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UK envoy welcomes Tullow Oil into Zambia

Economy UK envoy welcomes Tullow Oil into Zambia

British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE has welcomed the launch of Zambia’s first ever oil and gas exploration survey by Tullow Oil.

Tullow Oil is a UK company with its Head Quarters in London.

Speaking in Kasama when Zambian President Edgar Lungu launched the aerial survey at a ceremony organised by Tullow Oil on 11 August, Mr Cochrane-Dyet said “British companies like Tullow Oil represent reliable partners for Zambia because they are covered by UK legislation that binds them to the highest standards.”

Mr Cochrane-Dyet said Zambia needs private sector investment from local and international companies, to win the battle against poverty, create jobs, and bring prosperity to all Zambians.

The High Commissioner also made reference to the next Commonwealth Summit in the UK in April 2018, saying one of the goals will be boosting intra-Commonwealth trade and investment, maximising the Commonwealth Advantage.

A statement from the U.K High Commission in Lusaka says Tullow Oil is a leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company.

The Group has interests in over 85 exploration and production licences across 17 countries which are managed as three Business Delivery Teams which are West Africa, East Africa and New Ventures.

In 2016, the Zambian government awarded a petroleum exploration licence to Tullow Oil Zambia over block 31 for explorations in Luapula and Northern Provinces following an open bidding process.


  1. I would rather trust the British than the Arabs or Chinese on oil exploration because we can sue them in the London court if they start exploring for gold or copper; which they’ll do.

  2. Glad that the contract went to the british. We are guaranteed that thee will be job creation for the locals unlike chinese who are reluctant to employ locals. They will also render an honest account and not cut corners. Wish they could be given the contract of retraining /reorgansing the police to uphold law and order.

  3. Trust the british? oh well, then no wonder you do not understand why Iran and the Middle East in general are such a powder-keg: Read the history of Iran and BP you’ll gulp. BTW remeber KK’s con-deal with one Placid Oil Exploration….makes one sick how all think oil will be the redeamer!

  4. Great for zambia but it is a two edged sword. Wealth should come but look at countries in africa and middle east that have been ravaged by war and essentially it is over oil. Look at IS that imposes itself on dysfunctional countries, the first place they overrun is the oil producing areas. Oil is money is power. Let zambia use it wisely

  5. A step further in another direction, that is what we call tapping into diversification ….. over dependence on copper will be reduced once oil is found in Zambia. The critics will continue doing so whilst the wheels move in that direction, they did the same when investors came to North Western province…….but they are ashamed now because N/western is now the second copper house from the copper belt province.

  6. all I want is to see the price of fuel and other by products go down once this sector is established ….. and this should have a ripple effect on other economic sectors

  7. I would like to answer one of the bloggers here who feared for war in zambia because of oil , I dont see it that way zambians are a very different brand of people who are not violent like some nationalities in this world .
    Zambians are highly respectable to human life and they cannot just choose to kill one another for oil.
    Zambians are generally good and tolerant people who do not agree with the un restrained aggressiveness to kill each other for the sake wealth.
    We do know also that wars have been sponsored by fereign powers in some countries to be a vehicle to rob nations of their wealth , like in Dr Chongo well those wars come in when there is confusion and lack of a sitting govt.

  8. The only comment worth paying attention to her is by Charlie diaspora – anyone who thinks this is a god send needs to do a bit of research. You’ll soon find that company is exploring for the British Govts benefit! Sure a few corrupt Zambians will buy new mansions and V’s from the kick backs but the ordinary Zambian will never benefit!

  9. Not to mention the horrible scars to be borne by our beautiful land from the exploration. Open your eyes people!

  10. its a long time i stopped pipping in here. most old names are gone. i can c jubilation in here as if we have already discovered sufficient quantities oil. y are we under playing the word exploration?

  11. We really need environmental controls on this as they intend to explore ,on the zambian borders of lake tankanyika lake meru. More details layer

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