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CSPR backs Lubinda on ZIALE’s poor student pass rate

General News CSPR backs Lubinda on ZIALE's poor student pass rate

ZIALE where the pass rate is 3%
THE Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has commended Minister of Justice Given Lubinda for summoning the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) council over the continued poor student pass rate at the law school.

Eastern Province CSPR co-ordinator Maxson Nkhoma has described the high annual student failure rate at ZIALE as “literacy sabotage”.

Mr Nkhoma said in a statement that Zambians, especially the poor, do not have affordable legal representation because of ZIALE’s alleged inability to produce more lawyers onto the labour market.

“It’s difficult to comprehend how out of 300 students who sat for ZIALE mid-year examinations, only seven passed,” he said.

Mr Nkhoma said Zambia needs more qualified lawyers to represent those in correctional facilities unlike the current situation where only a few rich people afford the costly legal representation.

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  1. We need QUALIFIED lawyers if they cant pass then they are not good wnough to be qualified. Simple.
    .if you lower the standard what sort of solicitor do you get…maybe one that has to abuse his clients money to survive.

  2. ZIALE has been a problem. It’s now an institution were they filter who should get into the legal practice. Even if 50 passed out of 300 that could still be pathetic. FIRE the council. Those 300 have gone through 4 yrs plus of gruesome legal education to just be blocked by a few greedy individuals.Too many PHD (pull him down)holders in the council. I hope this is the last time we are hearing ZIALE issues

  3. If ZIALE is so strict in its conduct, how did LAZ find itself be being led by Linda Kasonde? Somebody answer please. The institution has lost its credibility in its current form.

  4. What is really so tough at this institution that UNZA graduates can not crack. It beats the logic that one can successfully pass at UNZA and fail at this institution. Its either the standards at UNZA are so compromised that it pushes out weak graduates who are caught up with stringent regulations at ZIALE, or there should be something terribly going on wrong at ZIALE itself.

  5. The problem is the mushrooming of useless colleges with poor standards. We have lecturers with mere grade 12 certificates churning out Teacher graduates in house universities and colleges. We have clinical officers and doctors coming from so called universities who can’t read and interprete an x ray sending patients to early graves. Nurses who can’t administer an injection. The Education system in Zambia has become rotten to the core. As long as someone is PF its all systems go. Open a college , and start training teachers,lawyers, doctors, engineers and nurses. At least we have Ziale trying to have some nolmacy. The EIZ, Medical Council, Teacher Council, HEA are sleeping enjoying the rot going on.

  6. Stakeholders need to cooperate and find the solution to the ZIALE issue. It is wrong to demand passes (output) without considering resources (input). At the moment ZIALE operates as a government department. Government departments tend to operate with limited resources. Partial privatization and commercialization would attract the resources needed to improve results. The quantity of lecturers, quality of lecturers, salaries, accommodation, learning environment, digital resources, syllabus, quantity of students, and quality of students. All these factors need to be approached with transparency and accountability. There is no need to panic and then qualify students that have failed.

  7. ZIALE is controlling the numbers so that only a few can practice and charge and earn those big monies. Any statistian will tell you that only 3 % passing for the exam is NOT a normal. it does not agree with any scientific curves or analysis except with ZIALE and LAZ. The problem is ZIALE and LAZ. Disband both institutions or simply lets form alternatives . Its govt responsibility to make sure that our children are Not unfairly disadvantaged by these exclusive and greedy clubs. The past South African apart tied used such tactics to exclude the poor from getting professional recognition. Part of the fight is dismantling such undesirable practices or institutional behaviour.
    Why should ZIALE perpetuate unemployment?
    why should certain sections of Zambians not be adequately…

  8. The learned, The Consel. White wigs, straight black jackets and pilot cases. They are signs and symbols of an elitist profession and, systematic class exclusivity branding. There is nothing remotely difficult or incomprehensible about what is taught at ZIALE to warrant a 3%. They are not teaching space engineering, fluid mechanics, nuclear physics or financial derivatives. They are teaching book keeping and conveyancing. Yes book keeping and not accounting. What would make it more remotely difficult for a four-year law graduate to achieve than reaching for a grey-matter cracking field such as actuarial science. Yes, ZIALE requires a comprehensive review in its overall management structures, academic content and academic standards for it to maintain its public relevance.

  9. It all points to CORRUPTION. It’s all about who you know to pass. Why are we in Africa still following colonial education system when the colonial master has a much easier education system? As long as we continue to have few lawyers on the market, legal services will always remain for the few thieves. No wonder lawyers find themselves in problems all the time.

  10. Engineering is a very tough course especially Mechanical but the pass rate is not as pathetic as Ziale. ZIALE bear in mind that you are dealing with graduated!

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