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Maimane asks President Zuma to use Zambia trip to call for HH’s release

Headlines Maimane asks President Zuma to use Zambia trip to call for HH’s...

Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa's Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane during their meeting
Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane during their meeting

South Africa’s opposition DA leader Mmusi Maimane called on President Jacob Zuma him to distance himself from “dictators” like President Edgar Lungu as the South African leader is due to arrive in Lusaka on an official visit.

Mr. Maimane said in a statement on Friday that President Zuma must use this engagement with President Lungu to raise South Africa’s strong objections to the crisis unfolding in Zambia under President Lungu’s watch.

“In particular, President Zuma should denounce the inhumane treatment in prison of the Zambian leader of the opposition, Hakainde Hichilema, and to call for his immediate release.”

“The human rights abuses faced by Mr. Hichilema must be condemned in the strongest terms. It is clear that these trumped up charges are a witch hunt by an increasingly threatened President Lungu, and pose a very real threat to democracy on the African continent,” Mr Maimane said.

President Zuma would be in Lusaka on Saturday to officially open the 91st Agricultural and Commercial Show as a guest of honour at President Lungu’s invitation.
On May 25, Maimane flew to Lusaka to attend jailed opposition leader Hichilema’s treason trial.

He was denied entry into the country and put on the first plane back to South Africa.

Mr. Hichilema was arrested in April after his motorcade did not get out of the way of President Lungu’s motorcade quickly enough during the Kuomboka ceremony.
He was charged with treason, which is punishable by death in Zambia. 

“It is clear that these trumped-up charges are a witch hunt by an increasingly threatened President Lungu, and pose a very real threat to democracy on the African continent,” Mr. Maimane said.

South Africa could not continue its “quiet diplomacy” as it could lead to democracy being undermined. 

“South Africa must work with its neighbours to protect democracy because, in Africa, a threat to democracy for some is a threat to democracy for all,” he said.

“We will continue to advocate for the advancement of vibrant, competitive, multiparty democracy, the rule of law and the entrenchment of human rights and free speech across Africa.”


    • Excellent question. Give our courts a chance, please. If Lungu releases HH, what will stop him from arresting HH on another so called trumped up charges in future?

      Africa need to let its courts work and been seen to work in a fair manner rather than have their work interfered with by power politicians. This is what this Under 5 Maimane wants to see. Maimane belives in the powerful politicians disrupting judicial systems and this is the type of politicking that must be rejected .

      Leave our courts do their Job. Trial start 14th August and that in itself is good progress on this case

    • The statement means Lungu should not interfere with the Judiciary. So far everything is soiled by the PF self declared Alfalfa and Omeka.

    • Maimane and South Africa generally are bullying yourselves.

      HH has committed an offence worse than a trrrroist act. In any western country – Treason is worse than a terrorist act and is an indefinite death penalty.

      HH needs no sympathy from anyone here

      I have a PhD



    • When Mugabe was chasing whites from their farms, arresting Tsvangirai and his followers- torturing and making many dissapear where was the opposition in SA to come out against that???? Those acts commited in Zimbabwe are terrible compared to the justified act of arresting HH for his incitement and encouragement of violence!Further to that why hasn’t Maimane condemned the acts of violence Human Hyena’s(HH)blood thirsty followers committed last year in August??? Acts of violence which couldve plunged the country into terrible violence!HH has been incarcerated because he is a threat to peace and if he is innocent he will be released he will have his day in court!

    • Sambias Regierungspolitik sei von „Manipulation, Patronage und der Einschüchterung politischer Gegner“ geprägt, heißt es etwa in einem kürzlich veröffentlichen Hirtenbrief der katholischen Bischofskonferenz des Landes: „Wenn wir heute noch keine Diktatur sind, dann sind wir zumindest auf dem Weg dorthin.“

    • The judicial process in Zambia is a sham and all judges and lawyers should be ashamed of themselves. How can a someone be locked for over 100 days awaiting trail? We have other detainees waiting for years waiting to go to courts. Treason or no treason we need far reaching judicial reforms

    • Even Idi Amin had half of Uganda as supporters. The Evil Malawian Dictator draws majority of supporters from nyanjas & bambas just like the other Malawian Dictator KK did for 27 years. Had it not been for high mealie-meal prices, KK would still be president propped by supporters from nyanjas & bambas.

      Abuse of power through rotten police, rotten judiciary, rotten ConCourt, rotten ECZ by primitive tribal politics will just endanger your f00lish leader.

      When he gets assa.ssinated please continue worshipping him in his grave.

    • Zam high commissioner to South Africa, Mwamba spends all his time practicing chi Mbuya on Facebook and ridiculing people. He has a following of shallow minions who hang in his every insult.

      SA is an important Trade partner for Zambia and many of us got our big breaks there. The High post should me manned by a serous person not a comedian wasting govy. time and wifi doing ifyabukaya.

    • @Mushota your English language comprehension and construction of the queens language leaves a lot to be desired! I quote “Maimane and South Africa generally are bullying yourselves.” Why do you say yourselves instead of themselves?

      HH has committed an offence worse than a trrrroist act. In any western country – Treason is worse than a terrorist act and is an indefinite death penalty. Your spellings are also atrocious for a PHD fellow. I suppose your pronunciations must be even worse. By the way, Maimane does have 2 PhDs.

    • MB – random, typing with one hand on my tummy ( hope you know what I’m hinting at ). I could carefully construct a carefully worded statement to appear PhD material but I don’t have to.

      They don’t sell PhD on the market – I earned it. Unlike you I don’t actually backspace when I type.

      Look the comparison between you and I end at Lusaka times. I’m so much better a person in every facet of the word and I don’t mean to undermine you in any way.

      My point is – cherish me whilst you have an opportunity and stopping throwing stones at me.

      That is right you have my attention now.



    • 1.Does this gentleman, opposition DA leader Mmusi Maimane actually believe in the rule of law?
      2.How does gentleman expects ECL to release HH whom he doesn’t recognize as republic president of Zambia?
      If yes, under which law?

      Please let HH face the Zambian courts?

    • @Mushota. Random to me is approximation! Be precise and off course concise! As for selling PhDs I wouldn’t know about that dark world- perhaps you could enlighten me more on your underworld talents! Maimane definitely is in no class of yours Mushota! Maimane is a first class honours graduate at any of his degrees or post graduate qualifications and he or we make no big deal about it!



    • Wena votsoek @ zoonest, leave Malawi alone in that madness of yours in Zambia, I thought Zambians are civilised people but are dumbest creatures ever I have noticed….

    • @ Kumwesu #1, even a frog knows that it’s Lungu who instructed the PF (Police Force) to arrest HH. The police and the courts can only release HH upon instructions from Lungu. That’s how things work in a Dictatorship. Phone Putin if you’re in doubt!

    • @1.18 Lungu – Of course they were released by ECL. But that was after they were found guilty and imprisoned. HH can only be released after the due legal process has run its course, not before.

  1. Let hh remain in prison. Too much noise when is not in prison. The best place for him is where he is. Let the court release him in September 2021 after the elections.
    Maimane you are just making noise and waisting your time. Are married? Do you have children. Please talk about your wife or children maybe people will listen to you. Don’t talk about hate human being.

    • What a stupid fool you are. Stop encouraging unlawful incarceration of innocent people. Lungu will be ass. assinated before 2021. Trust me.

  2. People it is Not the Court who arrested HH and charged him with Treason. It is the Police who did this under the Commander in Chief’s directive. That Commander in Chief is ECL. If ECL so wishes he can drop the Trumped Up Charges today. The Treason Charges are false and any Court will find HH innocent. The problem is that the State has charged HH with Treason which he did not commit. The State is wrong to equate an alleged Traffic Offence to Treason. Treason is a Crime punishable thru death. Why kill a Passenger for a Traffic Offence? This is just Persecution thru Prosecution to achieve political objectives. Its unjust and Sadistic.

  3. Maimane needs trauma counseling, he has not recovered from the deportation odeal he experienced at Kkia, and it has taken a toll on his reasoning ability. He makes no sense of what either HH himself say or what the rule of law dictates


    • Nez careful what you say. Some of us have not taken you seriously but you dare not continue to test us.

      For readers the above comments from this thing called New Evil Zombie (Nez) show the true evil sa.tanic nature of the United Party for National Destruction/ Dunderheads (UPND)!

      Let the evil they wish on others continue to come back to attack them! Such hateful, frustrated blood thirsty cretins are destined for continued failure..ati kikikikiki…

    • @2020Vision, have you read your buddy Kudo’s diabolical comments? He is worse than the devil himself. You too are worse and your skewed reasoning is astounding.

    • This 2020munelo is complaining of NEZ yet congratulates his comrade kudos who posts genocidal posts…..

    • @Mai Mai it appears you belong to the camp that calls for tribal violence and then pretends not to support it???? HH is on record of calling for an “uprising” after last year’s elections resulting in violence in Namwala and other United Dunderhead strongholds! That is a fact, the records are there to show HH never once went to the media even Independent well respected outlets such as Lusaka Times to condemn the acts his supporters committed! So when senior bloggers such as comrade Kudos and myself express themselves in a manner which is no where as bad as what sa.tanist such as Nez, chiyaya, wanka etc do then it understandable! And further to that well done ba Lsk Times good riddance to Nez let it go back to tum.fwe.ko where it belongs!

    • LT can you also ban kudos who continues to call for the death of hh ? to show your impartiality.


      When kambwili was issuing tribally charged statements and insulting tongas on air you were applauding him…. PF rats like should be the last to comment on morals…

    • @NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016 August 5, 2017 at 7:58 am
      Attention: Editor Lusaka Times
      I think it is unfair that you should ban anyone here on this blog! We believe Zambia is moving toward being a multi-party democracy and this means giving space even to those that thrive on the unthinkable. Regulate but don’t ban. Whilst I am neither a fan nor do I support NEZ, banning represents what wrong in this country of ours- not accepting diversity! Let’s teach people to respect the others view before expounding your own view on others! Mushota is no better or worse than NEZ

    • He had it coming and good riddance. Lusaka times have tolerated. You don’t insult the president in the way he does.
      Mushota maybe obnoxious but NEZ is a nuisance that would not be tolerated anywhere. Bbc, cnn and any other platforms they would have banned him indefinitely.
      Well done lusakatimes.
      There is going under the belt but this kid was banned at tumfweko
      Good riddance

  5. Zambian Judicial System Is Dead And Rotten. And Taking Cases To Zambian Courts Is A Share Waste Of Time And Energy.

    The State Has No Evidence For Treason Against HH. They Have Even Compromised The Courts To Be Adjuning Cases To Weeks And Months Just To Keep Someone In Jail So That The Pf Cadres Can Be Happy.

    President Zuma Should Hear To Maimane’s Call And Speak On Behalf Of Zambians Who Just See Dictatorship And Brutality But Do Not Talk In Fear Of Being Arrested.

    • Your South African political amateurs need to take some lessons in politics. Jacob Zuma is in Zambia to open the Agricultural and Commercial Show – he is not here on a mediation trip. He is not going to talk about politics. He may just comment on how peaceful Zambia is.

  6. I am amused at the picture of this under five Maimane. He seems to be an attention seeker, just look at how proud he seems to be to be welcomed the High Commissioner of Zambia……
    I have a contrary suggestion. We call upon President Zuma to declare his non interference in and respect for Zambia’s judicial system and for his counterpart President Lungu. Anyway to you UPNDonkeys, this is further proof that President Zuma is visiting his counterpart President Lunging and not just Edgar Lungu as you would say…..it’s not me saying this but your friend Maimane.
    Anyway let under five rot in Mukobeko for all I care that is where he belongs.

    • It is Emanuel mwamba who is begging for a photo op with maimane after his called lungu a desperate dictator…..after insulting lungu mwamba still poses with him ?????

    • Ba Spake like lilo – Mulekwatako insoni — it is your MyMoney who went to the Zambian Embassy to meet Ambassador Mwamba.

    • Onenation

      That is the point…even after calling lungu a coward dictator he still goes to mwamba and mwamba poses with him legitimizing his comments on lungu….

  7. The issue of HH should be left to the judiciary to decide, justice must prevail regardless of who is involved. If HH will be found guilty or not guilty its up to the justice system of Zambia to decide.
    We all know that what he did was not acceptable world over, if it was in the western world HH was going to be killed right there when he interfered / blocked the presidential motorcade, we should be thanking ECL and the security personnel for not taking that stance. Even HH’s lawyers knows that their colleague was at fault that is why they are quiet, all they wish is for the judiciary to be lenient in passing the verdict. That is what it entails to be power angry, HH was supposed to have waited for the right time for PF to fumble and capitalize on that in winning the other magnitude of…

    • @Observer,
      Who is ‘we’ in your statement?
      Please name which western Country would kill a passenger of a suspected traffic offender on the spot? I have studied, worked, lived and driven in USA, UK, France, Belgium and German since 1991.
      Why are you pretending that you are NOT aware that the alleged traffic offence collapsed and failed to take of in court for lack of evidence?? How old are you???
      So, do you now have any fresh evidence on the same alleged ‘case’ to not only resurrect the traffic offence, but to legally elevate it to a treason case and legally involve a passenger called HH??

  8. Maybe Zambia should adopt the USA system of grand jury which hears preliminary evidence to determine if charges should be brought .

    The current Zambian system is open to wide abuses.

  9. It is wrong for the State to arrest a Person b4 investigation. The State should arrest a Person after satisfying itself that that Person committed a Crime. It was wrong and barbaric for the State to raid HH’s home, vandalise it, arrest HH and charge him with Treason for a Traffic Offence allegedly committed in Mongu. A traffic offence is not Treasonable. It is very wrong for the State to charge HH with Treason when clearly there is no evidence that HH and 5 others attempted to overthrow GRZ. Just becoz Treason is unbailable the State arrested HH to keep him in Jail and punish him for a Crime he did not commit. This is an abuse of State Power which is a violation of Human Rights. Today it is HH tumoro is Chishimba, GBM, Kambwili etc.

    • This is where your shallowness becomes dangerous – you are equating a Presidential Motorcade to your car on the road. HH went too far in his disrespect of the Presidency.

    • @Chanda,
      Well spoken. Any well meaning normal functioning adult who has watched the YouTube video clips of the Mongu event will clearly see that NOTHING treasonable happened. Period.

    • Many people foolishly think the treason charges are a result of the motorcade incident. The charges clearly state that HH is suspected of having committed the offence between October 2016 and the date of the incident. Ask yourself what HH did or said in the time period mentioned and you will realise that the treason charges are not based on the motorcade incident. You will be shocked when you see the evidence which I must say is quite overwhelming against HH. The chap is going down.

  10. If such is the calibre of the 21st century politicians then Africa is doomed. In Kenya there’s odinga in Zambia there’s hh ,in Zimbabwe there’s Morgan ,in South Africa malema maimane. These Under5s means no good for our nations and should never ever be allowed near the corridors of power. We’re better off maintaining the status core than bringing in these Under5s.
    First trial date coincide with when he lodged his petition. Next hearing should be next year on 10 April.

    • You surely know that they will turn the Fortunes for Africa under 5 years, under 5 yes you will scream we made it thanks to them.

    • Your couldn’t have put it better Oval!!! The quality of opposition in Africa is bad. Paul Kagame has just won yesterday’s election after a 98% vote (BBC) not because he is a dictator or manipulated the polls but because after the genocide, Rwandese simply don’t trust the calibre of the opposition as they are unruly and some are bordering on the ethnic lines. This 1diot Maimane, why can’t he repect the fact that Edgar Lungu was voted into power by the majority of the people of Zambia?? He wants to insult our judicial system by demanding that hh is released, what kind of s.t.u.p.i.d.ity and insolence is that???

  11. We got him! The privatization plunderer is now duly serving time for his role in plundering our resources. Please keep him at mukobeko.

    • @Treason Sunkutu,
      If you have any evidence that the man you are referring to did plunder our Country’s resources, which evidence late President Sata failed to find, please hand it to the State prosecutors asap. Do you know that withholding such evidence is a serious offence?, just as slander and label are serious offences? And do you know that nowadays it is very easy to trace your location by your computer IP address?

  12. The lawlessness you have in your South African Parliament and open insults hurled at your President cannot be called democracy. You should grow up and help your limping economy pick up again.

  13. @11 Chanda – Yes a traffic offence is not Treasonable but if you start playing with Eagle 1 it is, actually in other countries it is death sentence dead-on without even asking you or taking you to court. ECL is surely a Christian and big at heart considering all those insults HH has been hurling at him.

  14. Upnd and its fellow under 5 supporters like this Maimane have a lot to learn in politics!!
    They say “prevention is better than cure”.had HH behaved or tonned down after losing 2016 elections,he could have not wasted his more than 110 days in jail.Sadly, HH became a wounded lion as if 2016 elections were the last elections in Zambia’s history.WE MUST ALL THANK H.E. EDGAR LUNGU FOR SAVING HH’S LIFE IN MONGU FROM POLICE’S LIVE BULLETS!!this may sound weird,but this is the hell HH asked for in Mongu!!
    As for you Mainane,please keep quiet as Edgar Lungu is not a dictator and president Jacob Zuma wont say a word about HH today-this i can assure you and all blind followers in UPND!!HH is none of Zuma’s business in Lsk today!!

  15. So now Zuma is not a dictator? What shameless boy this Jim Crow is? In Parliament he continued to refer to Zuma as corrupt dictator. L

  16. Just look above how desperate and bewildered the PF rats are becoming….the name HH is not going away as they hoped and HH is not broken as they prayed and as the trial date approaches just watch how even more desperate they will become with the dictator trying to ban international media from covering the case….all the rottenness and corruption of the judicial system at the hands of the dictator lungu will be seen……

  17. Just look at this boy Maimane a DA leader,can he be a SA president?never!!this is another Cosmo Mumba of SA!!if one doesnt know Emmanuel Mwamba,he can by mistake think Emmanue Mwamba is a Mr.Mainane-under 5 politician like HH indeed!!
    This young man dreams about ruling SA just like HH does about Zambia but the realite is they both may die minus becoming presidents!!

  18. I have no respect for Maimane. As for Mr Hakainde Hichilema , his levels of illegality went very far.From 2006 the man has just been something else. Violence has been the order of the day. Zambia has no place for Hakainde’s politics. Even with his incarceration he cannot win the presidency. The only problem is the many battles ECL is fighting. You can’t cause divisions in your house and expect to win external battles. HH has been a nuisance and his incarceration serves him right but ECL’s obsession with 2021 , his dictatorial schemes, internal purging of members have created doubts among people in his leadership. He has completely lost it. So the third option is the only hope for Zambia.A Zambia without HH and without ECL.

  19. @spaka like lilo”,you are actually the rat yourself!!insults wont take HH to plot one.do civilised politics.
    I HAVE ALWAYS REMINDED YOUR SICK MIND THAT PF HAS NOTHING TO LOSE WHETHER HH IS FREED OR CONVICTED.THE ONE LOSING HERE IS HH AND UPND BECAUSE NOBODY ON EARTH SHALL REVERSE THE MORE THAN 120 DAYS HH HAS WASTED IN JAIL!!!if the court orders the release of HH from jail on 14/08/2017,the PF Govnt will remain in power until 2021!plus whether CNN,BBC,sky news,SABC,broadcast HH’s treason case live on TV,NOTHING SHALL HAPPEN TO PF’S GOVNT AS FOREIGNERS DO NOT VOTE IN ZAMBIA!!all what those foreigners would do is talk and talk THEN END OF IT!!HENCE,STOP BEHAVING LIKE A LUNATIC!!note;Paul Kagame(the one upnd call a dictator) has just won another elections in Rwanda ,SO UKOSE!!!

    • Hehehe looks like you pf rats dont like being called rats .

      If I remember rightly when I started the online petitions that is what you said, saying no one will take notice , well for all we know IMF and many western companies are thinking twice about giving lungu money after the petitions…..

  20. Lest Mymoney forgets, what can he say about those cheap cape colored refusal of accepting a black South African as headmaster of colored school? How can you find it easier to fight battles in foreign countries but fail to extinguish the fire in your country?

  21. Any well-meaning normal functioning adult who has watched the YouTube video clips of the Mongu event will clearly see that NOTHING treasonable happened. Period.

    So, the baseless noise by those in support this evidence-less trumped up treason case can be likened to the noise made by sheep in the book ‘Animal Farm’ by Eric Arthur Blair better known as George Orwel. The sheep would loudly baa and meh merely to drown any divergent rational view to deflect attention from the real substance of the matter at hand to please the master. Some it was for a private agenda. But what the sheep failed to realise in time is that ‘what goes around comes around’ to bite you, until it was too late when they found themselves at the slaughter house.
    Today, a case in point is people like Chishimba…

    • @Ndanje Khakis,
      LOL – Are you implying you believe one is guilty until proven innocent under the law? Or you just cant see trees for the wood? Or are you simply way in over your head on this Treason case?

  22. Just like others I am anxiously waiting to know the exact case against HH. As of now I don’t know whether he’s innocent or not.

    • @wanka like lilo I’m too compassionate to ever wish death on someone and I have never. I do return fire with fire when sa.tan.ic cretins like YOU who are infact on record right here on this site of wishing death on OUR President do so- the archives don’t lie and when I return fire never once have I ever wished death on your HumanHyena (HH) or GBV! Further to that if one wants to speak of “genocidal” its you wanka like lilo who is on record of calling for a seperate “Western Rhodesia”and inciting violence last year during the riots against foreigners of which your ZWD site and you in particular are on record of spreading lies and calling for anarchy in the nation! You are just a frustrated perpetual, sick, bitter, twisted “resident” loser that finds it hard to accept the truth…

    • Let LT show were ever i have called for the death of anyone ?? You PF rat 2020vision were calling for violence then started lying that someone was using your blog name…..you are nothing but a hungry PF rat ready to scavenge on the backs of poor suffering Zambians with the other corrupt PF rats while lungus wealth grows to $30 million…

  23. @Human Hyena (HH) has proven to be a violent rascal from the day it set its flithy paws on the political scene by playing the tribal tag to become the successor of the late great AK Mazoka! Who can forget the intimidation witnessed toward supporters of Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga former Veeps under AKM!!!!

    Karma is what United Dunderheads are receiving and frankly speaking come 2021 the dunderheads will lose as per custom! Accurate prediction as usual! Wanka like lilo can you please give another false prediction as per your Modus Operandi…ati kikikikiki…..

    • 2020vision

      Your fellow genocidal commentator , kudos, is being deleted by LT……watch you language……

      Back to your point…..lungu csn never win any free and fair election…..even if he borrows $50 billion to spend on infrastructure…he would still have to cheat and use violence with rigging and banning opposition gatherings.. ..

  24. What is the interest Mamene? Union matters in Zambia from South Africa? Zambia is not for sale! We gave away privitaztion funds not the nation! Wow!

  25. @2020 Vision, #26, Sakwiba Sikota was told after the death of Mazoka that, “You are not Tonga, so you cannot be president of UPND!” True story! So can you trust this party?

  26. The connection of HH to RSA should be sending shivers down the spines of those who love Zambia! Thank God the government did not print ballot papers in RSA! This machinery is sophisticated! That is why the losers went to consult there!

  27. This man, DA leader Mmusi Maimane , is a funny chap really! He’s asking ZUMA(like Africa’s most corrupt chap, the one that has been found guilty of using govn’t funding to build his personal Kraal Palace). He is going to ask ZUMA to insinuate impropriety in the HH case by our President?

    Why does DA leader Mmusi Maimane, not use his energy encouraging South Africans to bite him out instead. Oh, wait …..they can vote but they can’t replace Zuma or the Zulu warriors will go ape.

  28. Maimane is just politicking. He knows Zuma has no moral standing to counsel anyone. Noons would listen to any advice from a corrupt president like him. Lungu knows why he invited him is because Zuma wont have the time for any upright conversation while in Lusaka

  29. This chap Maimane and other misguided South Africans like NUMSA President were born after the liberation of South Africa and they don’t know that Zambia was behind their liberation. They are simply practicing under 5 politics just like HH and their only motive is to seek publicity and political mileage in a wrong country.

  30. It is time the true inside circle of DA warned their hired African “leader” to know his political limits. Mmusi Maimane tried to expel Helen Zille from DA, but the real owner (whites) of the party blamed him for crossing over his limits. Maimane is leaking his wounds as Hellen Zille remains the main pillar of DA.

    The DA inner circle must warn Maimane that threatening economic embargo on Zambia effectively means killing whites business investments in Zambia. “Pick & Pay”, Shoprite and Spar supermarkets are owned by some (white) members of the DA. Maimane is just a loose cannon.

  31. Brabus don’t make me say things which will make you cry, been in diaspora doesn’t make you a somebody. you are just a boot licker were ever you are do you think every person who is in Zambia has never been outside? you are just cowed by the whites wherever you are that is why you have found comfort in airing your views on this media. If you are free wherever you are why not debate in the sun or express newspapers rather than making noise with us the locals. What has my age to do with my views? do you want us to also start scanning and pasting our papers on this media? I have been to all the seven continents, I am sure that explains it not just a handful of outside countries you are mentioning. I have been to better schools than you and I am not even dreaming of been in diaspora because…

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