Kambwili visits Saviour in jail, both cry


UPP leader Saviour Chishimba and
Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili 

(By Mwape Mbwelela and Elly Musonda)

Chishimba  Kambwili and incarcerated UPP president Saviour Chishimba today wept uncontrollably at Woodlands Police Station when the former information minister went to visit the controversial opposition leader.

And Chishimba says he should not be made to suffer just because President Edgar Lungu is in State House.

Kambwili, who arrived at Woodlands Police Station around 11:30 hours, was ushered into the holding cell but immediately when the two saw each other, the UPP leader requested that the officer opens the room where he was confined so that he could embrace the expelled PF member of the central committee.

As soon as the separate holding cell was opened, the two hugged for over five minutes while crying.

Kambwili later started comforting Chishimba saying all will be well as he recalled when the two were in PF.

The two chatted about the protests they staged at State House in solidarity with the miners, whose conditions of service were violated.

As Kambwili spoke between sobs, Chishimba failed to hold back tears as he agreed with what the Roan member of parliament was telling him.

Their emotional embrace was only interrupted when the holding cell was opened to allow People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti to enter.

After Mulongoti entered, the two PF founder members continued talking and encouraging one another that “freedom” was coming.

Kambwili: Saviour, kosa, kosa, kosa – be strong, be strong. Remember where we have come from; remember the promises we made to fight for the vulnerable? So do not fear, we should not fear him, those who have come to steal and are amassing wealth, they are going out and it will be very soon.

They are abusing state power, they are buying property, but they are not going anywhere.

We know where we stand, don’t cry. If there is anything you want me to do for you, just let me know.

If there are any payments that need to be done, I will take them up. I will make all the payments needed, just be strong.

Imwee nimwe ba president so mufwile mule kosa, takwaba ukuba president ukwabula ukulala mumafi (you are president, you should be strong; you can’t be president without sleeping in filth).

Saviour: Namwishiba, ala ifilechitika muno muchalo filempapisha saana (you know what is happening in this country is surprising me very much), you know.

First of all, there has been the issue of delaying in giving me the bond. They grabbed my phones after that diamond TV recorded interview; that one was a trap set for me, I tried asking those police officers who came to arrest me to give me back my phones so that I call my lawyers but they refused.

I asked the officers to introduce themselves but they were refusing. It took time for me to identify them as police officers.

I said if you are police officers, identify yourselves but they failed. I told them I am a political figure and I needed to know the people who had come to abduct me because the PF had been threatening to abduct me.

In fact, those are not PF, who are in charge of this government. You and I wrote the manifesto, we understand it, not these people they have brought in.

Kambwili: What we can just say is that umunensu (President Edgar Lungu) tali loyal kuli ba Sata, pantu teti atamfye nangu ukupwisha abantu bonse abalebomba naba Sata (our colleague was not loyal to PF founder Michael Sata because he can’t chase or finish all those that worked with Sata). Saviour: Just because Edgar [Lungu] ali ku State House, ine nchulilemo, awe teti nchulilemo (I should suffer! No, I can’t suffer for this!)


    • Why does Zambian politics always involve incarcerating people who have a different view from the President? This is really retrogressive, and suppression of peoples rights.We need a stronger constitution that protects ordinary Zambians.I feel for those ordinary Zambians who are thrown in jails for trivial reasons but because they are nobodies we never get to hear their story.This is not what our fore fathers fought for…PF and police you are letting us down.

      In 2011 Chanda Chimba produced highly defamatory articles against then opposition leader, Michael Sata, the Catholic Church leaders and others for the benefit of the MMD using suspected public resources.
      CHAPTER 68 OF THE LAWS OF ZAMBIA spells out the defamation ACT. I thought politicians were smart but these two CHISHIMBAS are incredibly dull and stu.pid. Lets lay the bare facts, shall we:
      Defamation definition :- defamation d?f??me??(?)n/Submit noun – the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel. synonyms: libel, slander, character assassination, defamation of character, calumny, vilification, traducement, obloquy, scandal,…

    • …scandalmongering, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, backbiting, aspersions, muckraking, abuse, malediction;
      Our laws on Slander affecting official, professional or business reputation goes:
      In an action for slander in respect of words calculated to disparage the plaintiff in any office, profession, calling, trade or business held or carried on by him at the time of the publication, it shall not be necessary to allege or prove special damage, whether or not the words are spoken of the plaintiff in the way of his office, profession, calling, trade or business. THE TWO POLITICIANS ABOVE SUFFER FROM A DISEASE THAT MAKE THEM UNABLE TO TAME THEIR TONGUES. Defamation is real. Savior makes wild allegations on FB.

    • When you whistle blow about Government misappropriation of funds, have facts and use appropriate institutions and channels to air and have law enforcers investigate your claims, don’t just mumble jumble.
      I guess the case is not in court yet, I have been waiting for savior to take that step and report those corruption allegations he made about the ECL government. I am an interested party being a tax payer.
      I expect informed critiques on this issue, not THE MAST inspired irrational murmuring from despondent UPND quacks here. Can’t you chaps be civil?

    • Thorn in the butt

      Who have ACC investigated and arrested for corruption ??? Only lungu percived enemies…we all know corruption is headed from statehouse even lungu was warning his staff away from the huwei tenders…

    • Obatala, when did you come to know Savior? Sata and Savior fell out in acrimonious circumstances therefore Sata cannot turn in his grave. ..maybe smile.

  1. Kambwili asked for it. Pf begged with him to sober up but he wouldn’t listen. Ecl followed him to cb for reconciliation but the full was arrogant. Keep on crying hippos.

  2. Dont lie you people i can assure you if today ba sata was around ck would have been chased out cause he does not hold his mouth thinking he know everything,same saviour wat loyalty are you talking about wat did you do and say to the late sata guys dont think we are fools or we forget so quickly ,this two are just arrogant ,no respect , can you be kept just because you joined first remember even kk was not part of the first guys who formed anc but he become president ,my advice especially to ck seat back ,control you emotions otherwise you just finish yourself

  3. Boma ni Boma
    We want sanity in Zambian Politics…

    2021 and Beyond its PF……just like ANC in South Africa….dont mess with the government….blah blah blah…Malema…Maimame….HH….and now Kambwili …keep on dreaming guys

    2021 vote PF (Edgar)
    2019 Vote ANC (Cyril Ramaphosa)

    I thank you

    • iyo atitude ati boma ni boma is foolish,arresting someone for defamation is one thing but denying the person bail arrested on a bailable offence is a violation of basic human rights,why wasnt he arrested when he made that statement but they had to get him on a day right before long weekend to make a point

  4. Chikaona munzako chapita, mawa chilipaiwe. Ukankala pa bwino poipa paitana. Do not say I never warned you, mark my word. There is time for everything, time to treat others badly, there is time to be treated badly. I am sure the God we serve is not blind, neither is He deaf. Time will tell, who the smart guy is. All we can do is, to hold on to the hope that we will one day overcome. Thanks CK for visiting SC. mwabomba tata, tepa kuleka. Lesa amipale.

  5. Now that Kambwili has fallen out of favour with PF, upnd have already forgotten about the corruption allegations made by Zambian Watchdog, his using of a public golf course to feed his goats, his serial castigating of Tongas and his alleged links to Jerabos on the CB. Am sure some UPND members would even now describe him as ‘handsome’!

  6. The guys are incoherent and emotional.
    Listen to their lament; also review some of CK’s facebook posts.
    It is all there.

  7. Hehehehe Saviour chishimba really went out of his way to get arrested thinking that he could also gain political mileage and public sympathy like the other guy at mukobeko; but as it turns out everyone’s fortunes are different. Total miscalculation Bwana Saviour, you forgot that your tribesmen are staunch PF. Until you and kambwili decided to shed tears together like jilted lovers, we had even forgotten that you are also mu ma cells. Ukose mune

  8. I am of the opinion that these two goo.ns are insane. Just look at their dressing – who does that? Even their crying is empty. Why cry if they mean business. There is no ukukosa in crying – just exposes stupidty and dullness. They started teh ball rolling themselves and today they are crying like babies. What a bunch of f.ools.

  9. But Kambwili is a real hypocrite! What about the property and vehicles he too has amassed in just a few years? The man didn’t even own his own house before becoming a minister!
    Everyone knows Kambwili is as guilty as sin for abusing his position to gain personal advantage and wealth! The people of Roan constituency know Kambwili is a proper failure as an MP, can the ACC sort him out fast! And don’t forget Kambwili what you yourself called Guy Scott after he was expelled. As for Saviour Chishimba insulting the President mwana will take you to the cells, the Laws of Zambia are clear!

  10. These are just political tears. I will never be deceived by any politician again.Infact I did not even vote in the last elections.Kambwili don’t deceive people. Those are crocodile tears you are shedding. You and Sata told us lies by promising us heaven on earth.Alas,after giving you resounding victory in 2011 you made us poorer than we were before. Honestly I miss the MMD of Rupiah Banda. Though these politicians are one and the same we were better off under Rupiah Banda

  11. Ala koseni baf,fi,kala imwe, you created this monster so let it devour you. No more kulila lila monga tubaana vikulu vyonse ai!

  12. Chishimba Kambwili sounds very fo0lish!!who told him that for one to become a president,he has to sleep “mu mafi?”Did Edgar Lungu sleep in any filth before becoming president?Big No!!ba CK your reasoning is very weird!!
    Politics is not about insults.that Saviour Chishimba is not normal and he will never be Zambian president,so stop wasting your time and stolen money!!if you have a good heart,donante that money to churches or poor Zambians!!

  13. Kenyatta is headed for victory and Raila Odinga has cried foul. Zuma has survived the no confidence vote and the opposition is theething in anguish. They to win in their countries but want to cause confusion in Zambia. By the way Malema looks like he’s on his way to Ambassador St Anne.

  14. My biggest worry is that if Kambwili is arrested by the ACC, some people will call it political persecution. He should have been arrested while serving.

  15. There is time to cry and to laugh. The chaps already laughed and now is time to cry and hopefully for their wrong doing.

  16. At one time Savior claimed he formed the PF and Sata just came to join him and hijacked the party. He even took the case to court.

  17. Politcs is a dirty game,what to believe and what not to believe is virtually impossible,but if what they say is happening is true and without cause it Will come to light.

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