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President Edgar Lungu to attend the inauguration of Rwanda’s President-elect Paul Kagame

General News President Edgar Lungu to attend the inauguration of Rwanda’s President-elect Paul...

President Edgar Lungu and President Paul Kagame
President Edgar Lungu and President Paul Kagame
President Edgar Lungu is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony of Rwanda’s President-elect Paul Kagame this Friday.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba says President Lungu has accepted the invitation from his counterpart in the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

Mr. Kalaba says the visit will also present an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss many developmental issues of mutual interest and the security situation in the Great Lakes Region.

President Lungu is scheduled to depart for Rwanda on Thursday 17th August, 2017.

And Mr. Kalaba has told journalists in Lusaka today that President LUNGU is also scheduled to attend the 37th Annual Southern African Development Community -SADC- Summit in Pretoria from 19th to 20th August, 2017.

The Head of State will proceed to South Africa on 18th August, 2017 after Mr. Kagame’s inauguration ceremony.

The SADC Summit is running under the theme ‘Partnering with the private sector in developing industry and regional value chains.’


    • I don’t like Kagame.
      He will be one longest serving President in Africa, like Dos Santos of Angola. So boring.

    • Why is it that in Africa, presidents attend each others’ inauguration? How many presidents did you see at Trump’s or Macron’s inaugurations? The answer to that is what differentiates developed and undeveloped countries

    • Obatala, you make a very good point here. These inaugurations are used to authenticate election results. Instead of putting viable checks and balances in place, these leaders attend each other’s inaugurations as a means of showing credibility. It’s not right!

      We should not be wasting money on such trips but focus on constitutional and institutional reforms.

    • Zambia benefits from the friendship with Rwanda. In case you didn’t know Zambian teachers are teaching English in schools in Rwanda. That is how international relationships work, you don’t make friends by shunning such functions. Americans have maintained their friendship with Kagame despite Kagame been accused of been undemocratic because he does the dirt work for them in the Congo

  1. Lungu you better attend Uhuru’s inauguration cuz we have bigger trade with Kenya than tiny Rwanda.Kenya is an economic powerhouse .

    • “It goes without saying” There is No way Zambia cannot attend Uhuru’s inauguration. Good relationships with other nations is always good for trade.

  2. One is taking his country to prosperity and development in a hurry, while the other is rapidly taking his country in reverse.

  3. One looks ahead an sees the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, while the other only sees 2021.

    We are in trouble folks.

  4. Swaziland—Lesotho–Ethiopia–Rwanda n Kenya trip will be booked shortly . All trips undertaken in a space of 5 months n what a delegation.

  5. Namuselela kwakaba. Look at your own backyard. Always on the run but doing nothing. If you have failed to do the job hand it over to someone else who will clean the dirty backyard

  6. How is the itinerary, will it straight from Kigali to Johannesburg or will he touch lsk to collect documents.

  7. Ndate Mutango @10. He does not have to collect documents. . All that has been done. He is president, he is not like you and me. Why do you think Haluza Hagain has been crying for a year for his stolen Votes to a point were he no longer knows what is right or wrong, totally confused. Being president bwana is not a joke, EVERYTHING is by remote control.


    Looking at the way ruthless dictator and life president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and his unique and one party state RPF have been ruling Rwanda since 1994, and looking at how Paul Kagame has scrapped off of all the values and significant dates and events from the public calendar of the Republic of Rwanda that had marked and had been commemorated in Rwanda since O1/10/1962, when Rwanda got its independence from Belgium, and which Paul Kagame does never want to celebrate in any way, when he is still alive, I have no doubt that Rwanda is “shifting from being an independent “sovereign”, “democratic” and…

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