Dispute over power tariffs forces Mopani to shutdown some operations


Mopani Copper Mines Plc has confirmed that the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) has restricted power supply to its mines in both Kitwe and Mufulira.

Mopani says the decision has arisen from a dispute over the implementation of new electricity tariffs, which the firm and other mining companies have contested in court and the courts of law are yet to resolve the matter.

It said while awaiting the determination of the matter in court, Mopani Copper Mines Plc has continued to consistently pay the tariffs as stipulated in the existing legal contract with CEC.

“In the interest of safety, Mopani has with immediate effect suspended operations in certain areas, and all our miners who were underground at the time of restricting power supply, have successfully returned to the surface,” it said in a statement released on Saturday.


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    Looks to me like the Indians and Chinese want to stick to the old electricity prices as stipulated in their original business plan and coutersingned by GRZ…i only hope there was a clause stating prices subject to change…

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    @1 Spaka like Donkeys, do you have to open your mouth on everything that you are ignorant about? I suggest that you stick to underfive and UPNDonkeys affairs, we can tolerate you there?

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      How can I when the PF rats lead by the fraud convict lungu seem to sign anything put in front of them ???

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    These so called investors in our rich mineral mines must be sincere and honest and thank Zambians for making it easier to do business freely.
    There usual excuse of copper prices must not come in now because copper as of today is trading at US$6430 per tonne from US$3700 a month ago. In effect the copper prices have doubled and they must stop lying to us. Let’s remember that these investors can only find this precious metal in very limited countries and the Zambian red metal is high grade used in most of the electronic devices and construction hybrid materials. Pay up guys it’s that simple!


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