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Kambwili’s attempts to destabilise Copperbelt Province will not work-Mpombo

Headlines Kambwili's attempts to destabilise Copperbelt Province will not work-Mpombo

George Mpombo speaking during the news conference
FILE: George Mpombo speaking during the news conference during 2016 elections campaign

FORMER Minister of Defence George Mpombo says the Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt is “as hard as a rock” and that alleged attempts by Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to destabilise it will not work.

Mr Mpombo says the PF on the Copperbelt is too strong to easily shake up and has urged the former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services to humble himself and respect President Lungu and the PF leadership.

He said in an interview yesterday that President Lungu has remained popular in the province due to improvements in various economic fundamentals such as increased investments in road infrastructure.

The former Kafulafuta legislator has since appealed to Mr Kambwili to exercise humility and give President Lungu an opportunity to fulfil the vision of President Michael Sata.
“Unless he does that, he will find himself in a crumbled heap of political material that has made many capable politicians go astray.

“Therefore, having anybody entertaining the idea of forming a political party is equivalent to engaging in epileptic moves,” he said.

When contacted for a comment, Mr Kambwili said he appreciates and values the advice by Mr Mpombo but that he should have travelled to his home in Luanshya to talk to him in person.

“I respect his opinion, but I don’t think he needed to use the media. That is cheap politicking,” he said.

And Mr Mpombo has called on all Zambians to jealously guard the peace the country has enjoyed for a long time by behaving responsibly.

Mr Mpombo said the pronouncement of a threatened state of emergency following the invocation of Article 31 of the Constitution by President Lungu may be lifted if Zambians maintain peace in the country.

“The President acted in order to nip the threat to national security in the bud because destruction to public property was a serious threat to the economy, human life and foreign direct investment,” he said.

Mr Mpombo said the level of hatred that has engulfed the country of late is not good for development and regional stability.

He has since called on the opposition to stop disputing President Lungu’s legitimacy and concentrate on organising itself for the 2021 general elections.

“The opposition must pick up broken pieces and start preparing for the next elections instead of embarking on the campaign of horrible vitriol against Government and the President,” Mr Mpombo said.

He said irresponsible political rhetoric should not be entertained because there are no more campaigns and urged those still living in denial to accept the outcome of last year’s general elections.

Mr Mpombo said the United Party for National Development must respect President Lungu and wait for 2021, when the next general elections will be held.

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    • Probably not. But mpombo you are a convict, a fraudster, a thief and an uncanny person.

      You are worthless and worthless toad that had nothing to start with and still is.

      You never had a dignity so it’s not so much bad that one says you have lost one.

      That’s right – those in glass houses …

      How about updating us on your son who you disowned when he needed you the most. Get our of here.

      Sick and tired of people playing good on Chishimba’s expense and I’m not even Chishimba’s fan.

      I have a PhD



    • Uko! Bombastic Mpombo yamu nyokola nyokola njala mambala!

      PF bandits of visionless Lungu have turned their useful idiomatic onto Mpompo as another scavenged political obnoxious to attacks.
      This Mpombo is bootlicking PF after an acquittal of his corruption by PFourts & PFudges.
      First Lungu must give power to the speaker according to the constitution, let the independent Con~Court hear the petition & challenge ECZ to explain the electoral irregularities as petitioned by UPND. E.g~ECZ to explain to all PF vuvuzela bandits in Con~Court as the whole world follow the preceding democratically~why Lungu in 1 of Eastern province constituencies got more votes~27,979″~than votes casted~28,792? How?
      Entire ECZ~Chulu, Chavula & Priscilla Issacs should explain so that the con~court concludes…

    • …. evidence & declare the real president. Then democracy can prevail, not this banditry politics of “crushing them like tonnes of bricks”~said Lungusha economy!

      So Mpombo can be used, it tells how poverty is creeping things up, politics of vindictiveness & belly fattening. Yamu nyokola njala Mpombo. Mwapya, Obasanjo & Commonwealth delegates are just a tip of the tsunami awaiting PF bandits!
      The Skeleton Key

    • NB~Corrections to the figures.

      In1 of the constituencies in Eastern province~announced by ECZ Chairman Essau Chulu below:

      ~Total Registered Voters~59,904

      ~Verified Votes Casted~28,792

      But how come visionless PF & Lungu got 29,979 when UPND & HH got 4,975?

      Now, Lungu 29,979 + HH 4,975=79,954 votes which is thousands beyond than that of TRV=59,904. It doesn’t add up!

      What ever bombastic Mpombo says, it is for the benefit of his own corrupt pot belly. Njala yamu nyokola!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Iwe Skeleton Key,

      29,979 + 4,975 = 34, 954 and not 79,954. I agree that 34, 954 is more than the Verified Votes Casted (28,792). I can’t find any constituency with those figures. The closest is Katete but either way, the figure balance. Give us real evidence for us to support this:

      Yours ECZ (Katete)
      Total Registered Voters 59,904 74,527
      Verified Votes Casted 28,792 39,187
      PF & Lungu 29,979 29,258
      UPND & HH 4,975 5,704
      PF + UPND 34, 954 34 962

    • He is wearing UPND Chitenge yet praising PF wow these hungry Hovels so shameless as the jump from one party to another like prostitutes.

  1. I like the way Mr Mpombo uses bombastic words. It seems he reads a lot of fictitious novels. However, I have noticed that he sometimes uses those words wrongly, e.g ‘nip’ in this article. ……………… to nip the threat to national security. Why not just say ‘ to thwart the threat to national security’


  3. This is the problem with us Zambians. Instead of finding sense in what Mr Mpombo is saying ; we are busy bringing in trivialities such as his son. This is throwing away the baby together with the bath water.

  4. “…The opposition must pick up broken pieces and start preparing for the next elections ..”

    Mpompo how do the opposition do that when they are banned from holding peacefully rallies, fundraising events and press conferences?? The opposition leadership is banned from greeting well wishes and the general public or travelling to some parts of the country, that is the same being banned from mobilising……

  5. “Unless he does that, he will find himself in a crumbled heap of political material that has made many capable politicians go astray.”

    I guess he is talking from experience..

  6. If people will not see the point in what Mr Mpombo has said regardless of who they think he is, then I will
    equally fear that you guys are in epileptic mode .

    • Especially skeleton key and spaka like lilo, these two appear to have been deprived of a descent upbringing, and to think they are bonafide Zambians could it be that they went abroad to hide after killing their own kith and kin?

    • Spy marsha

      Mpombo is telling kambwili to enjoy his corruption quetly and let other also enjoy corruption….


      Mpombo is telling the opposition to mobilise and I am pointing out the fact that they can not mobilise as they are not allowed to gather

    • It’s his opinion. We respect that and will protect his right to loud mouth it even by death. But it’s trash from a man afflicted with hunger and political poverty.

  7. @Gift Nyangu, you’re the kind of people making Lungu continue to do more evil among Zambians; why cant bo Mwisho Mpombo advise Lungu to stop his evil acts against the opposition? Mpombo just wants handouts and shielding from Lungu; but for how long?

  8. Sometimes I wonder what makes people do what they do. Kambwili knows that Edgar is president but wants to pretend the opposite. Anyway you can’t enter into another person’s brain to know what motivates them.

    • Yes kamwili knows lungu is president but that does not mean he should not have any presidential ambitions…..and people should be happy if kambwili can expose corruption..no ??

    • There you go again. Even you can become president. No one us stopping you or Kambwili. But shooting your mouth carelessly is not the right way to becoming president. PF have a sitting president and it would be suicidal to field another person.

  9. @KK Airport Cabinet. You are missing the point. My post has nothing to do with ECL. All that I am saying is that we must sieve what we receive pick what makes sense and leave out trash. Sometimes we are blinded by our emotions and fail to get sense from nonsense. Please take note that this is not a personal attack on you and I will always respect your opinion.

  10. Mr George Mpombo is 100% right!!PF is very strong in 6.5 provinces.its structures are intact,support base growing everyday,etc so CK is fighting a losing battle.even if Edgar Lungu formed a new party and stood against anybody on PF,he would lose in 6.5 provinces to PF!!Michael Sata’s PF is very loved in its strongholds.the day Kambwili shall join another party,that will mark the end of his political career!!plus from CK’s response in this artical,you can tell that he agrees to what Mpombo told him because CK is nothing minus PF!!!

  11. Mpombo is not the right person to comment on these issues, 5 times recycled politician just yesterday the chap was in UPND now he wants to say he is for PF before that he was in PF, before that he was in his own polictical party, then before that in MMD. Come tomorrow in 2021 the chap will join UPND again!


  12. Zambia under the current prevailing conditions can never hold free and fair elections. In the event of nothing extraordinary taking place to revise the elections process in Zambia, it is/will be impossible to hold any credible elections in Zambia. Evidence so far is overwhelming that judicial adjudications have been ignored by those in power. The insistence of lets ‘move on’ and concentrate on future elections is as good as burying one’s head in the sand when the entire glaring error is seen. Zambia will be haunted by this display of ineptitude.

    • Skeleton Key, where were you when UPND needed your evidence? This kind of evidence was the type needed in that 14 days, though your evidence lacks merit in that it does not mention the continuance were those figures came from.

  13. Mpombo need to gets his acts together before yapping his mouth like a hippo. Go get a life and clean up your household niggga

  14. Am a layman were politics are concerned but even a child can easily deduce that upnd is a group of people with misplaced priorities.lt is like everyone is not thinking properly. They should sit and ask themselves as to what they are not doing right. You can even see from how almost everyone is analysing things in the upnd that they are not up to date .they are a lost group. They can never form government!!!

  15. Am glad not in Zambia and will only come back once peace is restored in Zambia. To move freely and express our opinion without being harassed and victimised by a brutality of the regime. We were once freed from colonialist and we have experienced peace and freedom that we now know has been taken away from Zambians.

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