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Savior Chishimba to spend more days in police cells

General News Savior Chishimba to spend more days in police cells

United Progressive People (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba
United Progressive People (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba

UPP leader Saviour Chishimba will remain in Police custody even after being arrested and charged for allegedly defaming the President.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed that Dr Chishimba will remain detained as he awaits court appearance sometime next week.

Dr Chishimba was arrested on Thursday and since this is a long weekend because of Monday is a holiday, he would have spent five nights by Tuesday next week.

Ms Katongo says the Defamation of the President is contrary to section 69 of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Dr. Chishimba is facing charges in connection with the statements he allegedly issued against the President on July 1 and July 8.

He was picked up in the car park of the Diamond Television station by plain clothed Police officers.

This was after he had completed featuring on a recorded programme called COSTA which will be aired on Sunday at 19:00 Hours.


    • Don’t pity people who don’t pity for themselves. He asked for this mess on himself. He wants fame using a dangerous rout. Chishimba should know that he is not a political factor in zambia. Let him behave and stop comparing himself to the upnd leader. His conviction and sentencing will come faster than he thinks. He will be forgotten the first day he enters prison and remembered the day he fill finish his sentence.

    • Another Despot is emerging in Southern Africa. This time in my beloved Zambia! Very sad. And all you blind PF supporters, wait until the heat turns on you or someone very close to you….then you realise the Frankenstein you helped create.

    • True . I remember how he was daring the police to arrest. Hopefully Obasanjo will include him in his schedule as visits HH in Kabwe.

  1. I could have suggested mental health examination if I was the police authority. Chishimba from the video clip I watched did not look sane. Honestly a man cannot in the right mental state speak the way he did. Under a spell or some strong drug I agree. Other than that he needs help not punishment

  2. It’s like a moth keeps flying towards an electric bulb, except the moth doesn’t know any better and can’t bro conditioned because it has no brain capacity to learn.

    Stop, cheap politics of insults to the President. Go into Parliament and represent those that vote for you. Does UPP even have any MP’s in parliament? We need to look into these Party Presidents of no hope Party’s that are causing nothing but trouble in Zambia. It seems they use desperate media attention grabbing methods of insulting the govn’t to maintain their relevance. Most just want Western foreign funding by postulating as Political Leaders working for ‘democracy,’ out of the ballot box, elected by the people.

  3. I am amazed by the so many pretenders here.
    Will wrong doers go free without accounting for their words and actions?
    What sort of homes did some people grow in, and what kind of children are they parenting?

    We all must be responsible for our decisions. If arrests and imprisonments are undesirable in their kind of Zambia, revise the penal code so that everyone can do and be as they please. Simple!

  4. What the Fvck is defaming the president?People are being locked up on some sh!tty excuses.
    Some ediots here think this Sh!t is okay.
    Let the people talk!

  5. It has now become believable (I used to say unbelievable!) that a good many Zambians equate tyranny with normality – even some who claim to be enlightened on this blog. Even supporting an archaic law about defaming the President. Do you realise that this law is a carry over from the medieval days when monarchs were virtually treated as Gods. It had more to do with seditious utterances though, than the defamation form it has has evolved into and has been retained in our laws. A similar law exists in some other countries but most of them never use it as it is deemed ridiculous in this time and age.

  6. Defamation and you lock up someone in prison? Lungu lungu lungu! Does this country have lawyers? And our lawyers think this is perfectly normal? Why hasn’t such a law been changed if we all understand democracy? Lawyers you are letting the country down

    • I know someone will say its the MPs but MPs don’t know any law and most don’t even know why they are in Parliament. Lawyers are supposed to understand human rights

  7. its been debated before… amend the laws and ensure that no one is above the law!!!!!!! otherwise continue dreaming with your democracy….

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