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Respect the ballot verdict


HIGHCOURT Phiri, casts his vote at Chiparamba Sub-centre in a Kasenengwa by-election in Chipata

Its time for our politicians to respect the ballot verdict. Perennial election losers should learn to retire or change instead of turning muddy and discrediting national elections to negotiate a coalition government.

In trying to save faces, politicians fall for tactics of lies that elections have been rigged. Such only fuel hatred and possible violence instead of credibility and political capital. See Raila Amolo Odinga in Kenya at it again having clutched on to his last straw of ballot defeat, he is crying foul. We respect him for contributing to Kenyan democracy and trying relentlessly. But if you lose 4 times, the honorable thing to do is to retire and give chance to others unless you have insatiable appetite for power than the need for national dynamism.

We salute our dearest Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda Rupiah Banda for understanding the power of the ballot and seasons of life. There is life beyond politics. Time for Raila and those in his league of suffering perennial ballot defeat to retire. They could still contribute to national interest from community platforms away from the lines of chasing power politics.

God bless mother Africa with peace, unity and equitable development.

By Bwembya Mutale


  1. Raila Odinga is like HH ,a perennial loser who complains ,throws childish tantrums and makes senseless excuses.Time for both to retire .

    • In civilized societies if a party president loses an election he’ll take the blame for the loss and step down. This gives room to new ideas. KK made the same mistake. He stepped down and Kebby Musokotwane took over but within months he overthrew his successor and assumed the Unip presidency. FTJ took advantage by concorti ng a constitution which barred KK from standing from all possible angles such as parent, terms served etc

    • unch and his accomplices were caught pants down. I would have been proud of it was only Zambians who did so. But to ask a Ugandan as though Zambians don’t have computer wizards is hurting. Lungu knows he did not win and all the people around him know that. Chulu and Isaacs know that and they will die of guilt. This will haunt them and it is a curse and burden they will bear. So is it for all PF members who know the truth.

      Respecting the results starts by respecting the people handling the results. If the person tasked to announce makes mistakes on national TV and announces results that do not reflect the votes cast how can one Repect the results? ECZ with Chulu and Isaacs don’t deserve respect, they deserve rebuke.

    • @1.2 Can’t you see that nobody is interested in insinuations. You’ve been posting this for over a week now and no reaction.

  2. As long as social media comes up its biased projections and PVT Africa shall not experience peace after elections.

    • Look at who is talking! A Bemba PF cadre who is happy with rigged elections so that his tribe can continue looting.

  3. African politicians have no life after politics than they had while in politics, In Africa politics are for self agrandisement thats why we steal while in power and we never resign and we are ready to kill for this. its not about legacy and service in this part of the world its about getting power to steal with impunity, to get government tenders which we do not even deliver on to any standard. We spend everything we have to get to power and tell our wives that when we win all this will come back to us. How? Through tenders ofcourse. The beauty is you get paid before you even deliver on the tender so whatever you do is good enough because you are already paid. So if we lose an election we lose all that why we fight over it.

  4. In Europe the party raises money for campaigns and politicians donot gamble with their personal wealth just to win an election. So if one loses its nothing personal they just move on. Trying the American system where you are only given one shot at the presidency by your party would only make quarrels more violent because it will be a do or die and many will die. So lets just allow the hopefuls to continue to try their luck at access to tenders. Why do you think PF is borowing so much? Its to increase tenders to eat from. Its not to develop us. its a cruell joke to build you poor sister a house from a bank loan and then fail to pay the loan and leave your sister at the mercy of the banks. Thats how I sometimes feel about these borrowed developments. We will be left at the mercy of IMF and…

  5. Kwangala, i applaud for a well reasoned article. You are correct , just becajse thee is investment it doesnt mean that it benefits ZAMBIA. As you say most developments are from borrowde funds..pipo forget that these have to be repaid and that’s when we will feel the true effects of borrowings

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