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Decision to split UNZA into five University Colleges Welcomed

General News Decision to split UNZA into five University Colleges Welcomed

Biology Department – UNZA
UNIVERSITY of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) and students have welcomed Government’s decision to split the institution into five university colleges.

UNZALARU president Evans Lampi said in an interview yesterday that Government’s decision to restructure the institution of higher learning into five colleges will help liquidate the institution’s debt.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga disclosed on Wednesday that the decision to split the university was reached at by the 13th Cabinet meeting held on Monday.

“Government has committed itself to clearing the debt the university has had for a long time. UNZA owes a lot of money in pensions and other goods and services which Government wants to liquidate through this Cabinet decision,” Dr Lampi said.

He said as a condition to liquidate this debt, Government has proposed to break the universities into colleges that will be easy to run and manage.

“The idea appears logical because the schools will fall under small units to be called colleges,” Dr Lampi said.

He, however, said there is need for the university council to assimilate the logic behind breaking the university into colleges, and how they are going to operate.
“The university has a council that runs the affairs of the institution, and that university colleges will also have boards which may still put financial strain on the university,” Dr Lampi said.

He commended Government for its commitment to finding a solution of liquidating the university’s debt.

Meanwhile, some students said in separate interviews that the decision to break UNZA into five colleges is good as it will bring about efficiency.

Melody Mwale, of the School of Education, contends that this is a good way in which to improve efficiency in management of the institution.

“The School of Medicine is better organised, efficient and effective because it stands independent of the main Great East Road campus,” she said.

Another student who did not want to be named said this is a good idea as it is a reflection of trends in universities in Europe and the United States.

Meanwhile, the UNZA management has said it will issue a comprehensive statement on the matter on Monday next week.


  1. Uko!

    PF bandits under visionless Jonathan Lungu hand failed the education system of this country.

    Now then have dununard a university into reverse side to 5 colleges~shame!

    Backwards violent PF bandits.

    The Skeleton Key

    • The PF bandits should built those 5 colleges around the country, esp in Matero where they issue FAKE degrees & certificates.

      Redevelopment of UNZA is good but not turning this highest institution of the country into a college. What is needed more is development with new beginnings of infrastructure.

      What the visionless & violent PF doomed bandits are doing is like turning a secondary school to a primary one. Worse still, a hospital into a pharmacy is shocking dununa backwardness to say the nicest.

      A new govt can recodify the education system of the country & not these dunderheads PF bandits from katondo street.


      The Skeleton Key

    • “The idea appears logical because the schools will fall under small units to be called colleges,” Dr Lampi said…….well, don’t you think schools are already small units? UNZA is split into small units called schools. When you say schools will fall into small units called colleges, you’re not making sence at all.Like I said before, the difference is just the same. If anything, turning schools into colleges will just increase the cost of running the University as extra people will be needed in management to run the colleges.

  2. The difference between University Council and College Board is simple. University Council is responsible for formulation of University policies, including hiring the Vice Chancellor to implement University policies. An example of University policy is authorization to enter into partnership with foreign institutions. The College Board is responsible for implementation of Academic regulations of the particular College, including recommendation of academic awards for the consideration of University Senate. The College Board is composed of College faculty members, including lecturers and researchers.

  3. This is long over due, UNZA is a titanic difficult manage. There is now transparency in the income it receives from government and user fees and how its spent? For many years there is no accountability, to the public, students and workers, it can’t be adequately audited due its too complex and few individuals thrive on the complexity of it to abuse resource. But before this move is implemented let’s pilot it or phase it

  4. What benefits will be derived from splitting UNZA into Colleges? We should not just focus on financial benefits for the institution and the staff but look beyond that. Will this improve the excellence in delivery of academic need to our society? What impact will this have to the development of the country in all sectors? Will this enhance research so that we are not always coping what others are doing? Efficiency in management and liquidating of debt are just but an iota to the benefits we need to derive from such changes and should not be the main reasons. We need to move beyond politics, anything that comes in the public domain We Want to bring politics. Remember these parties Will come and go but Zambia must remain. I also agree With @Katema above that we should pilot this so that we…

  5. @Skeleton this a wrong forum for you. You are used to hooliganism. Not every platform is for hooliganism. Your language sounds that of a bitter person, who has no ideas but insults to wrong people. You like it or not this is a big change which will affect even your great, great grand children who will not benefit from your insults. Your positive contribution may influence someone who is still yet to decide on this very important topic. Do not think insults will change the course of events but your positive contribution may bring change. Move on with life.

  6. It’s a welcome move but it needs more time so that things are put in order unlike what we have been seeing in the recent past, where things are implemented without necessary requirements.

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