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Secretary General of the Commonwealth to hold a press conference today at 17: 00hrs

Headlines Secretary General of the Commonwealth to hold a press conference today at...

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland
State house has reported that following the conclusion of the Zambian leg of her four-nation tour, Patricia Scotland, QC, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth will today hold a news conference at 17:00 hours Zambian time at Lusaka’s Intercontinental Hotel.

The Commonwealth Secretary General will then proceed to Tanzania as a third country of her visit and conclude her regional tour with a visit to Mozambique.

Her first point of call was Uganda before proceeding to Zambia.

During her visit to Zambia, the Secretary General held a series of meetings with various State and non State actors.

According to the statement , she met with His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, Her Honour Mrs Inonge Wina, Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia, Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Harry Kalaba, Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Dr Patrick Matibini, Catholic Bishops, Non-governmental Organisations and leader of Zambia’s main opposition party Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

The meetings and consultations are part of preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Summit later this year.

During her consultations in Zambia, the Secretary General also discussed the 2016 Zambian general elections and reaffirmed the Commonwealth position that the elections were free, fair and therefore reflected the will of the people.

The Commonwealth Secretary General will make a final announcement on a broad range of issues, she discussed with stakeholders when she holds a media conference later this afternoon.

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    • Its time to congratulate H.E President Uhuru Kenya and the deciding people of Kenya on consolidating their democracy through elections. To Raila Odinga, we can only thank him for trying hard over the years of keeping democracy alive. After 4 attempts on the ballot, its only wise to give way to others and show brothers who have joined the circus of smearing their nations to appreciate that they are not infallible. There is life beyond politics. Let democracy reign and Africa prosper in unity and peace.

    • Uhuru Kenyatha is set to bag a sweet second and final mandate in Kenya. May the spirit of tribalism and violence die.

    • @Senior Citizen our very own Cobra did not give up after several attempts- even Kofi Akuffor did not give up! Not even Wade of Senegal! What more our very recent Ado of Ghana! If you dont try you are guaranteed to lose! Odinga, play the song one more time! And HH- no rest mwana!

    • Is this her country to be holding a press briefing? Zambia is a sovereign country. You all need to understand and remember why you were colonized and oppressed in the first place.

    • We dont need nonsense from these colonial masters…Madam Scotland please go and deal with Brexit and leave us in peace….Your forefathers fooled us before and please stop pretending like you have a heart for Africa….same applies to the DA in South Africa…they’re trying hard to grap power from the black leadership with the help with a few house negros…Maimame etc

      2021 vote PF (Edgar)
      2019 vote ANC (Cyril Ramaphosa)

      I thank you

    • @MB – I highly doubt it Senior Citizen wants to talk about old man Sata as if my memory is correct all I remember him posting here when he was Head of State is unpalatable words.

    • @Jay Jay I remember having serious discourse with him! And he Senior Citizen just jumps from nearly every political party he is in liason with!

    • Lungu is a disgrace. So much hatred, malice and scheming in one guy is like a cancer. Lungu will die an awful death.

  1. If its about the commonwealth heads of government why then would she visit a person in prison who is not in government….
    She hasnt had the press conference yet yet the pf regime says she has stated that the 2016 elections were fair and free.. this is in every press release whenever there is an international dignitary in zambia
    Amos that statement is used too often it only draws a person to ask why does it have to keep being pushed at pipo

  2. This will be interesting. The brute thug at Mukobeko will be told to humble himself and respect authority and to accept his useless Under 5 performance at the 2016 polls.

  3. Upnd must thank Mrs.Scotland and Obasanjo for begging president Edgar Lungu to have HH released soon or else the nigga could have rotten in mukobeko for nothing because even 2021 HH will 100% lose!!
    See what is happening in Kenya where Uhuru Kenyetta is almost retaining power after yesterday’s elections.Paul Kagame also won it.so there is no need to remove a working president such as ECL from state house-never!!the opposition can make noise as usual and receive foreign support,but people who vote are locals and mostly poor citizens!!

  4. Indeed well done to ONE UHURU KENYATTA declared winner of the Kenyan Presidential elections ! We hope Cryer Odinga will wisen up and not follow the path of violence as did his young friend HH who was blindly led into violence by some of his UPND sadistic supporters!

    The SG is a well respected former AG of the UK, I hope the insolent sadistic UPND supporters will accord and receive her statement with the respect it deserves!!!!

  5. HH was charged with Treason so he wants to clear his name in Court. HH won the 2016 Election as shown in the UPND PVT. Lungu should prove HH wrong in Court and show that he won the Election hands down. The Petition should be heard by an Independent Tribunal which should determine who won the Election. If the Court declares Lungu we will all recognize him as the Legitimate President. Chapwa!! Then Zambian can re-unite, reconcile and start the Healing Process and move on.

    • Even that interference with Eagle 1 can be construed as Treason. …endangering the president’s life. What you people don’t appreciate is that had the security people been trigger happy, Zambia’s peace could have been lost at that moment. We must thank our luck stars the incidence passed peacefully. It’s not a joking matter. Just ask Obasanjo what his soldiers would have done to anyone behaving in such a manner.

    • @Ndanje Khakis,
      LOL You have the right to your own opinion as to what constitutes Treason or not. The fact of the matter still remains that there is NO admissible evidence that HH committed a treasonable offence, not even a traffic offence, under the laws of Zambia. The laws of Zambia is what counts, not the laws of Obasanjo. Period.

    • @Barubas, just reflect on my reference to what would have happened had the police decided to shoot HH’s. Don’t treat this lightly.

    • @chanda dullness is extremely costly. Under which law will a petition be heard? The law provided for 14 days and the verdict of the Con Court is final and non appealable. So stop troubling your little brains. and hoping for nothing. That is day dreaming

    • @10.3Ndanje Khakis,
      Which facts in my comment don’t you understand?

      Do you have any evidence that HH’s motorcade in Mongu committed a traffic or a treasonable offence that would have caused police officers draw their weapons in defence of Lungu? If you do please please hand it to the State prosecutors asap as they do NOT have any. The Youtube video clips clearly do NOT show any of that at all. That is precisely why the alleged traffic case collapsed for lack of evidence. Do you know that withholding such evidence, if you have it, is an offence just as label and slander is an offence under the rule of law?
      Which part of this explanation don’t you understand? Or are you way in over your head on what the Police can or cannot legally do under the rule of law?

    • @Brubus it’s pointless to discuss issues with social media election pundits like you. Simple question attracts paragraphs upon paragraph. If ZP had opened fire what do you think would have happened to Zambia was my simple question? Is that difficult to answer or did qualify by using leakage?

    • @10.6 – Ndanje Khakis,
      LOL – I have already answered your superfluous question. I said “are you way in over your head on what the ZPolice can or cannot legally do under the rule of law?”

      Maybe let me simplify it for you and say:- Police do NOT open fire for NO REASON at other people. Is that better? How old are you?

      Clearly you are slow on the uptake and so you missed my explanations above. Which part of “NOTHING TREASONABLE HAPPENED” don’t you understand?

  6. Britain’s position at the world stage became precarious when it misjudged it’s importance in Europe. After Brexit, Britain has realised that it on the losing side in terms of international trade since Europe will continue to trade as a block and command market dominance when it comes to trade negotiations. The only avenue it has now is to solidify it’s position with its former colonies through the Commonwealth of Nations.

    We should be very careful with the vigour that the organisation now appear to have or demonstrate. Whose interest is in priority here?

    • @Jerry Mashamba,
      Good point. My thoughts exactly. We should not walk into this rejuvenated Commonwealth with our eyes closed and end up sighing partnership of a ‘rider and his horse’.

  7. This is ridiculous ! I assume, after her meeting with HH, she has been ordered to have a press briefing or face the consequences !

  8. The PF kaponya rats on LT are overheating…indanger of looking their organs……just the word petition, mamamama…..you see how agitated, incoherent and terrified they become……….bane after 14 days that you are clinging to, the total number of votes cast goes not change, there is no magic in a petition, if lungu won it will be shown as so…..

  9. @Chanda,
    Show the Zambian people the upnd pvt,we might believe your case,why do you only the upnd pvt to foreigners as the are the ones who voted, take it to the Mast so that we can all see,stop dreaming.

    • They want to show it in the petition but lungu is using a 14 day technicality to avoid the nation seeing the evidence….as if 14 days changed the numbers….

  10. @Chanda,
    Show the Zambian people the upnd pvt,we might believe your case,why do you only show the upnd pvt to foreigners as the are the ones who voted, take it to the Mast so that we can all see,stop dreaming.

    • They want to show it in the petition but lungu is using a 14 day technicality to avoid the nation seeing the evidence….as if 14 days changed the numbers….

  11. Why did ZPS put the President’ s life at risk during the Mongu Motorcade Incident? His window was open so that he could see clearly as HH’s Convoy crushed possibly HH injured or killed. HH was not the Driver of the vehicle and since when did the Police charge Passengers for a Traffic Offence? In anycase a Traffic Offence is not a Treasonable Crime. SG should insist that the Petition be heard as provided under the Zambian Constitution and Electoral laws and the Commonwealth Charter. Lungu needs to restore the Rule of Law, Good Governance, Constitutionalism and Respect for Human Rights. HH and 5 others should be released from Mukobeko and the Petition must be heard without Fail.

    • When you are only interested in getting rich and that line of richers is threatened, some people go to any lengths to protect their looting…..even to the extent of banning the nation from seeing what evidence the opposition have of their alleged electric fraud….

  12. I hear that if underfive is released, he plans to petition it in Concourt on the grounds that Patricia rigged the judiciary for not hearing his treason. Lead Counsel Mushipi.

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