Luapula Province has a high rate of child negligence in Zambia-Machina


Luapula Province Social Welfare Officer Anita Machina says the Province has a high rate of child negligence in Zambia.

Speaking during the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC)’s workshop with civic leaders and stakeholders on policies and laws on child marriage recently in Mansa District, Machina appealed to the civil leaders in Luapula Province to collaborate with the social welfare offices in the region to safeguard children’s lives.

And Machina revealed that officers from social welfare are having challenges during their investigations because residents are economical with the truth, hence the need to work with ward councilors.

Machina expressed optimism that if social welfare can collaborate with civic leaders, the rampant child negligence in the province will be curbed.

“The Province has a high rate of child negligence in Zambia” Machina said


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    Its the whole Zambia bane. Dont be silly!
    Just go the streets of Lusaka and see for yourself.
    Why single out Luapula and not Southern where we all know some leader has abandoned his own children for love of money and good living in Lusaka!
    What a disaster!

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    @ RudeMonk,
    Just accept mwana and if you are grieved just sue the NGOCC coordinator who has exposed you out. How many Southerners you have found in the streets of Lusaka? Luapula is very far from Lusaka and Southern province near Lusaka baba, just go out in the streets of Lusaka you have mentioned and ask them their names and the truth will be exposed dear RudeMonk.

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    “You can’t do much carpentry with your bare hands, and you can’t do much thinking with your bare brain. –Bo Dahlbom

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    Reason been Northern province is the biggest province and Luapula is close and they share most of the land together. Having said that, where did she get the data from and we need to see province by province than someone trying to make a political statement that she’s doing her job. She might have the facts but we’ll need prove of database

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    Just accept the truth please … is it tribal competition again ? If there is a problem in the province, let this government help you. They are on your side .

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    The province has a “high” rate not “highest” rate. Why should someone compain? Tell us where the offence is?

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