Kambwili’s Interview after being Fired from PF



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    I watched this and it is quiet a specter

    If Edgar (NOT Jonathan) Lungu is anything like what he described here I would think the President is not the right man for the job but I think this exposes Dr Kambwili a little bit

    There is no finesse in the way he answers most questions/

    He left me not satisfied and wanting more



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      I saw this weeks ago, who sent me? Either
      @Frank B
      I even phone umwaiche mayor Chanda (Kakunkubiti) to go for a beer with Kambwili.

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      Me I like Kakunkubiti, small body but big action! Junior Cobra met with his big body met his match in a small bodied kakunkubiti!

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    Looks like there is a shortage of chairs in the Kambwili household. The interviewer is too close for comfort to the interviewee. And for one silly moment, when the oaf said he has stolen enough money to fly all the way to London for Five Roses, I thought she was about to jump of his thick laps.

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    The chap is just a fat BUFFOON ..he can not sit up straight because his big mouth is always running overtime!!

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    Kabwili is an asset to Zambia we need people that are fearless. Yes he has made mistakes but I like the way he talks and truely the PF and Zambia needs him in his current state not the way he was before. I loved this

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