HH walks to freedom as state enters nolle prosequi in the treason case.

File:UPND leader Halainde Hichilema addresses Bauleni residents
File:UPND leader Halainde Hichilema addresses Bauleni residents

United party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema together with 5 others have finally walked to freedom after the state entered a nolle prosequi , bringing to an end Hakaindes 4 months in prison.

Meanwhile there were celebrations at the Lusaka high court as cadres, UPND officials and family members of UPND leader have burst into celebration.

UPND Vice President GBM could not hold back his tears when he heard the news of his boss being freed.

And Republican Progressive Party (RPP) President James Lukuku has commended president Edgar Lungu for intervening in the treason case of the opposition leader.


  1. PRESS GREEN if you UPSET HH is released

    RED if you are happy.

    I am astounded and I think Justice and Legal credence died today 16-8-2017

    We have released someone who has NOT gone through the legal system like anyone else.

    I am pulling my hair as I type this. This is an action of ONE person.
    That is why I always confess that Zambians collectively as a group are among the best people and loved people I have ever met and respect them unconditionally but individually, they are corrupt, 5tupid and ignorant.

    This has spoilt my Lunch and I remain on hunger strike NOW

    I need answers

    Statehouse has no vacancy until 2026



    • I still DO NOT believe he has been RELEASED. I just noticed a tear drop from my left eye ( I am that upset)

      UPND has been governed in a Machiavelli style.

      This is evident in the way the norms, tenets and cultural processions has defined UPND.
      I am referring to one man defining who the president is (in this case himself) chose his VP/S and is expecting
      To be in forefront of next elections.

      There is no known democratic conversion within UPND and the truth is, the party is riddled and filled with people who DO NOT support UPND within their fibres BUT are merely REJECTS of PF and or frustrated people who have NOT had their way in PF and or Government, not least opportunists.

      It is about time YOU opened your eyes on the cult of personality the man leading the biggest Zambian…

    • This is lovely. I hope you have learned you lessons and as a result you will lower your puffed ego a bit. Welcome back my Odinga of Zambia.

    • The DPP should resign and Patricia Scotland should be cited for “sub judice”

      Director’s prosecuting role is independent of the police, Politicians, diplomats and investigative agencies. Once a prosecution has been instituted all prosecutorial decisions are made by the Director. The Director makes prosecutorial decisions on a professional basis independent of political influence or control. The Director has complete independence in relation to the operations of his Office.

    • Viva HH, Viva UPND & Viva Forward with Freedom.

      Welcome back to work HH the real president not Jonathan Jameson!

      Now visionless Lungu must give power to the speaker & let the presidential petition be heard without any interference with the independence of the judiciary.

      Lets celebrate with HH today forwards & abash to PF bandits.

      When is blind Lungu going to give power to the speaker to pave way for the presidential petition hearing?

      PF bandits are now panicking, uko!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Why don’t we dedicate this page to Mushota to finish pulling her hairs out whilst we celebrate in jubilation as country! Viva HH, Viva UPND, Viva democracy!

    • Shame on evil forces. Evil will prevail but only for a little while. As everyone has said, this case was tramped up.

      We need to put clauses in the constitution to prevent future sitting presidents from abusing state institutions to “FIX” political opponents.

      This is the beginning of the end of lungu & his evil followers.

    • Rubbish, DPP Director general should resign, it’s a shame and shows how unprofessional so called PF cadres are. HH should sue the Police for breaking in to his house. Thanks for making HH more popular Globally.
      RRP James Lukuku is also very stupid. What nonsense is he talking about?? Lungu has failed Zambians, actually he had pressure from outside and knows that what him and his dull surrogates were doing is illegal. #viva HH time to go back to campaigns.

    • This is surprisingly funny annoying and disturbing.
      One cardinal question is what was that all about?
      To think the president, mumbi Sunday and the entire PF were yapping how this was a serious case is laughable.
      So it took the commonwealth secretary general to pump sense into Lungu?
      The sate of democracy in zambia is really in a bad shape!

    • You keep someone in prison for more than 100 days and then you just let them go free, Only an evil man like EL can do this, From the word go us normal people knew that this was personal and HH had no case to answer, Just shows how EL controls everyone and everything, The DPP, the Judicially, the Police, If another party wins elections next time this case should be revisited and all those involved put to justice, As a country some one has to set an example that certain thing should not be allowed to happen. EVIL LUNGU pretending to be a Christian.

    • This was fully expected after back door negotiations with Patricia where heightened. The deal was cut, it happens all the time in every judicial system around the world.

      In America, for instance … there’s no single millionaire on death roll for murder, the closest it ever happened was the OJ Case, even he escaped.

      Welcome back HH, now the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise will be watching to see if you are going to hold your end of the bargain because therein lies your fortunes.

      Get ready for 2021 and I wish you and ECL the best of luck as you both start aspiring to 2021. For ECL, look forward and let the next 4 years define your candidacy for the last time.

      Remember the Power of Encumbency!!! Long Live The Smart People Of This Great Enterprise Called Zambia

    • Meant to say “This was fully expected after back door negotiations with Patricia “were” heightened.

      Funny how autocorrect thinks it knows what you’re thinking!!!

    • By the way, part of this deal was forward thinking and so, the last election is water under the bridge.

      So, as part of the new deal, the next voters roll will go through serious scrutiny, the election commission will have proper control of every voting precinct and transparent boxes will be used.

      Makes it very hard for VJ tactics to be employed, more neutral election monitors at polling stations around the country despite the electoral affiliations.

      These and many more changes are coming because of this deal, so in the end democracy wins, thanks to HH for paying the price.

    • @Nostradamus,
      Job well done boi, you manage to reconcile the situation, HH is out!.. next please don’t forget to reconcile Jonathan na ba dalisto, so that they can be travelling together officially ,,,,

    • Mushota,
      why you have lost your appetite for lunch? Can’t you stomach that you have been wrong all along, not realizing that what started as a silly PF-joke will have to end as a joke?

      Since you were “pulling your hair as you typed” your lamentations: did you use your feet, or was it the other way round?

      The “tear which dropped from your left eye” probably was caused by having pulled your hair TOO much, or by the thought of going on hunger strike.

      By the way: what a brilliant trick of yours to make the numbers of your respondents jump up with your “opinion polls”, even if the big majority does not agree with what you propose; must be rather depressing!

      More questions than answers. State machinery is rough however you look at it. Perharps Nolle prosequi is also rule of law. Mushota, I share your sentiments here and now. I hate games politicians play.
      Political prosecution Vs persecution.
      Anyways I sensed a nolle from the word go. What will HH do about this? Put everything behind him? No ways!

      Anyways Good luck aisha HH. You see, leaders always have it rough. They test prison also either for good or bad or no reason at all at all. But, kindly read between the lines and behave civil. We would not really seek answers as to what necessitated a flip to your freedom right now but we know Obasanjo and that commonwealth chick could have influenced your release. I personally feel for you and your wife Mutinta who endured a lot in what you may term “trying moments”. I personally wanted the rule of law to be exhausted. But if this nolle wasn’t cooked up, I am as happy as you. I hope you have picked some political lessons.

    • @BR Mumba S r.

      Only f00ls thought that HH had a case to answer. Its been proved that he was arrested on trumped up charges.

      Hon Scotland asked Lungu which law he cited for arresting HH and charging him with treason and demanded to see it. But Lungu said he detained him for refusing to recognise him as president. Is that treason when one expresses his democratic choice and is trying to prove the case in court?

      When Lungu and his entire legal team failed to demonstrate why HH was charged with treason she fired warning shots at Lungu to stop his dictatorship and not interfere in the case or else.

      Hon Scotland also pointed out many flaws in 2016 general elections which she said must not be repeated in 2021.

      Back to the case most state witnesses called in sick for fear of…

    • To think that the nolle prosequi is meant to facilitate the hearing of a petition is to resign from all forms of self awareness beyond the state of being asleep.

      HH has come out with a better perspective to life than before.

      He cannot block presidential motorcade again even when he is persuaded by his supporters.

      He is going to fire some of his advisors and replace them with those he used to refuse advice from.

      Look, the lessons learnt by HH come from beyond the borders. He has learnt that when you are agreived you do not break the law and hope you will have international support – that he has learnt.

      HH has learnt that when you do not behave, not even the West will support you just because you are in opposition, you got to behave to get support.

    • Back to the case most state witnesses called in sick for fear of embarrassment . Just imagine even the whole IG technically refused to testify. In such a case the DPP had no option but to drop the case.

      Had Hon Scotland not visited Zambia Lungu could have told the courts not to set the hearing date soon to avoid embarrassment.

      Now I can clearly see that Lungu ‘s authority is wanning. He should fire Mumbi Phiri , Kamba , kapyongo and Kaiser Zulu for exposing his ineptness to the whole world.

      VIVA HH and UPND. PF and Ka Lungu mwaawa!

      Now my president HH must go for a thorough medical check up to make sure that these PF f00ls did not poison him.

    • I hope HH has been poisoned before being released so that we can see if UPND can pick a non Tonga to replace him.

  2. My advice to HH: Forgive all those involved in this heinous episode, put it behind you, win over their supporters, put the 2016 behind you, go out there and launch an issue-based campaign for 2021 elections. All the best in 2021

    • Why 2021, come on man. Think big.
      UPND hire me… Look here
      HH should visit KK today
      Take a 2 hour shower with Mutinta- and talk.
      HH should travel to go and see his mother tomorrow.
      Check on cattle.
      HH should watch match Zambia vs South Africa
      Next week we should see him fly out of country to islands of Mauritius, to rewrite manifesto.
      A rally on 1st September.

      We had your crazy supporters always singing praises for you. I wondered whether unabadyesa chani. We had off-shore crazy professors crying and fighting for your release in a weird n’ wrong kinda’ way. GBM got AWOL for a good number of days, PF fired CK; you have a new kid in your circles now. Political vomit. Nalumango went confiding in that young unruly South African parliamentarian. Miyanda got to the pen and posting on the blog. VJ and Nervous Nevers relatively quiet. Your goons got to indiscriminate torching of markets in a bit to twisting Government arm. Saviour had a test of jail. ACC has not disclosed CK’s dealings yet. We generally had a peaceful environment. We forgot about your trouble ai.

    • Be nice. Why insult me for heavens sake.

      Always objective in my comments.

      I work at LT. so I know my boundaries



    • @Mushota, you insulted yourself that you’re pulling your pubic hair while writing.
      You & @ Chisenama are disgusting, why didn’t you think of boobs or bums?

    • Nostra how do you know I keep pubic hair? It is very dirty to anyway- I am clean shaved.
      I would rather this is talked about off this site.

      I am sorry I disgust you but I fail to say the same about you because you are one of the few I always like on here then, now and forever.

      On a different subject what is your affiliation. You didnt like Mwanawasa from your comments, you mocked Sata, dont like Lungu – who is your ideal President?



    • No Insults Leave Mushota alone.. though sometimes she writes stupid things just like her former boss Kambwili who is now suffering..

    • @Mushota, I apologize, XoXo.
      I am pissed off of these PF. I feel romance (not sex) is best thing to help Zambians. Most Zambian women behave like Mumbi Phiri, I even stopped using minibuses in Zambia.
      You forgot to mention RB, that man we never get along at all.

    • Mushota my ‘wife’….. I have also entered a ‘nolle’ against you!! Sorry for the insults you are receiving. It just shows that you are popular! kikiki

      VIVA HH!!!!

    • @Bwalya Chiselema, I never agree with Mushota’s weird comments here but I think your “leaking” comment is out of bounds.

    • No need to be abusive here. You have your HH. Leave her alone. Lets see whether the so called correctional facility has done its job. HH is under microscope. We shall pass judgement on his behaviour as days go by. We shall picture him rollin’ or penitentiary will be beckoning. I have heard that some former remandees and prisoners like the taste of prison. They always want to roll back in there for one reason or the other.

  3. This is very good news. The DPP should never have agreed to the treason charge in the first place. To add insult to injury, it had to take the intervention of our former colonial master for the President to recognize his mistake. We could have resolved this ourselves with the Catholic Bishops intervention. We should be past relying on colonial masters to resolve our disputes.

    • @ MyZambia, SPOT ON, THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY CONTENTION, WHY WAIT TILL A COLONIAL STRUCTURE LIKE THE COMMONWEALTH COMES IN TO TELL US WHAT TO DO AS A PEOPLE?? KK yielded to demands of the people internally including students and the church to introduce Multi-party politics and free political prisoners!! I THINK THE REAL CAUSE OF ALL THESE IS HH, WHO DIVERTED HIMSELF AND HIS MPs FROM THE REAL JOB OF OPPOSITION TO ANARCHY!! HH, UPND and its supporters contributed to HH’s long stay as they continued with defiance and insults to instead of seeking dialogue!!

    • @MyZambia, isn’t it telling that the colonial structures only came to actively meddle in our internal politics during the reign of King Lungu? That should tell us that there is a problem with the current regime. My take is that there are too many uneducated and intellectually challenged people in and around the president, not to mention that the president himself has dictatorial leanings! @Bwafyaa, your analysis has reached the wrong conclusion. UPND is just one opposition party but ALL opposition parties are being targeted by this president. The problem is with the president!

  4. Continued reference to and commendations of the president’s intervention in cases that are being handled by the judiciary is sad. Sad because it continues to show the non independent way in which these important institutions are operated. Meaning that every successive govt. will control all arms of the government to suit their taste and expedience. Talking development? We are still very far when this continues to happen.

  5. Comment:
    kudos to Edgar, for HH reshuffle your advisers and your legal team . don’t fall into that trap again. or else you will be in for good .Edgar for 2021


    • HH must be a fool if he fails to win in 2021.All looks set for him.I hope he can restrategize so he gets a total majority of the votes.If he FAILS in 2021,then it is simply not his DESTINY.Let’s see how he conducts business from now on..

    • Imwe this was just brokered by Mrs Scotland. A Nolle is not an absolute acquittal. It’s a compromise. Most importantly is for the nation to move forward.

    • @Ndanje Khakis

      You know as well as I do that lungu was just abusing his powers. There was no case in the first place. Besides is it normal to incarcerate a person for four months in a maximum prison for a minor traffic infringement. What you have in state house is a cruel, vindictive inhuman being misgoverning a nation.

  6. I am so happy that HH is free but greatly disappointed in our Police and justice system.He should never have been imprisoned in the first place.It took a British woman to pump some sense into Lungu. Our chiefs,former presidents,Bishops, African presidents etc couldn’t do it ,it just had to be a muzungu!!!

  7. What we are seeing is a perversion of justice.
    It is now very clear that the concept of separation of powers is just a pie in the sky.

    • Now we will never know the truth why he was arrested. This is malicious on the part of HH. he was locked up for nothing. Injustice indeed!

  8. Let’s now move on. Now LT will have no news. Oh I forgot to congratulate HH for his freedom. May God guide you and hold no grudge against anyone.

    • LT NEWS and most important no hanging taking place in Zambia today… HH and co-accused were ALL innocent afterall. State spent millions on fuel and prison costs for noting.
      UPND should sue the state for damages and defamation. Mumbi Phiri is quiet.

    • I dont think this government has any idea that this episode has been costly to the nation.One day someone will have to account for the teargas wasted,manpower deliberately misplaced,fuel costs for taking HH to Mukobeko and elsewhere.Meanwhile when they came to power they wanted to make former MMD leaders accountable for wastefulness for example the Chanda Chimba saga were they wanted Shikapwasha and PS Phiri to pay for the money wasted on producing “Stand Up For Zambia”

  9. Please let us forget about 2016 election and from now start issue-based politics. We are tired of politics of hate, violence and vulgar language. One Zambia One nation. God bless Zambia!

    • Thank God for what? Afrikans never cease to amaze me, thank God for wrongful arrests? Thank God for settling legal bill? There are people in remand waiting for cases to heard for 8 years where is God..

  10. Well we expected this, there honestly was no case. I cannot say I’m happy, I was looking forward to finding out what constitutes as treason is the barely functional nation of Zambia.

    My advice to HH is to revamp our institutions once he becomes president in 2021. What this episode has taught us is that Zambian institutions are very weak. We need stronger ones that will protect the rights of everybody.

    • @14 Kamba, That would be the ideal to do BUT DO YOU THINK HH and his collection of adherents would prioritize that? ALL these politicians BEMOAN WEAK INSTITUTIONS WHEN IN OPPOSITION BUT ONCE IN POWER THEY START USING THE SAME WEAK INSTITUTIONS TO FIGHT THEIR OPPONENTS!

  11. HH must now take it easy as 4 months in jail is long enough for him to repent.
    I can imagine how glad Mutinta Hichilema is today as finally she will have a husband on her bed!!!
    Zambia has enjoyed peace in HH’s absence so he must behave well now!!!

    • Njimbu
      You are totally misguided in your hatred for the man HH. Now I have followed on this site as a rabid hater and self-righteous individual who apparently has never done any wrong and feels morally upright in his dealings. However, for you to pontificate about peace over the last 4 months of incarceration of an innocent individual over tramped-up and frivolous charges is to say the least nauseating and to sink to the lowest levels even for your calibre of reasoning.

    • Now PF cadres leave HH alone – your government failed to find a case. He was locked up for wrong reasons – no hanging today. PF cadres are sad

  12. HH can forgive his tormentors but he should never forget the Persecution for 4 months. The Nolle is Not out of good heart or goodwill.The State simply didn’t have the evidence for Treason and the State Witnesses refused to teatify fearing embarassment from Cross Examination from UPND Lawyers. We cannot reform ECZ,Concourt and ZPS without knowing the weaknesses of these Electoral Institutions. Hearing the Petition will show the mistakes made by these Institutions and how they can be reformed. Without Hearing the 2016 Petetion the 2021 Election will be equally rigged. Freeing HH is the beginning of Zambia’s Truth Commission. #Let the Petition be heard without fail.


    • @19 Kaputo Davies, A NOLLE PROSEQUI is NOT ENTERED BY THE JUDICIARY, IT IS BY THE PROSECUTION Y THROUGH THE DPP!! It is can be used to diffuse tension and sometimes is used to win some one on side of prosecution as they turn into a state witness. You saw that ELISHA MATAMBO got a nolle prosequi, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF HIM TALKING?? IT IS A DEAL WITH THE STATE!!

  14. Where is the so-called separation of powers. So the president had a hand in this after all and he kept on refusing that he cannot enter a null prosqui. what a disaster!
    I just hope PF have done their home work on this guy before releasing him.

  15. hahahaha..i dont even know what to comment but iam forced to say something. HH is now well backed , it is expected that he will be much stronger to tackle the PF , BY first he doesnt need to thank ECL for his release , 2. He must push for a government of national unity, UPND and PF to govern together, HH be vice president or prime minister. 3. IF POINT TWO FALLS IN DEAF EARS LETS REVAMP THE COURT CASES OF PRESIDENTIAL PETITION, Then uyu GBM needs to talk to KAMBWILI and MUSENGE TO JOIN upnd . ok lelo uzanyenga good lcuk

  16. It has been a good lesson to Hakainde and the other five not to compete with Boma. Should Hakainde and the other five (former criminals) dare to behave in similar manner the DPP will not listen even to Muzungu for lenience! “Munshebwa aile no busaali kubuko”. Another provern “Umwana ashumfwa amenene umwefu kwikoshi”

  17. I told you PF fooooools and Lazy Lungu.. you teargased his house endangering his family ..you throw him in maximum prison with convicts endangering his life and then you suddenly drop charges. What a bunch of jokers.
    Spare a thought for those people waiting for their cases to heard who have spent more the 5 years in prison.

  18. Abuse of Nolle!
    When the state fails to prove its cases, the only way out is Nolle!
    Treason is a very serious charge and to just end it in nolle only proves one thing – evil and abuse! Shame on MMD-PF!

  19. You may celebrate but the damage caused to the UPND PARTY is irreversible because the leadership failed to handle a minor set back. The fires, the worst political blunder. We now know that UPND PRESIDENT DOES NOT LOVE THE ZAMBIANS. SAD INDEED.

  20. As expected, HH will now sue the government for wrongful imprisonment. I hope Kanganja has the millions of Kwacha to pay HH in terms of compensation. If he is bankrupted, he would think twice in future before arresting any one for no reason. I refuse to have any of my tax payments to be used to fund the compensation claim. This is what encourages stu.pidity. Always wasting our resources. One day somebody will be held accountable.

    • Lack of knowledge is dangerous. 1) HH hasn’t been acquitted by the judge and the state can be rearrested. 2) The release was agreed upon under the supervision of Mrs Scotland. ..there are conditions attached so how he can sue the government?

    • The agreed release do not mean that HH and co-accused CANNOT sue the state for damages – it their RIGHT to a life and they did nothing wrong. so the government had to acquit. Sue the State and let them pay damages

    • @Bo and he really arrested not so? But that’s not my wish. ..it’s better to let this whole thing to go.

    • Things like what? The state had no credible witnesses…had they taken stand they would have embarrassed the govt and the silly incompetent IG!!

  21. The point is that hh belongs to the most powerful group of empires who robs and control mineral resources in the world:this group known as the Agro American is one push for ECL against the wall to release hh so let us be united as a nation for the sake of peace,though I guess many people are putting judiciary in question mark but they had no choice because our colonial master voices out to release their member

  22. God answers prayers in many ways: He has answered. Thanks go to President Lungu and also Ba HH start now moving as brothers. Read Mathews 5 v 7 & 9

  23. He is not suing anybody. He knows he has survived.Watch whether he will ever talk about 2016 elections,again.Watch him as he succumbs to ECL as the President of Zambia.Who has won? At least he was taught some civic education on is the president.Meanwhile those who were burning markets will remain in custody.No nolle for them,thugs.

  24. The PF should read clearly the writing on the wall with regards to 2021 – HH is winning with a landslide victory! The PF has taken the Zambian people for granted and the start of the PF’s problems is their alliance with MMD. The people of Zambia rejected MMD on account of its insensitivity to challenges people were facing, corruption, abuse of authority, violence, compromised judiciary and police etc…all which have become part of my party the PF. The sympathy that HH has garnered during his incarceration has built him support in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula provinces all which are known strongholds of PF. Mark my words PF will lose badly in 2021 and those concerned better start preparing for themselves!!!

  25. This government is not serious at all. It’s all hoopla and nought. Bang up a guy for 3 months, only to turn around and declare,” we can’t prosecute” what a bunch of numpties, muppets….

    • They wanted him to kneel down and beg from them after two weeks…it back fired terribly. I doubt people like Mumbi and Lazy Lungu can survive 2 weeks in prison!

  26. Chi Hiakande has learnt a big lesson, he will never again behave foolishly. He will know his limits. Good luck!!!

  27. UPNDonkeys…kikikikiki…they are celebrating something different from what underfive is celebrating….kikikiki…give them some cake and chibwantu, sorry I mean munkoyo!
    As for GBM he dropped tears of disappointment that he will not be president of UPNDonkeys after all…..kikikikiki
    Okay donkeys, celebrate today and wait for further instructions tomorrow….kikikikiki.

    • Feel sorry for you dude. From all that kikikii one can tell you are hysterical from disappointment. The donkeys have won. You need to calm down. Go to your kama little altar of Jonathan Lungu and give praise and worship. πŸ™‚

    • @Terrible–Why do you hate people? Can’t you live with people of different political persuasion, tribe, creed, etc. in peace?

  28. Nothing to celebrate here… it was always a political persecution by one coward Lungu and after local and international pressure, he bowed to the pressure. It was never a plausible legal case and it had no chance to pass any weakest standard of guilty.

    Also why have the UPND agreed to the miscarriage of justice and abuse of legal process? They should have insisted on a full discharge, rather than a Nolle Prosqui.

    What an unnecessary episode that has tarnished the image of the country and that of Lungu himself just caused by Lungu’s inflated ego. Not sure what he’s achieved, is it RECOGNITION?

  29. Where are those f00ls including ministers who were saying HH had a very serious case. You are such a bunch of backward illiterate Id1ots without direction. I pity those fellow illiterate cadres who leave their homes very early in the morning to go and dance for you at the airport tarmac. The black skin is a very big curse.

    • Do you have any idea how !d!otic you sound after your excited rantings previously when you thought this trial would put HH in trouble? Do you remember I called you dull for thinking this trial would go anywhere based on the evidence they were relying on? Can we safely agree that for real your dullness has been proven as all PF supporters share the same little brain? Poor Kudos πŸ™

    • wee c1kala malinso, your Lungu cannot arrest HH again. He thought HH was a none entity but he is surprised by how many people all over the world who raised their voices for HH. It is your Lungu who has created for himself a very bad name which will never be washed away. HE CAN NEVER AGAIN ARREST HH ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES! He was wrongly advised by his kaponya advisers but it has backfired on him. He is Dull!!

  30. What a bunch of evil vendetta filled hateful clueless fools in this government. All sane reasonable human beings knew this was meant to simply punish and break someones resolve. Using the state machinery to shut people up because they cannot respond to criticism of their lack of governance acumen. This should not be forgotten and swept under the carpet as some people are suggesting. There is no carpet large enough to accommodate the issues it raises. Someone or some people need to face justice for their part in the persecution. Heads must roll, resignations should be put on the table, motions of no confidence and misuse of executive powers should be raised. The withdrawal is also a cowardly act because the trial would have exposed them further.

  31. Some people don’t get it. Mrs. Patricia Scotland said hh agreed to forget about 2016 elections. Ask yourselves why hh did that. There is no stolen election as the commonwealth elections observers observed and okayed the elections and congratulated ECL. Did you hear Patricia talk about stolen elections with hh. Move on, hh is out but that does not change your life.

  32. H.H is a Big FIGURE in Zambian politics.Just imagine foreign Dignitaries had to trek Between State House and Mukobeko the Robin island of Zambia. even if the case reached it’s logical conclusion the Man whould have been acquitted at last. The case it’s self was flivolous and political after all.Shame on you Mubi Phiri!

  33. The Pf govt has used imaginable resources just to do a fishing expedition on dry grounds.Lessons drawn:
    1)lets use our resources(tax-payers money and time) to develop Zambia not to start an uphill battle which we can not finish.
    2) Time is money
    3)Respect peoples’/majority’s choice.
    Lastly but not the least talk is cheap,evidence is expensive just like democracy but it does not entail lawlessness.

  34. Congrats HH.Find it in your heart to forgive all those who did that to you.They didn’t know what they were doing

  35. @38.1 dude something, how can I celebrate or be disappointed with what I expected and knew would happen this week? As for the winner look at it this way, for underfive and UPNDonkeys victory was the dead “petition” to make him President of Zambia like yesterday, instead now he has wait for 2021. And that is not all, he has to campaign against the odds after messing himself up since 2016 . Now even as a UPNDonkey, is that the victory you wanted.
    Look UPBDonkeys, think for a change or else even 2021 and 2026 will be the same cry baby tactics except that Patricia Scotland, QC, would have retired by then.

    • Well good luck with 2021 after your Jonathan gave away Copperbelt to CK and we all now know CK is dining with the donkeys. Zero strategic thinking with your Lungu which is no surprise. He thrives on pettiness and to be honest CB stopped liking that chap long ago. CK had to dig up very desperate lies during the last campaign and this time you will not have him. Think about that dude.

  36. What a day! One event..several reactions. The truth is it is done..and I commend all the people involved in the matter for coming to this decision. My question to every peace loving Zambian is where to now? I suggest we learn from this page, turn it over and move on as one nation. We have millions of people who need the basic needs of life: food, shelter, clothing. So whether one is in government or not, as long as we remain Zambians and humans for that matter, let’s put our heads together to develop our country to make sure any Zambian that aspires for a life they wish for have a chance to get it if they work towards it. As for this forum, please let’s keep it objective and issue based. Thank you for all those that are active!! God Bless Zambia

  37. UPND do not analyse things fully. HH delayed his own release by refusing to respect the govt of Zambia and Lungu as president.
    He only accepted after muzungus talked to him.

    He will now follow the agreed way forward. No unwarranted claims of 2016.

    With all the positive achievements by PF govt 2021 will be fresh Mabisi for them. They can win it without campaigning.

  38. We thank you father for this outcome . We humble ourselves and glorify your name . May you name be glorified for ever.
    TO MY PRESIDENT HH… Sir we have prayed for you night and day please don’t repay evil with evil . Be the bigger person in all this . I know you are a parent and what is expected of you at this moment in time is to provide leadership. We love you and will continue praying for you .

  39. Mushota, you are woman after all? all this time i thought you were a guy. You must have a lot of hatred in your heart for all the hard stuff you write about UPND in general and HH in particular.

    We had your crazy supporters always singing praises for you. I wondered whether unabadyesa chani. We had off-shore crazy professors crying and fighting for your release in a weird n’ wrong kinda’ way. GBM got AWOL for a good number of days, PF fired CK; you have a new kid in your circles now. Political vomit. Nalumango went confiding in that young unruly South African parliamentarian. Miyanda got to the pen and posting on the blog. VJ and Nervous Nevers relatively quiet. Your goons got to indiscriminate torching of markets in a bit to twisting Government arm. Saviour had a test of jail. ACC has not disclosed CK’s dealings yet. We generally had a peaceful environment. We forgot about your trouble ai.

  41. Ba UPNDonkeys, wait a minute and ask yourselves, is HH free or not? Remember the state entered a nolle prosequi, meaning he is not acquitted based on no compelling evidence but other considerations and one of them being the intervention by the Commonwealth Secretary General.
    So if the Kachema ever utters another word that he doesnt recognize the President of President Lungu, watch what will happen to him next. Thank God Zambia has a God fearing President in the name of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Number your days.

    • Iwee c1kala malinso, your Lungu cannot arrest HH again. He thought HH was a none entity but he is surprised by how many people all over the world who raised their voices for HH. It is your Lungu who has created for himself a very bad name which will never be washed away. HE CAN NEVER AGAIN ARREST HH ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES! He was wrongly advised by his kaponya advisers but it has backfired on him. He is Dull!!

  42. Terrible you see why Sata used to call his Mps useless. They advise the president wrongly thinking with their bellies and they were all saying HH should not be released now they are all disappointed. This case was embarrassing to us and the entire region. No one is doing such nonsense especially now with the internet when news spreads faster than u can brink

  43. Those saying that HH might be prosecuted later maybe in 2020 before the 2021 general elections, i would like to tell you something.
    1. HH did not commit a treasonable offence.
    2. The incident in Mongu was as a RESULT of traffic officers and police failure
    3. The petition was not head for 2016 general election
    4. I Thank the almighty God that instead of being born in countries like USA, he gave me Zambia cause i will change it, if God wills causing am willing to change it.
    God Bless the Zambia Army, God Bless Sikazwethegreat and God Bless Zambia.

  44. To think that the nolle prosequi is meant to facilitate the hearing of a petition is to resign from all forms of self awareness beyond the state of being asleep.

    HH has come out with a better perspective to life than before.

    He cannot block presidential motorcade again even when he is persuaded by his supporters.

    He is going to fire some of his advisors and replace them with those he used to refuse advice from.

    Look, the lessons learnt by HH come from beyond the borders. He has learnt that when you are agreived you do not break the law and hope you will have international support – that he has learnt.

    HH has learnt that when you do not behave, not even the West will support you just because you are in opposition, you got to behave to get support.

  45. Now I’m released, how will I live?
    They got me under surveillance
    That’s what somebody be tellin’
    Will God forgive me for all the dirt I did, to feed kids?
    My homies is inmates, and most of them dead wrong
    Full grown, finally a man, just schemin’ on ways
    To put some green inside the palms of my empty hands
    My dreams is censored, my hopes are gone

  46. Good Ba HH is out. His type of politics was bad. I just hope he will employ different strategies as he and his UPND move forward. But to be President in 2021 Will still be a tall order. There are certain generational obstacles which are insurmountable for him at this time. I suggest he writes some books and papers for historical purposes and posterity. It will be a living legacy which he will bequeath to future generations.
    I suggest the following lines and titles for the Books. The President I never was . The Zambia which Rejected Me. The Prison Diaries – My Hope My Dream. Political Power and Ethnicity in Zambia – The Tonga Curse. The Mukobeko Songs.The Whispers of the Walls. I can do the foreword. There are a lot of opportunities for one Hakainde.All he needs is to open his eyes…

  47. But knowing HH he will be on a tangential trajectory devoid of reason. Be it as it may I wish him all the best and God’s blessings.

  48. What a jerk! Jonathan was looking for an escape root out of this case. He invited the commonwealth SC so that it will not give credibility to the same groups he said we’re wasting his time with requests to DIALOG.
    What a waste of PRESIDENCY!!

    • @ chokako

      How dull and uneducated you are? Is there limitation to your lack of basic intellect? It is ECL and his Cabinet and PF in general which needs to show MORALITY, never may maturity, to justify theirs Constitutional standing.
      How on Earth can you accuse victim of crime without proportioning blame on the criminal?
      As to “hate been clipped”, your contribution shows contrary intent.
      Shame on you

  49. The ball is in Lungu’s court for now, Lungu is the president not HH.
    It’s Lungu’s maturity and style of leadership that matters.
    He may choose to be brutal as has been or to be gentle and strategic as has not been.
    It is Lungu’s legacy at stake and not HH.
    Lungu may choose wise counsel or wicked counsel and time will soon judge him.
    Remember before Lungu we had Sata, Banda, Mwanawasa, FTJ and super Ken. You judge them yourself!
    Lungu has but only a term of office for now, the presidency is not for a life term, it’s a time to do right and be fair to all, including perceived enemies.

  50. The events that have occurred in the recent past are not who we are as a people.
    Somehow theirs a political and tribal divide in our country.
    We need a lot of prayers and wisdom to dig ourselves out of this mess.
    We have lost our freedoms, we have come to a new low level of arresting our critics and using the honorable police profession to silence our opponents.
    Many of you here on LT shamelessly celebrate the unmerited incarceration of political critics, to you I say search your souls.

  51. Ba UPND now you should start issue based politics. No more insults and finger pointing. That’s where you miss it.

  52. Pre-determined results after the closed door meetings with the Commonwealth SG.
    how ever nice move DPP. time to move this country forward.

    Hopefully Honorable Leader of the UPND will hold is end of a bargain..

    stay tuned

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