UTH says it is ready to conduct kidney transplants

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya

The University Teaching Hospital says it is now ready to conduct Kidney Transplants.

Speaking during the tour of the hospital’s renal unit by medical personal from Lesotho, UTH Senior Medical Superintendent for Adult Hospital, Dr. Clarence Chiluba says the country has more than qualified personnel and equipment to conduct kidney transplants.

He says by the end of this year, the hospital will be fully fledged to conduct Kidney Transplants.

During the same tour, Dr. Chiluba hailed the ministry of health’s enhanced renal dialysis services at various renal units in the country’s various hospitals owing to the powerful equipment government has procured.

He says in order to extend the renal services; the country has also embarked on training health personnel from other countries, so that the services are rolled out to the entire region.

Dr Chiluba further stated that it is the hospital’s intention to become a health hub in the region as various people from all across the region are trooping into the country to access the renal services.

Meanwhile Lesotho’s Director General for Health Services Dr. Lesie Ntawe has says her country will replicate what they have seen in Zambia.

Dr. Ntawe says her delegation’s visit to Zambia was to assess the country’s health services and transfer some of its aspects to Lesotho.

She says she is pleased with the health personnel in the country especially at UTH’s renal unit.

Dr Ntawe has admired the equipment, cleanliness and infection control at the hospital’s renal unit.


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    Mamamama people are killed with simple hernia repair procedures or caesarean births. this will be form five dissecting a rat or cockroach. You first!! you need to protect patients with laws to lock up doctors for negligent deaths. We think its normal to perish when going for an operation. that’s why people cry before. Fyapena

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    I am surprised that such operations could not be done before. Or when did they stop? What happened to poor patients who needed a transplant? I think this is a ‘celebration’ of what should be a routine procedure. Are we that behind?

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    Mamamama people are killed with simple hernia procedures or cesarean births. This will be firm five dissecting a rat or cockroach. You first sir!! You need to protect patients with laws to lock up doctors for negligent deaths. We now think its normal to perish when going for an operation. Thats why people wail before any procedure. One negligent death is too much even for 10 successful operations. Elyo fya pena

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    There is a reason UTH is called the, “Departure Lounge”. Clarence Chiluba is lying between his teeth, the only one he can fool is his boss Chitalu Chilufya

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    Wondering how many will be willing to risk going there for a kidney transplant??? It will really be at owners risk.

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    @The Saint … I believe there are more complicated operations than kidney transplants. The real question is why we have never prioritised the health of citizens by investing more in health services – I mean personnel, life saving procedures and equipment. I suppose we are a country with an attitude that does not equate investment in health and education as development. Regardless of how much the country has ‘raked in’ at any given time in terms of resources, (perhaps apart from KK’s days), priorities have been elsewhere and self aggrandisement at its highest.

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