FAZ clarifies media reports on Bafana Bafana


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says it regrets online media reports alleging that the South Africa National Team was ferried in an open truck during their arrival at the Simon Mwansa International Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola in Copperbelt province.

The Soccer body says it regrets that it has had to take its eyes off a very crucial assignment for the national team to set the record straight given the unfortunate falsehoods that have been peddled on social media.

The correct position is that the South Africa National Team was extended the best courtesies afforded to any visiting team with a Higer Bus available at the airport with police escort to ferry the team to the upmarket Protea Hotel in Ndola.

Football House staff responded to a request by the South African team advance party to provide extra transport to courier extra luggage that comprised training equipment.

The South African team manager Levy Ramajoe who was in the advance party approved the choice of transport for excess luggage and was very happy with the service.

FAZ Communications manager Desmond Katongo who said this in a statement to ZANIS sports today explained that his organisation is however appealing to soccer fans to turn up in numbers to support the senior national team in Saturday’s Kenya 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifier against South Africa to be held at Levy Stadium.


  1. What nonsense is this? Why didn’t you provide a closed van to ferry the bags or a second minibus? You are an embarrassment to the nation.

    • Faz is embarrassing us in the name of cost saving. The van looks dirty to start with and the higer bus also looks dirty to me. just look hoe dirty the number plate is. Why didn’t they use the bus SAFA gave FAZ or maybe its at intercity raising money to buy cheap chinese jerseys they are distributing.

    • Imwe please it’s not extra bags. It extra training kit. Go to the training ground then you will see what the training consist of. There is nothing apart from cones, dummy players, soccer balls and bibs and the rest. All personal stuff was loaded into the bus. The Team Manager for Bafana even approved this mode of transport. What is wrong with you people

    • Cargo van.
      So there no cargo vans in Ndola? Is the way Zesco United transport baggage?
      That is insecure load, where was RTSA?

  2. Thought faz have clarified that the van was for training equipment and not players????let us for once be reasonable in our negativity!!!!!

  3. surely ba faz a canter. what kind of embarrassment is this. even real nakonde cant do that. Oh no I dont believe this

  4. Ponga should be serious. James Moonga’s suggestion makes sense and the least you can do. We are not that poor to fail to get a good vehicle

  5. As long as the South African team manager was happy , then it’s all good. What we don’t want to hear is using this ‘extra luggage ferry as an excuse when things don’t go their way on the pitch.

  6. Let us be serious! The open canter provided for ferrying luggage does not meet even minimum standard! FAZ should be ashamed.

  7. Ba FAZ, that “Extra” Transport is unacceptable, especially that the Advance Party told you prior as to their needs. However what is disturbing is the fact that you even what to defend your bad planning. The Transport was “approved.” Jokers!!!

    • :Miya – do you know what is in that kit..is not only jerseys but medicine, physio kit by that i don’t mean Vaseline and Vics rub…there is also food supplements by that I don’t mean a bag of maize meal.
      Wake up!!

    • It’s of no interest whose nephew’s grandson owns the canter.
      Was it appropriate to use a canter?
      Does fifa/caf give guidance?
      Even a rickshaw could’ve been used then.

  8. Self criticism is GOOD lets keep at it and hopefully we will improve in all walks of life in Zambia. FAZ definitely couldhave done much better to safely transport their colleagues equipment. Why didnt they just offer them a big bus and we have plenty of them around. Dont we have rich soccer fans with buses to help? Just picking a team from the airpot to the hotel should too hard to volunteer for. FAZ must be creative to make friends with the ‘rich and helpful’. Ratsa apart I thought it was risk to carry things exposed like that. Call boys have been known to grabb things from slow moving open vans. It could have been terribly embarrasing to lose visitors things that way.

  9. Comment:Really faz this is unacceptable to transport our visitors kits in such a canter we ‘ve nice buses and nice trucks in Zambia not that dirt truck you could ve done better this is an embarrassment.

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