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No one has won in the HH treason case-IG

General News No one has won in the HH treason case-IG

Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says neither the State nor the accused persons have won in the treason case as the matter has been discontinued in public interest.

In a statement, Mr Kanganja has called upon all peace loving Zambians to observe the law and exercise restraint from all engagements that would lead to breaching of law and order.

“Whoever, would misconduct himself or herself in a manner likely to breach the public peace which this country treasures the most, would be arrested and charged accordingly,” Mr Kanganja warned.

“All peace loving Zambians are urged to exhibit the spirit of harmony in the country as this responsibility purely remains on the shoulders of every citizen to embrace the gesture and sustain the peace that has prevailed for a long time now,” he said.

He said the Zambia Police Service has the mandate to maintain law and order during and after this period.

“Thus, I have directed Police Officers countrywide to strictly enforce the law and bring to book any form of misconduct that would compromise the security of the nation”


  1. Oh my Gawd! Why is a police officer getting involved in this.

    Kanganja is not what he appears to be and he is not exactly doing what he should be doing.



    • If you knew you won’t win why did you arrest him with any evidence. You thought some evidence will grow out of your bombasaz, like lice.

    • PF regime
      PF cadres in police uniforms
      PF-DPP &
      PF-Judiciary have lost

      It’s downhill for PF. This time in 2022, lungu will be in Chimbokaila, not becoz he’ll refuse to recognize incoming president HH, but becoz of grand theft & corruption.

    • This dull PIG even has audacity to open his mouth without being ashamed. Is he so dull to realise just how stu.pid and fool.ish he looks when he opens his mouth. This is the guy whose brain and mouth could not coordinate in court a few weeks ago. He should thank the queen of England for saving him from further embarrassment by sending the commonwealth SG.

    • This d.ull P.I.G. even has audacity to open his mouth without being ashamed. Is he so dull to realise just how stu.pid and fool.ish he looks when he opens his mouth. This is the guy whose brain and mouth could not coordinate in court a few weeks ago. He should thank the qu.een of Eng.land for saving him from further embarrassment by sending the commonwealth SG.

    • Ati “No one has won in the HH treason case….”

      But someone has LOST! HH has lost his time on stupid trumped up charges that cannot be justified in a Court of LAW. Fabricated by YOU the PFolice to harass and intimidate a Zambian Citizen that it is YOUR DUTY to protect!

      And YOU have lost. You have lost all credibility with the people of Zambia by your unjustified partisan and brutal actions on the orders of corrupt politicians trying to hide their crimes!

      Instead of arresting the REAL THIEVES you incarcerated the INNOCENT and let the GUILTY go free! Disgusting!

  2. U Got A Leave For Fear Of Cross Examination Coz You Are A Witness Who Saw HH Commiting Treason. And Now The Charges Were Droped To Save You From Embarassment, You Are Now Bootlicking Nosense.
    Time Will Catch Up With You Mudala.

    Am Waiting For Frank Bwalya To Walk Naked Along Cairo Road.

    • “…He said the Zambia Police (Paid Official Liars In Court Evidence) Service has the mandate to maintain law and order during and after this period…”

  3. HH and intellegent Zambian people have won PF and Police have lost.Mr.Kanganja the guilty on your face shall follow you the rest of your life

    • Pf released your under5 and you say they have lost. Be thankful. We knew such talks would come should the law fail to take its full course. Lesson learned. Hh is a law breaker and very soon he will be behind bars.

  4. Once someone who was claiming to be all powerful, untouchable, above the law, and the legit presido is kept for 127 days in prison, , it is clear he loses that Aura about him.. He has no power. Ba Presido Mundende? Anyway when you are short of anything to celebrate about, you can celebrate for being shown that you are at ground zero.

  5. Kanganja is an evil man; one day evil shall follow him unless he asks for forgiveness like Kambwili has done; even Mushota has spoken on him this time and you can see how evil kanganja bas become because of his love from brown envelopes;

  6. Zambia has an apology of an inspector general. Very incompetent quack. Look at him, no shame. He tried to burn markets and it’s still not working. Political prisoners, it’s not working. So you will face the music, moron.

  7. Aba nabena, isn’t this the same Man who failed to recognize his voice as a result of a cough? What a dull PIG

  8. There is one thing I know for sure. HH has come out wiser than he went in. One big lesson he has learnt is never trust his advisers and supporters. His advisers told him that if he commited an offence and he was detained there was going to be an uprising. There was nothing of that sort. He is saying that he has come out ten time stronger. Yes maybe but I think he meant to say ten time wiser.

  9. Well said IG, We understand fully what has been put in in order to arrive at this resolution. We rejoice that you put public interest above every thing else. We need no clarity on this. Your job we know is very difficult, Stay calm and get your men and women back to work. We pledge to observe law and order but remain even more resolute also that there shall never be peace to those who work against this peace and development. Good day Zambia

  10. It’s seems in zambia, there’s no respect for the rule of law.

    We saw what HH did to the presidential motorcade. U have realised him without paying anything.

    Tomorrow if another person do that, please don’t do anything to him because poor people in zambia are more than rich people in number and they will rise against whoever doing this.

    U listen to that white lady and few individuals who did not vote for you and you set HH free.

    Poor people are watching. They are many people in prison today in zambia who committed very minor cases and no one speaks for them.

    Remember rich people don’t vote but poor people do.

    U could have allowed the case to go through the court so that everyone sees as to what happens if you dont respect the presidency

    U will regret this move.

  11. Yes indee respect the police and fear the law , zambia needs peace at all costs However some one has learnt a lesson .
    He thought he was untouchable now he has tested his popularity and how went in alone .

  12. The inspector general has stated that the case has been discontinued i the public interest. This is different to a nolle whereby the case can be reinstated two different sections of the act. Who is correct and i thought this should have come from the Minister of Home Affairs.

  13. This man is too daft and incompetent to be Chief Officer…his Department is the first point of call which should be vetting these cases.

  14. Being a cop in Zambia is the most difficult and frustrating job. Even if Scotland yard was brought to reform or retrain our men in uniform it would not work effectively as long as there is political interference in their operations. This thing started way back from UNIP days and has continued.

  15. Mr. IG we both know that you said that to save your face, but mind you your job is on chopping board so that your masters can save their shameful faces. Count your stars if you will still be IG come December this year. A warning to bootlickers.

  16. Red Alert! UPNDonkeys impersonators on the prowl. They have been severely decimated by Terrible and now trying to bring The great Terrible down.
    An impersonator of Terrible is easy to detect. Look out for the following.
    1. Poor language
    2. Uneducated comments
    3. Praise of UPNDonkeys
    4. The trademark of the great Terrible is his disdain of UPNDonkeys as something next to horse drippings.
    5. The great and real and only Terrible also has no complimentary words for underfive.

    Will provide further tips in due course!.

  17. A PF member directed this cop to arrest another politician, how sad is that. Not even him making the call him self. Disgrace

  18. Stupid Rhodesian acting like bunch of insects. think positive inciting hate among each other is stupidity thats the reason why rhodesians are safering bcoz people like u have no norm to the community.

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