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Bishop of Radiant Church International arrested for raping a congregant

General News Bishop of Radiant Church International arrested for raping a congregant

A 45-YEAR-OLD bishop of Radiant Church International in Kasama has been arrested for allegedly raping a 20-year-old congregant.

Northern Province commissioner of police Richard Mweene said in an interview yesterday that the incident happened around 12:30 hours on Wednesday on Kasama-Isoka road.

Mr Mweene said bishop Cephas Mabo allegedly raped the young woman when church members went for prayers on the mountains. The clergyman allegedly lured the woman into a nearby bush and did the unthinkable.

He said after the incident, the woman attempted to commit suicide by drinking a poisonous liquid.

“She has been admitted to Kasama General Hospital while the suspect is in police custody,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police have apprehended two Zambians and a Congolese national for allegedly being in possession of dangerous weapons.

Mr Mweene said the suspects were found with seven explosives, two litres of sulphuric acid, five packets of Urea fertiliser and mica powder.

“We are currently interviewing them to establish the motive behind their carrying of such substances,” Mr Mweene said.

The names of the three suspects have been withheld for security reasons.


  1. These are lungus friends who he invites for national prayers at stats house. Lungu promotes women abusers. Why you think he pardoned general kanene

  2. I condemn the church members,why leaving their church building meant for prayers and opt to go for prayers in the bush.The problem is their is to much brain wash in this country especially among Christians.We Christians have simply lost it.

  3. ‘Religion is opium for the masses’ Karl Marxi. Who are we to disagree? There too many ‘churches’. The whole thing is like a boy scout Jamboree! There is only one God, then why so many churches? What else is there to believe apart from one GOD? Surely, there must be only one way to heaven! or Not?

  4. This must be a UPND cult leader masquerading as a Christian bishop. UPND led by dictator HH is strongly believed to be a cult whose motive is to tarnish the image of Christianity.

  5. In the last Days: Zambians why have you left our traditional churches: Kwaisa kamuntu at I am a Prophet eko mwabutukila. Nifyo Fine. Remember Mathew 24:

  6. The bishop gave in to lust. He will pay for his sins, but must repent and stay within the confines of his marriage. He must NOT remain bishop. He must stay true to his vows; to God and his wife.

  7. @NEZ, #1, thinks like a child! No wonder it is not hard to know that their party is Under Five Card! Wow! You think you can be a member of this? Delusions!

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