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HH advised to embrace dialogue and reconciliation with President Lungu

Headlines HH advised to embrace dialogue and reconciliation with President Lungu

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema after being released
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema after being released
STAKEHOLDERS have advised United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema to embrace dialogue and reconciliation with President Lungu.

Some political parties and churches say that following the release of Mr Hichilema from detention, a conducive platform and opportunity has been presented for dialogue that should lead to peace, unity and development.

Patriotic Front (PF) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the ruling party is confident Mr Hichilema will not betray the trust of stakeholders who have initiated dialogue between him and President Lungu.

Mr Hichilema was on Wednesday released from Mukobeko Correctional Facility after the State entered a nolle prosequi in a matter in which he was charged with treason.

Mr Bwalya said following Mr Hichilema’s release from prison, the ruling party is hopeful he will commit to the process of peace, dialogue and reconciliation initiated by various stakeholders.

While in incarceration, church leaders, Commonwealth secretary general Patricia Scotland and former Nigerian president Olusegan Obasanjo met Mr Hichilema and President Lungu, separately, to promote dialogue between the two leaders.

Mr Bwalya was speaking yesterday when he featured on the Lusaka Star programme on University of Zambia radio.

He said the PF will continue to promote dialogue to enhance Zambia’s democracy and peace, especially ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“We want to believe that Mr Hichilema will not move away from that direction.

“We want to believe that he is a sensible person who has goodwill to move in the manner expected especially by people who participated in bringing us [PF and UPND] to the positive stage where we are,” he said.

Mr Bwalya was responding to the host of the programme who wanted to find out what the PF will do if Mr Hichilema continues to refuse the outcome of the August 11, 2016 general elections.

He said PF expects Mr Hichilema to continue providing checks and balances to President Lungu and the PF in a civil manner.

Mr Bwalya said the PF will not mock Mr Hichilema following his release from prison because “this is time for deep and sincere introspection to move this country forward”.

And Mr Bwalya dismissed as scandalous, malicious and false media reports alleging that he threatened to walk naked if Mr Hichilema was released from prison.

“I am a public figure, an open book, and I want to believe that Zambians know me better.

“It can only be out of malice or out of scandalous ignorance to believe such [that I would walk naked]. A person like me cannot do such a thing,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) chairperson David Masupa has advised Mr Hichilema to put the country first by embracing reconciliation.

Bishop Masupa said in an interview yesterday that the State should be commended for entering a nolle prosequi in the case in which Mr Hichilema and his five co-accused were charged with treason.

“As ICOZ, we want to praise the Director of Public Prosecutions (Lillian Siyunyi) for releasing Mr Hichilema, although this is not an acquittal, it is a good thing. I want to appeal to Mr Hichilema and the UPND that they now have enough latitude to approach the head of State to engage in dialogue and reconcile,” he said.

“The President has ears to listen, and we are so sure he will listen. We have to move forward. We do not anticipate history to repeat itself,” he said.

Bishop Masupa said dialogue and reconciliation between the two political leaders should be taken as a matter of urgency because Zambia is renowned to be a haven of peace.
Bishop Masupa appealed to both the PF and UPND leaders not to entertain supporters who are in the habit of perpetuating violence.

“I want to make an earnest appeal to both the PF and UPND that they should not entertain pockets of political violence. I repeat, if at all the two political parties have pockets or supporters using violent rhetoric, inciting hate and violence, they must immediately stop such vices,” he said.

Bishop Masupa also commended Commonwealth secretary general Patricia Scotland for her commitment in playing a mediatory role in facilitating a meeting between President Lungu and Mr Hichilema to resolve their differences.

New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda says the decision by the DPP to enter a nolle prosequi is a clear demonstration to the rest of the world that Zambia respects the rule of law.

Pastor Chanda said it is unfortunate that some disgruntled people want to tarnish the image of the country by telling falsehoods that Zambia is under dictatorship following the arrest of Mr Hichilema.

Pastor Chanda advised Mr Hichilema to distance himself from unwise people who do not respect the rule of law.

Pastor Chanda has since advised supporters from both the PF and UPND to uphold the republican constitution by ensuring that they observe the rule of law at all times.

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  1. First visionless Lungu must give power to the speaker according to the constitution & then the presidential petition must be heard without any interference by overzealous PF bandits. After the con~court announces the legitimate president in anticipation for democracy, only then can dialogue take place ~ period!

    The Skeleton Key

    • When the presidential petition is heard by professional & independent judges of the con~court, all evidence exhausted by the judiciary & declare the truthful winner of 2016 elections, that’s when there can be genuine dialogue & reconciliation between HH/UPND & ECL/PF.
      The problem is that Jonathan can’t be trusted. The Church Mother Bodies esp the Catholics tried to help Lungu over the dictatorship crisis that has befallen Zambia but Lungu refused & mockingly said that the crisis “only exists in their heads”!

      Lungu should also tame his anarchists PF bandits & apologise for all the mayhem the caused to the country.

      No way can a dictator dialogue & reconcile, never seen one or maybe Jonathan Edward will be the first one.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Bishop masupa, Pastor Chanda or these are Pf Cadres. why dont you court credible Bishops like Arch Bishop Mpundu, Bishop Kalembo not these cadres masquerading as Bishops for Lungu

    • HH is demonically possessed. He does not want to see peace in Zambia. He will never listen to or dialogue with anyone! Just listen to his speech after he was released….

    • The only one to commit to dialogue and peace is Lungu and his thugs Not HH. HH has always preached peace despite his supporters being butchered.

      If his release was meant to silence UPND over stolen votes and murdered supporters then it was done in bad faith.

      HH has been a very peaceful leader who wants transparency and rule of law to reign supreme in dispensing justice in Zambia. Thats why despite what PF has done to his supporters he decided to address his concerns using the court system instead of using violence like ka Lungu and his PF.

      This message is extremely misdirected at a law abiding citizen. It should be directed at Lungu and his bloody thirst thugs who have intimidated ,beaten , maimed, and butchered people.

      We shall see how Lungu will conduct himself during the…

    • Forcing HH to stop court cases is not reconciliatory but utter dictatoship at play. HH had matter pending in court .We UPND supporters want that matter concluded amicanly without delay so that a yard stick is set for future reference.

      We shall see how Lungu will conduct himself during the coming bye elections.

      Why has the concourt taken too long to decide on the nullified parliamentary seats? Is this clearly not dictatorship?

      Lungu your f00lish thugs mwanya.

      VIVA.HH and UPND for a peaceful and prosperous Zambia.

    • In Zambia people have a very twisted figment of imagination. What is there to reconcile ? ask yourselves this question without being subjective. Even Lungu said tension is only “in their Heads” one of the few things I may agree with him. HH has all along followed the legal procedures as the constitution allows him … he petitioned that matter in courts of Law. And did not recognize Chagwa as the Presido of Zambia… nothing illegal in that as well. Lungu had him arrested on some dubious though serious charge of treason.. he hasnt backed down and come out of prison defiantly still sticking to what is legal. There is no conflict between L and HH. HH is protesting the system and not an Individual… Get it right

    • Dialogue is two sides agreeing to sensible ways of doing things without disadvantaging the other.

      We in UPND shall only accept genuine dialogue meant at changing all aspects of the illegal electoral process that saw Lungu cling to power changed. PF and Lungu should renounce violence and arrest all violent thugs as a first step to genuine dialogue.

      Secondly the concourt should never use adjournments as away to throw out a case. We accept the time limit on petitions but adjournment days should be excluded from the time limit.

      Thirdly we want all the votes counted at polling stations to be submitted by international observers with party representatives present.

    • Problem is when you lose the petition after it is heard you still will not accept the court’s verdict. After appealing, you still not accept – we know you very well.

    • Peace is NOT real peace is the other is forced to accept conditions set by the other.

      Peace is real only when both sides agree to long lasting commitments to uphold the rule of law.

      HH was aquitted because PF did not have credible evidence against him. All their witnesses technically refused to be grilled in court including the chief witness f00lish IG.

    • Mr Masupa and Mr Chanda, the president and DPP can not be praised for the Nolle because there was no case for arresting HH. You should actually have condemned them for arresting and taking HH to jail for four months when there is no evidence. Also advise PF alone not to engage in violence. UPND never starts any violence. They just retaliate as normal human beings when attacked by PF cadres.

    • If he is not a bishop from Catholic, coptic, Ethiopian or Russian arthodox churches please don’t take him serious. Only bena tresphore mpundu are genuine bishops, the rest are Chinese made.

    • You punch someone in the face for no reason and then you tell them that lets talk this over, First EL has to tell the nation why he arrested HH, Just like he said the other day that HH should give his evidence he has on the last general election to the press, So EL must do the same, Give the evidence he has on HH that he wanted to overthrow the Govent to the press, We just want to know how this was planned by HH and his cooks.

    • Why are people commending DPP for nolle prosequi? If this was done because of Patricia dialogue brokering between HH and ECL, then indeed our judiciary system is in trouble. I want to be believe that the nolle prosequi was done because there was no case at all. If you read above comments from both PF Bwalya and Bishop Masupa, it sounds like HH is supposed to be greateful for his release because of the intervention.
      People, you need to to understand, there is a nolle prosequi which would have happened regardless of Patricia or Obasanjo intervention and then there is the so called dialogue which Patricia brokered. The two need not be mixed. The only dialogue topic I see is concerning 2021 election, where current government will this time not use unfair advantage like, Ministers using GRZ…

    • The only dialogue topic I see is concerning 2021 election, where current government will this time not use unfair advantage like, Ministers using GRZ assets for party campaigns, letting the opposition to freely campaign across the country, the government not misusing Police and not using trumped cases to fix opposition.

  2. Am not aligned politically but why is it that HH is being directed to engage in dialogue. U cannot dialogue with yourself. HE ECL has not commented or offered a forum for dialogue. Protocol says the president must set the forum for dialogue. Note i say forum not agenda

    • Really surprising at the many voices emerging now that were silent or rejoicing in HH’s incarceration to be leading in advice for “embracing dialogue and reconciliation” in deafening tones mostly PF and its sympathizers sidelining those who took the bull by the horns to initiate what has led to the current status of HH being out of detention! Rather let those who had genuine concern lead and continue with what they started so the nation sees where it leads to! My strong conviction is that all those from PF are commenting on this matter with a forked tongue in cheek! Batekanyefye pantu ebene batampile fyabupuba!

    • Your donkey was released because it accepted to forget about 2016 elections and accept that ecl won. It’s was agreed to drop all cases related to last year elections. If you want to continue with last year’s elections then advise yowa under5 to go back in prison voluntary and continue receiving slaps and been fked from behind by inmates.

  3. Bishop masupa, Pastor Chanda or these are Pf Cadres. why dont you court credible Bishops like Arch Bishop Mpundu, Bishop Kalembo not these cadres masquerading as Bishops for Lungu

  4. Dialogue is in the hands of the SG of Commonwealth. Let her complete the job. Non of us know what was agreed. #silenceinclassplease

  5. Frank Bwalya you promised that you willl walk naked when HH is released can you please show us your manhood now that he is out

  6. This Nolle Prosequi Propaganda Must Be Out Of People’s Minds By The DPP Or Judiciary Standing Up To Tell The Nation The Truth On What Transpired During The Release Of HH. ZNBC & QTV, Times Of Zambia, Daily Mail And Most Media Houses Around Are Very Biarsed Towards Pf. I Heard The Truth From Jack Mwimbu And Prime Tv Who Explained Clearly And In Detail Wat Exact The DPP Did. And Al Jazeera And BBC Use Satellites To Gather News Not By Hearsay. And Father Bwalya How Come You Are Now Denying Your Own Statements About Walking Naked In Cairo Road?
    Mumbi Phiri Is Also Supporsed To Kill Herself, The Casket Is Ready.

  7. and do you guys think this pf means any good..they are just after killing people..period..frank bwalya is a traitor..let him walk naked first..

  8. One senior UPND official said yesterday that their party is proceeding with whatever issues are in court, is that not going against the anticipated reconciliation? Was he sincere with Hakainde for making that statement? It will be Hakainde alone who will go back to behind bars if the process of reconciliation fails due to careless statement by some of his party members. A lot of efforts have been put in to reach this far and many distinguished people involve! If some of the UPND members think that all is over they eat a role rat!

    • Did PF or ECL said anything about releasing incarcerated UPND supporters? You see, “conducive environment” applies to both sides of the divide. The first act of reconciliation has been accomplished. Now, it is up to PF/ECL to restore “status quo ante” and start dialogue in presence of Dr. Gambary


  10. the case of petition was still in court so its not something new to the pf . let the petition be heard whilest arrangement are being made ffor dialodgue . we know that pf is uncomfortable with the issue of petition.

    • Tell is the court where that stupid petition is. Is it concourt supreme high or local court.
      The petition we all know about which was filed within 7 days after ecl was declared winner and disposed off after 14days expired was thrown out for lack of merit and time factor. If it is this petition you’re talking about then you need to consult a gynaecologist to examine your mental stability.

  11. Which petition is in court? It is these dunderheads who promote acrimony in the country. I listened very well to the press statement by Commonwealth SG who only mentioned about 2021 elections and nothing else. I therefore advise my colleagues on this page to respect the rule of law. Using insulting language is not democracy but infringing other people’s rights. I do not thing it is someone’s right to insult another person.

  12. Is Jonathan Lungu committed to Dialogue with HH? We doubt it very much. If he is committed to Dialogue then he must announce to the Nation how the Presidential Petition will be handled. In Kenya although the Opposition led by Raila Odinga has more or less conceded defeat they are Petitioning the Election Results so that certain malpractices in the 2017 Elections are not repeated in 2022. In Zambia the greatest mistake that Jonathan Lungu made was to block the Hearing of the Petition. The Rule of Law says that the Petition should be heard in Court and the Court shall give a verdict after Hearing the Petition. Jonathan Lungu should tell the Nation how this Petition will be resolved and give Time Frame. Period.

  13. Lungu was given a Charter of the Commonwealth. The charter details how Elections are managed in Member country. Rule of Law is key to holding free,fair and credible Elections. Our Constitution and Electoral Laws are very clear. Once a Petition is filed it must be heard. That Petition is still in Court so Jonathan Lungu has to find a solution to the Petition. He should just follow the Legal Procedures and allo the Petition to be heard.

    • What did you petition kashi mwe mbushi mwe??? Eh, the court threw out your petition due to time limit as per constitution you squandered your time of providing evidence to the court because you didn’t have any.(Evidence)
      So please close your ass
      Don’t send hot air

  14. Let the two HH and ECL meet under the auspices of the appointed facilitator only then will we have answers. Listening to market advise or indeed hate propelled so called positions will go no were. It takes true leadership to recognize what’s good for the nation and act upon that. So for now lets allow them to reflect on their actions, attitude as they prepare to finally meet face to face eye ball to eye ball and speak! As for us we have gathered momentum we have used the time the two have been at each others neck to consolidate the true electorate we are buzzing for 2021 Zed forward and we shall triumph. Never again must we be subjected to violence, hate and mediocre vision….

  15. I get angry when people want to the moon the sun. HH just has to live like me not as president until that time when he wins an election. The president at the moment is Edgar C Lungu.

  16. This HH thing and his minions are bitter . He can’t go for dialogue . He thinks that elections are won by violence. Ask him if he knows the name of GOD in his heart.

  17. This HH thing and his members are not ready to reconcile, lets stop responding. You will not hear from me again its a bloody waste of time. The worst party I have ever known. Vote Edgar 2021.Bye Bye see you at the victory party in August 2021.

  18. There was a Man who suffered a stroke and died. During the burial, one of the family members announced that we are putting to rest a Man who was very strong and health. Unfortunately, the deceased had been bewitched. However, some of the people who attended the burial believed the story while others agued that it was fake story as a Stroke can strike anytime according to Health experts. It is just like this case where UPND came up with a story of Votes having been stolen. Instead of accepting defeat and move on to prepare for the next elections, they decided to twist things. If you look at indicators, they all point at UPND loosing 2016 elections. Some of these indicators are, number of MPs the two parties have, number of Independent MPs and how many of those campaigned for the two…

  19. If the presidential petition was heard in 2001 against late president Mwanawasa why not let it be heard now?why broke it on a 14days technicality?By now some irregularities that could be avoided in future elections could can be ironed out.as it stand now cited irregularities that the agrieved parties may have still hangs and can be repeated in the 2021 elections.then divisions and tension will still be there even after 2021 elections.lets hope the dialogue proceess will address some concerns that can avoid elections being disputed.e.g all contesting parties satisfied with who and where ballot papers can be printed.allowing all electorates to vote freely without turning them away due to time and announce results quickly without delay and avoid suspicion of electoral fraud.

  20. In life you only defend yourself if you have somethi g to defend. If all was ok in 2016 elections why is the government and PF party in particular constantly defending the election process and results

  21. Dialogue is the healthy way forward for the benefit of the whole Nation. Without it there is NO way the other can know what, when, how you intend to do or go about issues. Keeping things to yourself can be at your own expense because the masses may not know you are so knowledgeable. Some plans are better executed by the planner but suggestions may polish up the plan. COME OUT and tell us how you would have done some of the things had you been given the chance by the Electorate which chance you were not given in the last election. We are not interested in personalities but National issues.

  22. these pf guys are really scared at the mention of petition we want to assure you that the starting point shall be the petition and iron all matters partaining to elections that will make sense . there is no way you can ignore that and run away from it. we know it is like a thorn in the flesh of all of pf cadres. zambia was not founded on fake principles. god is watch .

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