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Tayali to undertake solo street protest against IG Kanganja

General News Tayali to undertake solo street protest against IG Kanganja

Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja

Opposition EPP leader Chilufya Tayali has revealed plans to carry out a lone protest march in Lusaka against Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Mr Tayali said he was due to undertake the protest on Tuesday but that his lawyers advised him to first write to the Police to formally notify them.

“I have been advised by my lawyers, that, I should formerly write the police over my intended protest walk, so that i don’t play in the hands of Mwami One (I.G),” Mr Tayali said.

“I will present the letter to Lusaka Province Commissioner tomorrow, expressing the intention to do a LONE (I don’t want to risk anyone in this fight) protest walk from Freedom’s statue to Police force Headquarters to present a petition to the Inspector General of Police.”

Mr Tayali said,”My petition will be on the demand that “Kanganja must go” and “Decriminalize Siandenge”.

He said he is a law abiding citizen and that he will follow what is prescribed in the constitution.

And Mr. Tayali has insisted that he will continue posting on Facebook comments that will expose “incompetent” Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

In April, Mr Kanganja dragged Mr Tayali to court after he posted on Facebook that the I.G was trying to hide his inefficiency by charging UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with treason in that same month.

However, Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma dismissed the matter on Friday morning after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Siyunyi entered a nolle prosequi.


    • That’s why nollies are bad. You forgive someone and he starts filling like he was aquited or won the case.

    • It’s called character, fighting for the cause of what one believes in.
      Nolle prosequi, because there was no case, why should you take everything as forgiveness? Tayali doesn’t need forgiveness.

  1. It is not going to help. Just forget about these political appointees. If the President made a mistake in appointing Kanganja in that position he will realize this himself at an appropriate time.

    • At least here is one person standing up to what they believe in! Tayali’s action will be noticed and put on record as something that would have happened! Zambians stand up and be counted, let your feelings show than continue being the happy down trodden played-by-politicians timid lot! Viva Chilufya Tayali and Saviour Chishimba!

  2. Ba Tayali is that the way you want people to remember you? Me I would rather be remembered that I was a Peace Maker in my family and the rest of the Nation. Jesus said love your enemies, vengeance is not for you but for God.
    That is a word of advice to you:

  3. Tayali suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. He is a publicity hound who seriously overrates his importance, fame, and popularity. He is actually a creature of our mediocre media who give this travesty of a human being the publicity he doesn’t deserve.

  4. Just from the comments above it can be deduced they are from the most backward, corrupt, underdeveloped race…..the black race where tribe, patronage and kneeling gets people favours over appropriately suited people….

    If tiyali feels he has to protest what he does not like , let him do so. That is the nature of man.

    According to scientists Mans development is built around being enquisitive and trying different approaches….well that is with most races, not the black race who would actually toback in time if it were not a global village we live in.

  5. In twenty years to come Tayali will worry more over things he did not do rather than things he did. Mostly people do things to be seen to be what ever but adding no value to their tomorrow.

  6. Tayali should not push his lucky too far.IG maybe was going to be fired and he has his short comings but because of Tayali’s “people’s attention driven behavior”,ELC is likely to retain Kanganja.His actions has just helped IG to cement his position.The hatred and resentments which Tayali harbors for IG If connected to ZESCO Pylons load-shedding can be the thing of the past.It’s high time ZESCO started generating electricity from people like Tayali’s hatred and bitterness.

  7. I have observed that all the comments against Tayali are coming from the gullible semiliterate PF cadres who support everything their directionless leaders yap.

    • @Kachana its a pity people can’t support the party you desire & the same gullible semi literate PF cadres you are referring to makes the difference in an election.Someone isn’t in state house because of them.

    • Just wait and see how this orangutan called Kanganja arrests you on tramped up charges that is when you will hate it. This Kanganja just makes me puke.

  8. PF take it easy let the young man say what he thinks if Kaganja is the IG God just s fellow human being. Take it easy.

  9. Whether you like him or not, what Chilufya Tayali thinks, intends to do and does is his personality. This dimension is applicable to us all.

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