Saviour Chishimba arrested for Defaming President Lungu-Katongo

Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo

Police in Lusaka have detained United Progressive People (UPP) President Dr. Saviour Chishimba at Woodlands Police Station for defamation of the president.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said that Police have Warned and Cautioned Dr. Chishimba of Makeni, Lusaka for the Offence of Defamation of the President, contrary to Section 69 of Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Ms Katongo said that the defamation occurred between 1st and 8th July, 2017 in Lusaka.

Ms Katongo said that the UPP Leader will be charged once the officers are done with the processes.

Earlier, Police picked up Dr Chishimba from Diamond TV where he was featuring on a programme.

And UPP Spokesperson Kizito Mukuka in a statement says Dr. Chishimba was around 13hrs taken to Woodlands Police Station from Police Headquarters for further interrogation.

Mr. Mukuka says police have not yet charged Dr. Chishimba.

He explained that earlier, the police went to his office and demanded for a copy of his previous press briefing which he held on 8th July, 2017.

Early last month Dr. Chishimba held a press briefing shown below in which he attacked the head of state


  1. ‘Free men we stand, Under the flag of our land, Zambia …’
    I guess these words in our national anthem no longer apply!!!!

    • Mr. President, iminsula shisuma. Don’t be to sensitive to everything individuals are saying. No leader is appreciated by all. Concentrate on your mandate to govern.
      You want to make everyone sing praises? That will never happen to anyone, neither has it ever happened before. Don’t rule with insecurity.

    • Here we again seriously, what did Dr. Chishimba do? everyone watched that video he was telling the truth…I swear to God the IG of the police should resign he is abusing his authority….this is worse than the UNIP days what the hell guys be serious….let the DR. Go home…You fools won’t shut everyone else up….you can’t put so much fair in the people….You will not win the 2021 elections just try to imagine how life will be tough for you.,,,you need to leave the people alone so that they can enjoy a quiet life….God!!!!!!

    • Can someone tell me how this man had defamed the Mr Lungu? I have listened and he as just stipulated exactly what Mr Lungu is doing.

      I know there is satire in the way the presented his message but in no way defaming. I applaud him for being bold.

    • Zambians are a docile people…maybe when you increase price of castle and M-Net subscription will they only wake up.

    • Kikiki, sounds funny but you are right, typical Zambians quiet has a mouse Christian mentality even when a neighbor’s human rights are been trampled upon, wait until DSTV increase subscription, you will see messages on Facebook, whatsaap, calling on Zambians to rise up and fight the hiked subscription injustice.

    • Ati “Defamation”. Does ECL know the meaning of “Defamation”? Is ECL really worth character material to be enhanced, protected and cushioned from critical commentary? I do not think ECL deserves it given, the totality of his illegitimate and some say illegal actions. How does a citizen of Zambia bring political pressure to bear on law enforcement to arrest a man as innocent as HH.

    • That was crude…chalo cha kwa wiso nangu noko! As an individual yes, but not a president surely. Ma Zambians you have totally lost it and it will take long to restore your dignity as a country. It will only take one clever foreigner to throw your country into turmoil and that will be your end.

  2. In as much as I like seeing those who abuse their offices or authority being prosecuted, even those who abuse their freedom of speech should also be prosecuted.

  3. I am just amazed at the level of arguments in this man. I have rarely heard of a man referring to a dog – not having dressed. Since when have we seen dressed dogs in this world. I think this man is mad for lack of a better word! I think the poice are right to have picked him before he confuses faint hearted people. Thumbs up to the police.

  4. ZP is becoming singulary exceptional at arresting perpetrators of these kinds of offenses.

    Can we also see demostrations of competence at solving crimes of a more serious nature?

  5. As a ruling party may be some of opposition party ,they should just ignore them than putting them in cells.because the ruling party has already In power no need to concentrate about them.

  6. Thanks Zambia police, now I can brief the UPNDonkeys. I had earlier recommended tgat we provide a cell next to underfive, but just realised that this is a psychiatrist case. Please allocate a psychiatrist and keep this case away from underfive, otherwise Mutinta may stop visiting her beloved husband…..swebo tatuyandi ifyo.

  7. A culture is developing in this country where some people think that freedom of speech also means freedom of stupidity. There are limits and many Zambians are crossing this line. We need to arrest this bad bevavior.

  8. I for one didn’t like the manner in which Dr said what he said but if i was president i would have issued instructions to immediately release him because arresting him is giving him a platform whereby he starts to think he is a star

  9. F.u.c.k. lungu..there you go. I have just said what millions of zambians are scared to say. Now come and arrest me. Tomorrow at 9am asuual I will be in my office at the upnd headquarters in Lusaka

  10. This is out of control, Lungu must go and Zambians supporting this monkey are also apes. In a nation like Zambia how can you allow this *****t\ttt to turn himself into a dictator and while everyone is chanting for him. So it means whoever critizese or disagree with him need to be behind bars? I got one bullet for you dictator

  11. What happened to all world dictators? Gone! Lungu when your term is just know we the people for people of this great country of Zambia will come after you. You better start looking for an exit door . What you have done to the men and women of Zambia who are locked up, it will be worse for you

  12. It is extremely difficult to gauge the basis of Savior Chishimba’s anger at the PF Govt. The torching of the Markets in Lusaka and sabotage on Zesco installations does not bother Savior. Let’s pray that he is not reacting under the influence of “Cannabis sativa”. It is clear that a consortium of Savior Chishimba, Mwenya Musenge, Chishimba Kambwili, GBM and Nevers Mumba is gradually crystallizing into the birth of die-hard tribalistic party. In order to gain national relevance, this clique has formulated a strategy to appease UPND. But as time runs, the true objectives of this group will be revealed.

    • torching of the markets and sabotage of ZESCO installations you say? Up until now nobody has been charged with arson its all a plot to crash opposition…just look at how quick the decided replacing the market would cost $20m. Even ZESCO installations its only baboon in Livingston that was caught red handed.
      Wake up!!

  13. Of all the issues Chisamba raised they cheer-pick that…really laughable…docile Zambians wake up for once!!

  14. @Jay Jay:you wake up yourself.
    Majority of us Zambians do not support politics of insults.why cant you guys in opposition wait for 2021?we are 100% fed up of hearing Edgar Lungu this,Edgar Lungu that simply out of jelouse!!ECL WAS DECLARED AS 2016 WINNER BY ECZ SO CRUSIFLY THE VOTERS AND ECZ WHO CONFIRMED ECL’S PRESIDENCY!!
    if you insult the president and hope for us to protest,then you shall rot alone in jail!!

  15. Na accent ine ba Dr Chishimba kuwayawayafye. He should be the one to be examined mentally. Namashilu nayo yalemona kwati kuti yateka ichalo. Bushe uyu kuwe libange nangu alipukuta?

  16. Kikiki, sounds funny but you are right, typical Zambians quiet has a mouse Christian mentality even when a neighbor’s human rights are been trampled upon, wait until DSTV increase subscription, you will see messages on Facebook, whatsaap, calling on Zambians to rise up and fight the hiked subscription injustice.

  17. Well done ba LT for posting the link to the YouTube video clip of the alleged defamation. All well meaning people can clearly hear for themselves the allegations are FALSE. there is NO defamation in the clip. Criticising with points is NOT insults.

    And as usual, the fact that all those claiming that He has insulted Lungu have FAILED miserably to answer and address the specific POINTS he has raised speaks for itself.

    No wonder the Police, acting on instructions from above, have been hesitant in arresting him, and have NOT written a charge as yet. They are wondering what specifically to write on the charge since the video clip clearly shows he has NOT defamed Lungu. If anything, Lungu has evidently defamed himself big time.

    This is how dull and low mother Zambia has sunk under…

  18. Malema calls Zuma a criminal and all sorts of names and he is never arrested; what is so special about this thug Lungu? Release Saviour.

  19. Lungu has taken Zambia to the dogs. Chishimba has done nothing. Lungu needs rebukes from the Zambian Malema’s like Chishimba. Don’t be docile Zambians. Lungu is taking Zambia backwards. Chishimba should be released and has no case. Kanganja and Lungu will end badly in life

  20. I wouldn’t really agree with Chishimba he sounded out of place , the man looked confused and there was no proper cordination in his speach , you would wonder weather he was under some influence .
    Politics cannot just be how to insult the president , there was no sentence with without spitting obscenities on the president well that is the lowest calibar of presidential hopeful .
    Chishimba had a few points however all was overshadowed by vulgar langeage against the state leader , opposition needs intelligent cool minded personalities.
    Some of our politicians need to mature in the way they present themselves to the listeners , this includes his friend who is now behind bars who went to fight the head of state in the streets of mongu

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