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Another day, another Nolle as DPP enters a Nolle into Tayali’s case

General News Another day, another Nolle as DPP enters a Nolle into Tayali’s case

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali

The Director of Public Prosecutions has today entered a nolle prosequi in a case where the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja sued Chilufya Tayali for Libel.

When the case came up for continuation of trial, the defence said, the DPP chambers was ready to continue cross examining the Inspector General, but Magistrate Felix Kaoma said the DPP had filed a nolle.

And Mr. Tayali later described Mr. Kakoma as the worst Police Inspector General Zambia has ever had

He said Mr. Tayali is a liability and must resign.

“The DPP has come to the rescue of the incompetent and inefficient Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja, Zambia has ever had, by entering a nolle in my case,” Mr. Tayali said.

“The Magistrate told me that, I am free in the meantime, but I want Mr. Kanganja to come and arrest me again so that we finish this case once and for all. I have enough evidence to prove my case and I am not scared of him because this is my Country, as such, a stakeholder.

“Let Kanganja resign otherwise the President must fire him. i promise Mr. Kanganja that we are not done here, until he goes. My brothers and sisters, I am not being personal, but if you are a Tax payer and you are patriot of a Country which enjoys human rights and justice, you would agree with me that this man is a total failure as IG,” he said.

Mr. Tayali stressed that this is not about politics or President Edgar Lungu but about a man who was given a chance and has failed to deliver and has become a liability to all.

“We can’t compromise with security matters, Kanganja is a compromise. He compromised even the security of the President – HE MUST GO! The State can’t continue covering the inefficiency and incompetence of the IG by entering nolles. It is because of the incompetence and inefficiency of the leadership in police that, we are having so many nolles and acquittals,” Mr Tayali said.

He said the State are entering nolles in fear of embarrassment and compensation.

“With these nolles, where does one go for compensation for malicious incarceration and prosecution? How do I get back my money in legal fees? What about my maligned name and emotional stress? They should have allowed me to continue with the case so that I get acquitted because I have plenty of evidence to prove the incompetence and inefficiency of this IG.”

“The State of emergency is almost coming to an end, but no arrests have been made (apart from innocent citizens they got from Livingstone) to the so-called saboteurs of City Market, yet the police have more powers as Kanganja demanded. This can’t go on, this man must go!”

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    • The incompetence of Kanganja confirms the incompetence and vindictiveness of Lungu. That DPP woman should also resign. Malicious prosecutions is not the way to run the country.

    • “With these nolles, where does one go for compensation for malicious incarceration and prosecution? How do I get back my money in legal fees?….”

      Tayali, you and all these other people that have suffered by the abuse of office must open a civil case and sue this incompetent compromised partisan IG, plus all the others involved including the PF Government for wrongful arrest and persecution. There are many good international lawyers that will take your cases PRO BONO.

      And if you cannot get compensation here, take the cases to the International Court of Human Rights!

    • And I Quote, “He said Mr. Tayali is a liability and must resign”. Lusakatimes Chavuta nichani. The Editor of Lusakatimes is incompetent and must resign as well in the spirit of fairness.

    • @ Dullah you’re right but once Tayali et al decide to institute such a measure as civil suit the media will be flooded with calls of need for reconciliation and being forgiving for such malaise on governments’ part as compensation would only be drawn from the taxpayers in empty government coffers by the citizenry! Zambians forget easily that there are people who put their lives on the chopping board for all round good and when government reacts retrogressively or irrationally against those speaking for the silent majority the very people whose cause is being championed are quick to side with government singing its praise! Makes me wonder when Zambians will graduate from demanding for less from those living off their taxation and stop rejoicing in substandard living.

    • It is really saddening to see how Police is misusing power trying to please the PF government, in the end who is to blame, its ECL!! PF and ECL, however, they argue regarding their none involvement in manipulation of the Police, this Police incompetence will continue to tarnish their image. I mentioned before, in case of HH that there was no treason charge, the same for Tiyali case. Only a pimp would have believed in those trumped up cases. And now this makes PF and ECL government look very bad.The judiciary system really needs revamping. I am not a lawyer, but to me one area of change would be that in certain cases e.g one concerning HH, the Police should only make an arrest after DPP, has been presented with some form of evidence, and only DPP should then approve such arrest. This will…

  1. Keep up the fight Mr Tayali. We are all behind you. Let them arrest you again if they have the balls so that the case comes to it’s logical conclusion instead of hiding behind nolles. What a bunch of cowards abusing our rights and when they are found wanting they chicken out and can’t afford you your rightful compensation!

    • Like or hate him I find Mr Tayali a confounding enigma at times but admire him respectfully for standing up to challenges when feathers have been ruffled! In a way he talks for many pushed to the fringes!

  2. I agree with Tayali on this one. This year has been full of Nolles… it doesnt make sense. The IG is a puppet to Jonathan unfortunately and he cant fire him.

    • The IG and DPP should resign. They are incompetent, malicious and vindictive. They have no idea how to run their jobs. They are just drunk with power, with their inane “Boma ni Boma”.

  3. And we paid US $ 22000 to a south african company for our tourism slogan “ZAMBIA THE REAL AFRICA” how prophetic. Known worldwide for the wrong reasons

    • @CHINVINDINVINDI Please leave Mushota alone! She has enough problems- IG is investigating her for having a fake PhD! What I’m worried about is even a clear case like this one will be lost due to incompetent investigations by the IG’s office!

  4. All the comments above are from sick people who are not interested in the Country moving forward.
    I feel so sick we have such worms in our beautiful Country.

    • Support your allegation with facts Ken. The fact is the PIG has been arresting people without any evidence as shown in the recent court cases. He has denied Tayali his right to compensation for unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution by entering a nolle. Let Tayali be acquitted so that he sues grz. You can surrender your own rights to the state if you please but we want to safeguard ours. Kanganja must go.

    • You are sick because you have no clue what democracy and human rights are…. Africa is backwards today because of baboons like you. Have you ever heard of the rule of law? You mean moving forward is arresting people as you feel? Is that what happens in South Africa where you are enjoying freedom? Get real

  5. Zambia needs men like Tayali and Chishimba Saviour but sadly,there are people in authority abusing state powers to intimidate citizens who once they speak they have evidence so the IG must indeed resign while the issue of ZRA the public also wish to know how far it has reached in which K100 billion was demanded or has it died a natural death?

  6. Ken do you really believe what you posted. us sick pipo want zambia to move forward not be held back by negative behaviour from partisan public servants. Police and judiciary are to uphold the law and serve the pipo not a despotic master. Forget politics look at the bigger future picture for zambia.not this dununa reverse rubbish that will benefit the ruling clique whilst dangling carrots for tbe minions. Do you like carrots ken

    • You are trying to sound reasonable but due to your polluted mind set, it failed. There will be pros and cons at this juncture. In the interest of the people, the DDP has decided to discontinue most of the politically motivated cases regardless of who it favors. Sometimes such should be commended when you look at the bigger picture. Continuing with cases like that of this Tayali would have brought back such unreasonable animosity against the government when the road rage is referred to. There was no way, Tayali’s case was going to be continued when the case of the road rage has been discontinued. The road rage was there for all to see but the DDP says ok, in the interest of the people and its people, let us drop this issue. Only in the interest of the people and hence the road rage and…

  7. With an epedemic of nolle prosequies we are experiencing now, I am convinced that the Mandatory HIV Testing was a political gimmick to move Zambian citizens attention away from these fake Nolles. What we should be debating is the unlawful abduction and detention of political opponents, high levels of public corruption and abuse of office. Moreover, what do we expect when vultures, jackals, hyenas masked as cadres get appointed into serious public offices like that of the IG? we would be fooling ourselves to think they will be professional. God save Zambia the Real Africa.

  8. Tayali means that the IG must be Bemba or ….. Not kanganja he is a compromise .. I support you. He must go and join upnd he fit very well there.

    • Please stop insulting the poeple in UPND by suggesting that this orangutan called Kanjanga should join this party of learned people. Let this i.diot rot in PF.

    • If the cases the DPP is throwing nolles at are “politically motivated” (your own words), who motivated the prosecutions in the first place? Cannot you see that the DPP is to blame by maliciously starting prosecutions when she knows very well that the cases are vexatious, have no chance of succeeding, and pursuing them is merely malicious? The DPP is conniving with Lungu to harass and incarcerate innocent Zambians knowing fully well that she will issue nolles when her cases are about to collapse in court.

    • Kanganja is a double failure for being a Luvale without any sense of decency. Lillian Shawa is forgiven for being a typical sly Wako.

  9. For once guys, be objective and not always negative. We all wanted the incarcerated individuals to be released and we got our wish. We should be happy for that. I think Mr Tayali is up to something honestly. His words are too provocative. He is too ash on Mr Kanganja. The IG is a Zambian with human rights too and he has human feelings. Lets not provoke each other for nothing. Please engage your selves in dialogue than assassination of character then you cry for sympathy in the end.

    • Nah, people who are too sensitive to criticism should not be Police Inspector General(PIG) or President of a Country. Public service jobs come with criticism from the unhappy section of the public-Its a fact of life, Don’t expect all to be happy and Hero worship your PIG and that (Jonathan) Lungu.

    • Especially that this tayali had actually implicated the IG in setting up the Republican President. He provoked the IG. This guy is up to no good. I promise if I was the IG, I would take off the uniform and personally sort this tiny from out.

    • Kanganja is hiding behind his uniform to harass innocent Zambians. He is not fit to be a policeman. His over 30 years in the police force has been worthless.

  10. Some more dirt swept under the carpet…they are quick to arrest yet they have no evidence. We need Judicial Reforms we can not have people being arrested bails being paid then DPP abuses her authority with this rubbish.
    This is a govt of wicked evil people…IG should go we need professionals not bootlickers.

  11. The Kenyan election petition starts today. .the application must be submitted today before midnight. ..serving the respondents must be done not later than Sunday 20th August. ..judgemental must be delivered on 1st September 2017.

  12. adviser i commend you thats the spirit wise counsel ,we cried for the relies of hh and many others afterward wat do we hear if not insults and tayali the same way you feel you want your rights you should be mindful that there is limits to your rights has well

  13. Tayali you’re so correct about this very very very incompetent IG. Why is our tax being wasted on such garbage?

  14. This is a clear abuse of the Nolle Prosqui by the Lungu govt. What public interest is the DPP protecting.l in thia Case? IG Kanganja sued Tayali as an individual so why is the PF govt protecting him? It shows that Lungu is behind the arrest of HH. Lungu ordered IG Kanganja to arrest HH on Trumped Up Treason Charges and has now directed DPP to enter a Nolle Prosqui to protect the IG. Next the DPP will enter a Nolle in the Mumbi Phiri Case. The PF Govt is now a Nolle Prosqui govt protecting private interests as opposed to Public Interests.

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