. He opened the way for Christianity into Zambia and as a ‘Christian country’ surely, he can be considered as one of the ‘founders’ of Zambia. What we can do, is to rename the Victoria Falls, with the agreement of the Zimbabweans to Musi uwa tunya. Queen Victoria is nothing to us.

    • But you’ve failed to improve the economy + civilization precisely bcuz you have no self belief and pride in your African heritage.
      Look at the Japanese ,Chinese etc they have pride in their own culture and they’re ahead.

    • Rename yourself! Do you have money for those unnecessary expense associated with name change. How about you change your name to Chola?

    • And we should put a statue of Dr. Sam Phiri in his village for his very uninspiring career.

      This Dokota Pili just misses the good old days when he didn’t pay for electricity, water and he had two maids and a driver ALL AT TAX PAYERS EXPENSE.

      What is the cost / benefit analysis on this one? I am sure the dokota does not have that word in his vocabulary after we spoilt him with all those fringe benefits when he was minister.

    • Phiri is a very D.U.L.L and U.S.E.L.E.S.S man.He thinks by renaming the city Chagwa Chakolwa Kadansa his relative will gain favour from the southern…

    • Did this person smoke poop: Livingston is on the map already I been around the world and met so many people at least 8 out of 10 people knows where Livingston is on the map….if You guys change the name you should forget about the tourist industry.

    • Here is something I stumbled upon on BBC Africa Page for those who daydream about a National Airline – “National treasure or liability? South African Airways (SAA) has run out of money and is effectively bankrupt, according to a cashflow statement seen by MPs. It has raised concerns that the embattled national carrier will be unable to pay salaries in the near future. In July, SAA spent $42m more than came in, on an operational level and it’s predicted to worsen in the coming months. They are not officially bankrupt yet as that involves a court process.”

    • When the blacks took over South Africa,they went on a renaming spree. Two and half decades later the economy is almost in a comatose.
      Dr Phiri this is very obsequious of you, you need to conjure up new comceptualizations, not this meretricious nomenclature you are proposing. We need to start generating afro-futuristic knowledge assets. It is a worrisome development when academics start expounding trivial ideas.

    • @Mushota always haranguing the messenger instead of applying her PHD in international development skills. Unfortunately Dr Phiri who also obtained his PHD from University of Glagow shows no sign of articulating the issues better. Always attacking the messenger.

    • Thats right Dr.Phiri. I wouldnt agree with you more. i have a;ready advocated it and we must do it. enough of these imperialist names. the black man in africa is slowly waking up. i like this. this is progress

    • Since when did a former PS continue drawing salary? What type of researcher would throw away historical names? The best is for Southern to be called Mosiotunya province.


    • Equally rename the campus based provinces such Eastern, Southern, Northwesten Western provinces.
      Luapula and Muchinga provinces soound good. So lets have Mus o tunya( Southern) Luangwa( Eastern) Luena( Western) Mabanga( North Western).

    • Dr Phiri, I thought you were contributing something new! Ask some of us Livingstonians, that name was in fact Changed in the 70s, I wonder what you are talking about. Lyambai for Zambezi, Lozis have called that river as Lyambai for centuries! Which planet are you from Dr Phiri?

  2. Why should we do this? I don’t get? Livingstone played a unique role in our history and I don’t find anything particularly bothersome about having named this town after him.
    If our goal is to correct the inaccuracies of history in the way its been recorded and taught then lets do that. Add Chuma and Susi and let them have thier place too.
    Leave the name Livingstone alone, his work is a part of our history whether we like it or not we can not deny that.

    • No, remove him. we dont want livingstone there. why is it that the contributions africans made in europe we are not recognised, but ifwe we want to recognise them. sorry to say this, but loadisy you sound pretty much like a coon. You have negritis and i have the cure for you sickness my son. come to papa

  3. Its called deflecting public opinion to comment on issues that are not relevant to the current political and economic situation in zambia…. does zambia have the right to rename the zambezi river , has uncle bob mugabe agreed.
    Dr phiri lets focus on getting zambia on an even economic keel… oh by the way have we asked the chinese if we an change the name of the zambezi river. U want tourism , zambezi river is one of the few rivers that pipo in the west identify with africa… great tourist strategy doctor.

  4. Maybe you start with Chipata to Fort Jameson and let the people who live in Livingstone decide what to call their birthplace, some arguments are senseless and will not add any value to our daily challenges in life. Let us focus on real issues such as to find ways and means on how to help people living below poverty line

  5. i like his thinking, these small things makes us slaves without realizing. So if we can do away with these names then we will come to our own English names or Christian names so they say, we have to remove them from our humanity Tobias, MERCY…….are insults to our ancestors. second we have to wipe out religion and i say it again religion has to be wipe out of Africa it has only brought evil nothing else. Im not been racist, im just supporting a great idea by the DR

    • you’re already a slave on your assssssssssss.its chagwa chakolwa lungu who has brought evil in this country which used to be a christian nation….

    • malcolm x you are so right. ignore these brothers and sister who are still slaves mentally. change starts with self. and what better way to start a change than the proper address to your being. the Dr is right and finally maybe, i am seeing the first educated zambian not these regurgitators of european oriented ideas that dont even work in africa. PhDs in so many fields but these mieducated africans cant even up to now come up with a machines that cooks nshima and mass produce it. DR.Sam Phiri is on the money.

  6. All the re-naming places that needed to be done was done from 1964-1974 Dr. Something. Please leave this town name alone and do not even touch the Zambezi PLEASE.

  7. Dr. I don’t know why you bothered. I was of the view that someone your status would be more focused on developmental Cardinal issues. Don’t know your priorities Dr. But i think you are not with zambians

    • Most people in Zambia when people attain their doctorate they hang the gloves. They then just start talking without think or practicing the discipleship. Look at the Zamtel boss failing to collect money lying on the ground ie telecommunication services are very profitable especially in Africa where service providers act as ‘gods’ of telecommunication services. Another prominent example is Clive Chirwa, IMO, John Deere (British tractor company) should have been helping Zambian mechanized farming to grow through him and his British contacts. But guess what? He comes to Zambia only to start living in hotels. Zambia will only start developing when we start to love our country. Not like this bane stealing government resources everyday with no shame at all is very very wrong in any way…

  8. WHY CANT RENAME EVERYTHING!! Some of these names are reminders of our history, some of it not so good but it can stay! Even in LUSAKA we have so many English names of residential areas, but so what?? This guy must find something better to do to improve the Ministry of Information so that we stay better informed!!

    • The SAME ZAMBEZI River, whose name he wants to change to Liambayi is called YAMBEJI where it starts from so what will be its right name as he starts changing it?? How will it be called in Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where it passes and is known by the same ZAMBEZI RIVER??

  9. Let us throw the Bibles away too then. David Livingstone was a missionary who brought Christianity to northern Rhodesia. The natives could not read, and where taught to read, now this wanker says let us go back to spear throwing and hunter gatherer life style. Just go away man.

    • yes throw away the bible, you think its doing us any good. throw that book into amy category of history books like mein kampf. religion? you people amaze me. this livingstone comes and tells you tht your Gods which your ancestors worshipped thoudsands of years are pagans and you believe and throw them away. no wonder we are in trouble. how can a people who do not honor their ancestors ever progress. honor thy father and mother that your days may be long. african proverb from whence a certain bible verse was plagiarised

  10. Yaba ati Dr Sam fimofimo, kodi iyi zina ya “Sam” niyakumawa kuChipata or niya chizungu kapena chi Hibeya (Hebrew)? Why do want to change Livingstone and NOT “Sam”!!!

    No no leave Livingstone’s statue alone where it is – we need development ideas not going backwards – by all means advocate for addition of statues of Chuma and Susi. What will you gain by “deleting” history or historical facts? We need tourists -anything to encourage tourists to come and see what Livingstone gazed at -He is now part of OUR History; removing Livingstone name and Statue is clearly moving backwards! This is definitely retrogressive thinking by “Sam”. There’s is ABSOLUTELY nothing colonial about leaving the name as is – Hooray to those who didn’t change it when they changed other names like…

  11. Zambians you’ve failed to improve the economy + civilization precisely bcuz you have no self belief and pride in your African heritage.
    Look at the Japanese ,Chinese etc they have pride in their own language /culture and they’re ahead.

  12. With a doctorate and this is his big idea? Pa Zed nichizungu chabe, nothing more. We are generally not an intelligent lot.

  13. Maybe he is young but since the good doctor was once PS at the Ministry of Information, he should know that Livingstone was once renamed Mosi o tunya at the time when Chipata, Mbala, etc were renamed from their original british names. But Mosi o tunya failed to stick, and people continued to call it Livingstone to this day. Not a bad name actually, this Livingstone.

  14. Livingstone still sounds better..The name by itself is still able to attract tourist. Can’t imagine why Celebs like Will Smith came to visit that place? I hear so many whites prefer to lodge at Vicfalls on the Zimside than L/stone on Zambian Side if that true try first to find out why is it like that?

    • This ignoramus wants to CONFUSE all the tourists so they go somewhere else! What kind of dull thinking is this? After his “brilliant idea” they will then ignore Zambia and rather go to Zimbabwe where it will still be the ZAMBEZI!

  15. Creating a new Local Names Research Group would be more appropriate for matters concerning acceptable and unacceptable names. There is no need to rush because the same name can be reversed. For instance, the currency of Congo Leopoldville was the Congolese Franc in line with other Francophone countries. Upon coming to power, the Mobutu Regime adopted an ideology of African Authenticity. Accordingly, French names were replaced by African names, starting Republic of Zaire, Kinshasa (formerly Leopoldville); Lubumbashi (formerly Elisabethville), Zairian Makuta coins (formerly Congolese Cents coins), etc. By contrast, across the Congo River in Congo Brazzaville, the names of colonial origin are preserved.

    • The term “Republic of Zaire” was replaced by the term “Democratic Republic of Congo”. Similarly, the currency term “Zairian Zaire” was replaced by former term of “Congolese Franc”. The moral lesson is that, it is better to debate symbol issues of national interest, especially before taking decision. Even after taking the decision, the debate needs to continue in order to revisit and revise certain decisions pertaining to symbols.

    • Shouldnt we, rather be expending our mental energies on the next undiscovered idea. The afro-problem-space has more than enough worthwhile challenges than what the Doc is proposing.

      The African continent is stuck in the pre-industrial age while the rest of the world is making advances in the knowledge age. How does changing names and setting up think tanks to come up with vernacular names improve our lot?

    • Setting up think tanks to come up local names could improve the life of the people in the country by strengthening understanding that symbols are an integral part of culture. Cultures contribute to national development through national cohesion, national identity, national consciousness. Culture is like a football jersey. A football team needs to be identified by supporters. Whether football must be played is another issue. Playing football is a free choice.

  16. This Sam is one of the most useless and foolish so called doctors in Zambia. Let him remove the title Dr from his name. Let him remove Sam from his name. Leave Livingstone name and the statue alone. Sata changed Livingstone Airport to Harry Mwanga airport. What have we gained from the name change? Nothing. Type in Google for airport in Victoria falls and Victoria falls airport will come up. Don’t change Zambezi to another name. It is known as Yambeji where the source it. That is the So let the Phiri not deceive people. Leave Victoria falls as Victoria falls and everyone knows that it has a local name. So this fool doctor does not know this. PF wants to cause more confusion and is using fools like Phiri to distract us from the arrest of HH and Saviour Chishiba etc or from talking about…

  17. Better to invest in better facilities in LIVINGSTONE. Tourism is potentially a major source of income. I like the upgraded airport. The government should invest in high quality cheap hotels and transport services. Many people will be employed with good jobs. Chinese tourists are out there waiting for nice facilities. Leave the name alone and think business instead of politics

  18. This Sam is one of the most us.e.le.ss & f00lish so called doctors in Zambia. Let him remove the title Dr from his name. Let him remove Sam from his name. Leave Livingstone name and the statue alone. Sata changed Livingstone Airport to Harry Mwanga airport. What have we gained from the name change? Nothing. Type in Google for airport in Victoria falls and Victoria falls airport will come up. Don’t change Zambezi to another name. It is known as Yambeji where the source it. That is the So let the Phiri not deceive people. Leave Victoria falls as Victoria falls and everyone knows that it has a local name. So this fool doctor does not know this. PF wants to cause more confusion & is using cadres like to distract us from issue about the arrest of HH and Saviour Chishiba etc

  19. Next thing will be, changing the name of Mighty Victoria Falls to? Kalambo Falls or Ntumbachushi kkkkkk. Shungu Namutitima

  20. changing the towns name from Livingstone will do nothing to the image of the town. whats needed is to bring good investors ,improve road net works around the town, because ryt now the roads are in deplorable state as if the town is nor a resort area. please municipality can u do something, cos the town is disgusting………

  21. Mugabe has been wise on some things. He still has Victoria town and Victoria falls airport. Google Victoria falls as a tourist, it it take you to Zim. Google airport in Victoria falls and it will take you to Zim. Google Livingstone and it will lead you to Zambia, Australia and UK. Remove Livingstone and Victoria and you will kill tourism in Zambia and Zim will gain even more.

    • @26 Dr. Kandansa, YOU ARE SPOT, it used to happen before when we had Mosi-o-Tunya (Intercontinental) Hotel, all the time Tourists never believed that we had an International Hotel in Livingstone! What more if we change the name of the Town and we start calling the falls the name they are not already familiar with!! Zimbabwe will just be cashing on our un researched and rewarding nationalism!!

  22. The PF is messing up the country seriously we are dealing with the uneducated fools this is enough….

  23. Livingstone town and the Victoria falls are global brand names in tourism. Changing them for the sake of what I would call ‘cheap Africanisation’ would cost the country. Even if they were renamed what would change positively? Perhaps Dr Sam Phiri should start by renaming Sam and removing the ‘Dr’ title to something African. Some suggestions are not worth the time especially coming from a man who is supposed to be learned.

  24. Surprising to learn from the doctor that the original name for the Zambezi river is Liambai. Which source? Certainly that is not true. Before colonization, each ethnic group through which the Zambezi passes had a name for it. For example,Yambeji in North Western, Lyambai in Western, Kasambabezi among the Tonga of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Chikunda and other tribes in Mozambique had their own name for the same river. Will Angola,Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique agree to the proposed name of Liambai? As for Livingstone, the African name has been Maramba. The original name for Victoria Falls is Shungu Namutitima.

    • Good observation. It appears the good doctor didn’t research enough. In fact names of rivers in Zambia simply mean “river ” according to the size and the people it passes through. Zambezi in Northern Province is Ichambeshi.

  25. A Phiri mwatisebanya, all the people know that wise men come from the east, now where has your wisdom gone to? The problem is that you are too pro-PF.

  26. Lets rename the town already,,and the damn falls too.. Lets have a sense of pride.. Let our names not Victoria! ring long and far into the echos of eternity..

  27. Please leave Livingstone alone! We must revert to the original names of Bancroft for Chililabombwe, Fort Jameson for Chipata, Abercon for Mbala, Broken Hill for Kabwe and Fort Rosebery for Mansa!

  28. @ Ine Wine both autographs are accepted. They mean the same. Mosi/musi mean smoke. Mosi is sotho and musi is a corruption of mosi by Lozis.

  29. Let’s stop being used by those in power, why should this easterner rush for the renaming of livingstone when there are a lot of places with foreign names. Let him first suggest to k.k to to renamed, Given Lubinda should also have no English name and many others. I feel this Phiri should retract his thinking as he might mislead many Zambians.

  30. Its the timing that’s wrong. We should have changed the name just after Independence when we had money. And it is ‘Musi’ not Mosi, per Zambian language. In any case, apart from the falls, Livingstone has nothing much else. Most of the game is gone.

  31. A university lecturer sinking so low, I would have thought he would have come with ideas for a better Zambia but he advocates to erase and rewrite history. Replacing the statue of Dr David Livingstone is ridiculous. He feels Chuma and Susi statues will be more suitable. It will not be surprising if in the near future this same Dr Sam Phiri reappears and suggests that statues of easterners replace those of Chuma and Susi. That is where his thinking is leading up to.

  32. Changing the name of the mighty Zambezi river to Liambeji will also have a bearing on the naming of Zambia. So maybe we call our country “Liambia?

  33. It was Sebitwane’s men who took Livingstone to the falls during his first trip into the African hinterland. He only got to meet Chuma and Susi during his second trip so it’s not true that Chuma and Susi took him to the falls because he didn’t know them then. As for Mosi oa Tunya, it’s Sebitwane’s Sotho version spelling, Lozis spell it Musi o Tunya. The river doesn’t pass through Tongaland so they’ve no name for it. Toka Leyas are half Lozi half Tonga and they call it Liambsi too.

  34. Keep the old names just like Victoria Falls because they are known around the world and attracts thousands of tourists who spend money to keep developing the town. Millions of people around the world know about Livingstone and Victoria Falls because it has been taught in schools around the world for hundreds of years now. The names are great for generating income for Zambian development. They are what we call “Cash Cows” which can be milked for years because of their fame and recognition. Changing the names would be very shortsighted. The future belongs to those who invest in it. Changing the names does not invest in Zambia’s future.

  35. I once thought of changing my name to a more traditional one when I was 30 years. But then again thought of all my other records eg NRC,G12 certificate and other academic paper work had to change as well. I then decided to leave things as it was not worth it.Dr,use your head as well not emotions. You sound bored and miss the public attention when you were in government.

  36. London was named by the Romans after they attacked it over a 1000 yrs ago but today its still London and not changed by the Anglo Saxons
    but if you do change Livingstone wouldn’t the name LUNGU be better , very Zambian……HAHA

  37. This man was a PS , SADC media director , TIMES OF ZAMBIA EDITOR, Indeed very rich CV, he comes from pa Mulindan’gombe ku petauke kwa Mwanjawanthu, i know some people think he is daydreaming but he is really a well informed Phd holder not Dr GBM and Lusambo, so lets pay attention to his next article explaining why we cannot rename state house to Zambia House

  38. Is this not the same Doctor who was part of Stand Up for Zambia together with Shikapwasha and Chanda Chimba and never paid that advert which was running nearly every day for donkey months.

  39. No,No,No.This must be opposed in the strongest terms.Dr.David Livingstone was a great explorer and the name of this beautiful town reminds us of him. He was not like those devils, Hitler and Mussolini

  40. Ba Doctor, meaning the name Zambia should be changed to Liambia since it was derived from the word Zambezi te?

  41. This is actually an Excellent suggestion. It not only makes us more patriotic but also begins to let us appreciate our own local culture and history. Some may argue that the power of a name has little impact but I strongly disagree, It frees us from white mental supremacy and not exactly racism. We need to begin to grab back what originally was taken from us, unfairly if I may add, we had names for these places before we were ‘colonized’, and we must not be ashamed or afraid to return to our original roots and work to improve on those Ideas for our future generation to be more free and mentally independent. If the name changed today, we would not get fewer foreign tourists, but rather an increase in local tourism. How many ‘African names of towns or neighborhoods and statues of…

    • You are just dreaming, how much does a foreigner spend compared to a local, change the name and all tourist’s go to Zim and Zambian jobs are gone. people come to the falls to see the falls, you can whitewater raft, see culture, tour game parks in hundred places in the world, but there is only one Vic Falls thats why people come and 7 out of 10 foreigners don’t even know or care they are in Zambia.
      in fact most think they are in Zim. its all marketing and Zim is not changing the name..

  42. This so called doctor should now be called shinganga Kafupi Phiri and not Dr Phiri. If it was really necessary to change, the only name we can accept if we changed the river is Yambeji from the source of the river. But then it is not necessary to change to Yambezi as Zambezi is enough. As for Livingstone, the name is ok. No need to remove the statue of Livingstone. Maybe change Lusaka to Mwalusaka and Sam Phiri to Lungu Phiri or Kafwaya Phiri. Shame on these doctors who can’t dream of how to develop the country.

  43. Awesome. Go for it. Rename everything back to it’s indigenous and local names. #NotVictoria #NotLivingstone

  44. Stupid idea from a stupid person, shows how lazy some people are. Build up your own town and give it a name of your choice.i guess your brains have stopped working. Time wasters.

  45. Some bloggers here are talking about food on the table , they choose to lose their identity for the sake of their stomach, shame on some Zambians who pride in begging.
    Let zambia have its own names that is our heritage which we should guard jealously.

  46. They are like Esau who lost his birth wright , for some beans to his brother now he keeps on regretting .
    Zambia cannot continue to be named with foreign names better we wakeup from the slumber.

  47. This ***** Philip, should just shut up. Please leave it as it is. We don’t want confusion in Southern province. If you don’t have something to say, just zip up mwe chipuba wee. LIVINGSTONE will be LIVINGSTONE chapwa.

  48. Most tourists to the victoria falls are from abroad and they go there purely because of its beauty and also the history . Some colleagues of mine from England are visiting there next week because of all the nice things I said to them about the place and the historical connections with their ancestors . If you start changing names , am afraid you won’t attract foreign visitors, especially the English who shy away from “unfamiliar names”. And all those history books will have to be republished at whose expense? What’s in a name anyway?

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