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Kitwe Magistrate Court has acquitted GBM

General News Kitwe Magistrate Court has acquitted GBM

The Kitwe Magistrate Court has today acquitted UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba on all counts in a matter where he was charged with assault and malicious damage.

Last year during the height of the political campaigns, Mr Mwamba was arrested and charged with assaulting a street vendor and damaging his goods worth K500.

After his acquittal today, Mr Mwamba said he knew that the charges were fake.

He said all the other remaining charges he is facing are all political.

“Currently, I am facing 2 other matters in the Lusaka Magistrate Court and 1 other in the Luanshya Magistrate court. For now, all I can say is that all these matters are political and advise that we should not use state institutions to fight our battles,” Mr Mwamba said.

He added, “What is unfolding is an embarrassment to these state institutions, particularly the Zambia Police and brings in a lot of questions on the integrity and professionalism of the command.”

The UPND Vice President said there are more embarrassments to come.

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  1. Is there a strategy to charge wnd convict senior members of the opposition so that they are ineligible for parliament.
    Had never thought that way before but that seems to be the only logic behinc what is happenening in zed at the moment. Can we get the government to declare if they want a one party state again or are they still committed to a multi party democracy.

  2. Don’t boast because we know you have been on the ground bribing the assaulted persons so that they can give “insufficient ” evidence.

  3. These small victories of GBV and Obvious are all in preparation for the big conviction of Kaponya (HH). Watch this space.

    • Good luck mambala iwe..Evil man, mwana wamu dielekezi.. you pleasure in prosecuting innocent people. chaona munzako mailo chili pali iwe..you can be happy today, but tomorrow is never the same mambala iwe.

  4. When the courts rule in favor of these criminals, the UPNDonkeys go wild in praising them but when the same rule against the number one Kachema, you will hear the insults, damn hypocrites

    • No one will rule against anyone if evidence is there. People doing there job should not be praised at all. There courts are there to make judgement based on the evidence presented before them. Our worry has been how our courts have delayed cases. Justice delayed is justice denied. People like you make me wonder if at all you have what to do or you are simply Pathetic Failed individuals who think are more human than others. Do you even afford a decent bed and a clean environment to sleep in? Have a life mate

  5. Gentlemen: He has been acquitted simple. If God is with him (GBM) Who can be against him. Even a grade 1 can understand this. Why insulting him, what has he done to you: Judgment is on the way from Heaven where you will not even have time to argue and money will never, ever save you: Mathew 24: Repent and stop insults. Leave a life of respect see people like Dr. Chilufya, Mr. Mutati, Ba Mayo Inonge Wina they don’t talk about others. God bless you Government Officials (PF)with good hearts.

  6. This Persecution of Opposition members thru Prosecution must stop. Jonathan is abusing State Power and Institutions to persecute his opponents and then establish a One Man Dictatorship in Zambia. We don’t want Dictatorship in Zambia and Lungu must be stopped at all costs in his quest to establish a Dictatorship in Zambia. GBM,Mwaliteta,Chishimba etc should sue the Zambian State for wrongful arrest and damages.

  7. You people will kill one another for these politicians that do not even care about you.

    Yesterday, GBM and baby Cobra were hurling insults at each other…even tried to settle dispute via a beauty contest, wearing bikini.

    Today, they are holding hands as they walk about, as if they are lovers.

    Debate as much as you want about differences, and way forward…but these insults…..you will end up looking like a f00l if you follow these rotten politicians literally.

  8. The police force is compromised and has been turned into a PF security force! Do the police ever investigate allegations before moving in to arrest someone? The PF has started a very bad trend of arresting their opponents and then tying them up in the slow, inefficient, corrupt court process for long periods of time. But the problem with such a strategy is that it works both ways! The bible says “those who dig a pit for others will fall into it themselves”. This strategy will backfire in the near future. The PF leaders will find themselves being arrested and going to the slow courts going forward.

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