SADC calls for partnership with private sector

King Mswati hands over Chairpersi=onship to President Jacob Zuma during the Opening Ceremony
Part of SADC Leaders during the Family Photo in Pretoria
Part of SADC Leaders during the Family Photo in Pretoria

The Southern African Development Community-SADC has called on the private sector in the region to identify value-chains to enhance economic growth.

SADC Executive Secretary Stergomena Lawrence Tax says the participation of the private sector in identifying value chains in the region would help realize the much desired regional economic growth.

Dr. Tax pointed out that SADC member states should identify new areas of economic growth through industrialization and working with the private sector.

She called upon Heads of State and Government in the region to put in place conducive policies for investment so that private sector involvement is realized.

Dr. Tax said this today at the official opening of the 37th Ordinary SADC Summit in Pretoria, South Africa.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s Veteran Journalist Patson Phiri was today presented with the SADC media award in the print category and becomes the first Zambian Journalist to win a regional award for three times.

Mr. Phiri who works as a Public Relations Officer at Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company won the award in 2012 and 2016.

The theme for this year’s summit is “Partnering with the private sector in developing industry and regional value-chains”.

Host President Jacob Zuma yesterday took over Chairmanship of SADC taking over from Swaziland’s King Mswati III.

SADc Boss at the Opening Ceremony
President Jacob Zuma new Chair of SADc from His Majesty King Mswati 111 during the handing over ceremonial of the in Coming Chair
King Mswati hands over Chairpersi=onship to President Jacob Zuma during the Opening Ceremony
SADC President Family Picture after the Opening Ceremony in Pretoria


    • Hopeless…….., partnering with the private sector, but no private sector representatives….
      How do you make a partnership? Then you about neo-colonialism, bogus !!!

    • Bob looks disordered it’s a shame to Zimbabweans that they failed to vote out this old papa. SADC members are also very dull? What value does this corporation bring to its people when you have corrupt leaders like Zuma and Dictators like Lungu as heads of States?

  1. So are they saying that it is ok to parner with the private sector as long as they are not imperialist or neo colonialists.
    How does this fit with the speech of pf secretary general Mr Mwila.

  2. Looks like Zumba is a clever old boy, he does not want to sit next to dictators and budding dictators…….


    If Paul Kagame was not born in Rwanda and was not a son of Rwandan like all of us?

    If he was not once a refugee in Uganda and if he has not killed all the Rwandan innocent people who were in RDC refugee camps? If he had got not a short memory?

    If he did not invade, attack and destroy Rwanda since 01/10/ 1990 as a rebel group leader?

    If he did not desert Kibungo, Byumba, Ruhengeri, and other parts of Rwanda by his systematic killings since 1990 till today?

    If Paul Kagame did not kill Fred Rwigema, Set Sendashonga, Theoneste Lizinde, Patrick Karegeya,Rwisereka and many more others?

    If he died too killed by his RPF fellows like he has been unceasingly killing them one by one until now?

    If he did not order his RPF…

  4. This meeting could be meaningful if it didn’t include failures like lungu, mugabe, zuma, kabila. lungu is a clueless drunkard but who is determined to be a dictator, mugabe has single-handedly and systematically stripped Zimbabwe and transformed a once rich country into an unrecognizable economically charred wasteland. And they say he is educated! zuma has sold his country to an Indian family who have wasted no time in siphoning mammoth amounts of money out of the country.

  5. EFF, DA snub Zambian president
    Efforts by Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu to reach out to opposition leaders in South Africa “to understand their concerns about Zambia” were slapped down by the DA & the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The Zambian High Commission in Pretoria said Lungu “summoned” the leaders of the two parties for a meeting after they made “remarks against Zambia”. In a statement, the commission said Lungu had “expressed concern that the two opposition parties appeared to disrespect the sovereignty of Zambia & had interfered in the domestic affairs of countries such as Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho & Zimbabwe”. Emmanuel Mwamba, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, said his office had started preparing for the proposed meetings. The opposition parties spoke out about…

  6. … the detention and trial of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, who was jailed in April on treason charges after being accused of failing to make way for Lungu’s motorcade. Charges against Hichilema were dropped this week after apparent outside pressure, & he was released. The EFF said its commander in chief, Julius Malema, “will not meet Lungu on a summon. Neither will he meet him on short notice.”
    Party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: “Lungu ought to arrange a proper meeting if he is authentic about meeting the EFF leadership regarding his autocratic, dictatorial as well as egocentric actions regarding the leader of the opposition in Zambia. “We will always welcome a properly and respectfully arranged meeting because we will be willing to say these things directly to him,” he…

  7. DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who was barred from entering Zambia in May to attend Hichilema’s trial, confirmed that the high commission had contacted his office about the meeting. “I will only agree to meet with President Lungu if he publicly commits to a programme that works to restore Zambia’s democracy,” he said, adding an apology should be made to Hichilema. He said Zambia was “fast heading towards a dictatorship” under Lungu & urged attendees of the Southern African Development Community summit in Pretoria this weekend to act against leaders such as Ukwa Jonathan Lungu.

  8. That last photo speaks a thousand words: one Zuma seating in the centre as chairman but still looking out to his right to see if uncle Bob is fine and not causing mischief.

  9. Its either we have poor journalism all nothing sensible happens at these so called meeting that journalist find it difficult to come up with news from these so called meeting or workshop or whatever name you call them. I personally am not seeing news in this.

  10. I would ask the journalist in charge of the photos here; to give us the names of those who attended SADC conference .
    It is not adequate to only give pictures without mentioning the names. Some readers have interest in knowing the names.
    Please don’t give us half information we need it all.

  11. Don’t call Mugabe a monster, sorry you don’t know what has made him the way he is!
    There have been so many powers at play , in fact he ceased being president 13years ago.

  12. Rwanda: Politically Closed Elections–A Chronology of Violations


    (Nairobi) – Presidential elections in Rwanda on August 4, 2017, took place in a context of very limited free speech or open political space, Human Rights Watch said today, as President Paul Kagame is sworn in for a seven-year term. Human Rights Watch released a chronology of violations of the right to freedom of expression, association, and assembly in Rwanda between the country’s December 2015 referendum – allowing the president to run for a third term – and the election, which Kagame won with a reported 98.79 percent of the vote.
    “Kagame’s landslide win came as no surprise in a context in which Rwandans who have dared raise their voices or challenge the status quo have been arrested,…

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