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Lusaka Mayor proposes K10 per month for his Garbage Fee via Talk Time idea

Headlines Lusaka Mayor proposes K10 per month for his Garbage Fee via Talk...

Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba
Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba

Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba has revealed that he has proposed a Garbage Fee of K10 to be paid by all residents monthly to be collected through phone air time.

Mr Kalumba said he met officials from the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to discuss the proposed figures.

He indicated that charging just USD1 a (or K10 ) month per phone line would translate into USD6 million a month or USD 72 million a year or USD360 million over 5 years in Garbage Fees for the whole country.

“Today, I held a meeting with ZICTA concerning my proposal to ZICTA to allow for Garbage Fee to be recovered from airtime credit. The discussions went well but both parties agreed to conduct more analysis of the proposal and how it fits in the tariff determination and the overall government objective to lower ITC costs,” Mr Kalumba said.

The Lusaka Mayor said ZICTA indicated that there are 12 million subscribers in Zambia.

“However with some people subscribing for more than one line, and SIMs in gadgets it is estimated that there are only about 6 million lines that are attributed to individuals. We have worked the indicative numbers.”

He added, “Charging just USD1 a (or K10 ) month per line means USD6 million a month or USD 72 million a year or USD360 million over 5 years in garbage fees for the whole country. Lusaka has a population of 2.5 million or 15.6% of Zambia’s population.”

“Based on this high level analysis we can assume that about USD56 million is attributed to Lusaka only over 5 years out of which we only need about USD15 million to buy the equipment that we whilst the balance (USD36 million) will be used to pay for running the waste management operations including garbage collection and build a reserve fund for the next cycle of Cape,” he explained.

Mr Kalumba said he believe that using airtime will broaden the base and allow the City Council to charge a very low Garbage Fee.

He said this will benefit everyone including those currently paying over K100 per month garbage collection.

“I urge residents to support this move,” he said.

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  1. That will not end the garbage problem in our dirty city…i do not think the failure to clean up the city is because of lack of resources. What is needed most is that political will to keep Lusaka clean. Before you tax us more bwana Mayor remove all those carders from the streets….

    • PF is always joking around.

      Taxing people with a fruitless agenda lacking a reliable policy & resources. People will just stop buying talk time to please PF’s blind incompetence.

      The Skeleton Key

    • people pay for better TV i dont know how long but how that money is used awe sure. so this is another drain pipe to steal from people who buy expensive talktime

    • OMG that man is NOT good looking.

      This is why some of us have gone north for Partners.

      On his proposal – I think with the problem of addresses in Lusaka – it is actually a good idea.



    • My cousins in a village in Petauke will pay for garbage collection for Lusaka? Who made Lusaka mayor a custodian of all cities in Zambia. His jurisdiction ends at Chelston to the east, Lilayi to the south, Lilanda to the west and 10 miles to the north.

    • Lusaka cannot change when the dirt mongers are running the city. Ex-Mayor Patricia Nawa cleaned up Lusaka without bags of money. The current PF regime is just corrupt and greedy. They want to steal from Zambians when no work will be done by them. Lusakans are already paying K5 for parking spaces that are dirty.

    • This will not end kalinga-linga issues but something else may be introducing cameras to monitor perpetrators as it is here in Europe.

    • Imwe ba Kalumba, nindalama za anyoko? You are even make it look simple at only U$1! On my K10 at fyonfyonfyo! Have you run out or ideas or you are naturally dull? Young Christopher Kangombe has removed the vendors from the town centre and the place is much better than it was a few months ago. You have failed to collet levis from the markets, bus stops, taxi ranks and land rates. Before you think of touching my K10, what are you collection rates of the above levis? Please mukazinkalako serious na nchito zanu!

    • You stu.p.id mayor. Try it I will sue you. I pay personal levy, and property rates. what is that money meant for. Its meant to provide services and you now want to start this nonsense

  2. “Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.” —Will Rogers

    • This Mayor wants to ZICTA to cut a fee off all talktime topped up in Zambia…then distributed to councils.
      The question is who gets what..Chipata Council will say its being shortchanged, Livingston already has its on strategy ….this mayor is simply being very lazy, doing rough calculations on back of used cigaratte boxes.

  3. Are Garbage collection costs not worked into the Council Rates? But also the problem is always of accountability and on what measures should be taken to ensure that the 1USD goes to garbage collection and not to ferrying PF cadres off to welcome or see off ECL on his many foreign sojourns.

    • Its wishful thinking for this govt of reckless tins to account for anything simply look at tollgate funds…they do not pump this money back into roads.

  4. Imwe ba Mayor, Zambians are already paying so many different taxes that should even cater for garbage, so why are bringing more things. Councils need to run business to raise funds and squeeze more money from poor Zambians. If you have no business skills then resign so that someone else who has can take over.

  5. Why not have the fee tied to water bills or property rates? Phone system doesn’t automatically mean somebody lives in Lusaka.

    • This is no longer a joke…how can you have a councillor who works part-time and is overpaid be proposing such laws. I am sure he gets a free phone fromn LCC.

  6. Cadres are every where collecting what belongs to Lusaka city council and this mayor wants to start stealing from innocent people who work hard to earn a dollar, including my son who does not work. Remove cadres from INTERCITY BUS TERMINUS and collect maximum revenue.

  7. How about all those Zambians living on less than 1 dollar per day? Hunger beckons in zambia. People are living on garbage and you pay for it!

  8. The law allows for councils to charge levies for all services including garbage management, not airtime levy. Don’t broaden the base for stealing money. Take this to parliament, not ZICTA. You have no mandate to make laws.

  9. Eish this guy is determined to use the phone companies. For Heavens sake it is not feasible. Let him instead partner with ZESCO or Lusaka Water and Sewerage. Better still like Kopala said, remove cadres from collection of levies

  10. Zambia always runs away from actually doing a job. We have lived in “serious” countries. There is NO such rubbish as collecting a garbage fees through cell phone airtime, whether from a specific area (we don’t know how a cell phone will tell that I live in a specific area) or from the wider populace. Which law are they using?
    Serious countries charge a sanitation & garbage fee on THE SPECIFIC HOUSE or BUILDING in the town. Each house is charged for these services. There is a specific account statement served on that house. AND THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED, not just charged. So this Mayor is dodgy.
    In a normal country, each building is supplied with WATER, SEWER, ELECTRICITY. And the monthly bill for these includes gabage, rates also. But in Zambia these services are not provided. And…

  11. Bwana Mayor /Changachanga, the idea is ok but implementation may be a big problem. This levy should also carter for fire fighting equipment which has been a source of concern for a long time. Its easy to deal with garbage management than fire out breaks. I hope there wont be corruption in managing this scheme because the amount involved is huge.

  12. that’s stealing broad day light..why charge each phone charge when we have more than one dependants..get lost and find some serious way of fundraising ..don’t temper with our money..

  13. A lot of garbage in this proposal. Clean up your dirty city first bwana mayor …. what sin did we commit to deserve this sort of leadership that is so backward and out of touch. What a joke!

  14. There we go again. .
    A lot of garbage in this proposal. Clean up your dirty city first bwana mayor …. what sin did we commit to deserve this sort of leadership that is so backward and out of touch. What a joke!

    • You had a chance to elect Mrs Mwanawasa a learned indovidual but because you chose elect based on Party you brought this moron who has not admitted Street Vendors are also a problem on our streets.

  15. I am not for your proposal which is designed to cover up your failure to collect fees from those YOU employed to collect on your behalf. YOU have literally failed to supervise the garbage collection exercise. Can you not learn from the ZNB>>> who have failed to improve despite imposing collection of funds through….for decades on end. You shall fail to control and account for the same funds.

  16. The man should resign! Being a mayor entitles him to receive free airtime in addition to other add-ons. Most people barely get to have K10 on their mobiles for essential communication purposes.

  17. Corrupt PF politicians always think of how to steal public money instead of thinking how to develop the country. Under PF Zambia is a cursed country.

  18. When people have so much money, they think everyone else is also has. K 10 per resident is just much. Unless you say Its a revenue collection exercise for other projects.. But still as an elected official, your idea needs to be supported by your people

  19. Why has everything become Mandatory in this crazy nation? The cost of airtime continues to skyrocket because of st upid chaps with self-serving interests. There after they will start giving themselves tenders to cash in on our money. These thieves have gone too far and must be stopped! We are sick and tired of high taxes. We can’t afford to be taxed any further unless PF wants to test our patience further to see how we will erupt. Make no mistake. When Zambians erupt, you won’t be able to contain them. This is too much. It is clear that this is not just about garbage but a fundraising venture. Keeping vendors on the streets will guarantee the continuous flow of garbage for PF to cash in. Sad!

  20. Really laughable these guys are so lazy in thinking now everything they go to ZiCTA offices even Police IG went to their offices to get a printout of a Facebook Page post…no one wants to do the work instead of starting from the base looking at land rates, council tax, landlord fees..and working with ZRA.

  21. I propose that the amount be reduced to K2.50 per person per month. K10 is too much. Too high and will end up in people’s pockets and not the intended course.

    • The whole thing should not be entertained. We pay ground rates for these services. Where do they take our money? These chaps just want to enrich themselves through tenders and the problem will remain. If you see the projections they have made, it’s all about money now and not values. I am already spending to manage my waste. Why should I be subjected to more deductions? Every ngwee counts. The rich don’t overlook a single cent / ngwee but the poor middle class will always say it’s okay for our leaders to continue pickpocketing and DEPLETING the citizens. Low taxes was one of the lies PF used to obtain votes by false pretenses! They have to go in 2021 even if it means voting for a frog!

  22. Can somebody wake this mayor up.Its like he is in dreamland.Firstly he has not done feasibility study of how many people afford to buy talk time exceeding the proposed $1(K10) per month and he has not consultanted Lusaka residents if at all they are comfortable with the charge.In reality there people with phones who only maintain beeping power.Let the council first show us the zeal to clean Lusaka by also being innovative,invest in garbage collecting vehicles etc

  23. This is a bad idea.This kind of thinking is what led to T.V levy which is actually manna that Znbc receives for being inefficient. It seems the Mayor is mostly interested in the collosal sums of money.If a citizen has to pay for a service the payment should be equal to the service rendered. We don’t generate the same amount of garbage to be paying the same amount. And some of those subscribers are children.

    • Progressive councils run recycling schemes for sustainable ie recycling of plastic bottles, paper and waste for bio-energy and compost …he is simply thinking of collection money to get rubbish and dump it in a landfill.
      How can you calculate what you want to collect and not tell us what you are currently collecting and spending.

  24. This mayor is crazy. He has no idea what his municipality should concentrate on. The rates and taxes that Lusaka residents pay should provide for services such as garbage collection, street lighting and the road infrastructure. The task then is simple , go out and collect these rates from the Lusaka residence.

    I am amazed – why is ZICTA entertaining this absurd idea ? ZICTA does not run any Cell phone/data company or a garbage collection firm. Lusaka city Council does not run any cell phone firm. The two are conniving and I have no idea whose infrastructure they intend to use and at what cost.

    Is this the same mayor who proposed that ZESCO bury their power lines , so that they issue plots on the wayleaves? I wonder whether the stuff between his ears actually works.

  25. This is just another avenue for PF to steal money without working for it………first tell us what land rates being paid and collected are used for ?

  26. People how many things are we going to pay for?do people even see that the economy is already worse?taxes are already high,people can’t even have 3square meals a day salaries are pathetic.are people going to to be working for bills and taxes? Lets be real with these issues.vending is what bringing all this dirty,y should ordinary people be paying for the mess they not creating .b real

  27. Most of you are shamless cowards, the other day tiyali announced he was embarking on a protest march agsinst PIG because has has no where else to air his griviences and most you ricidulled him…….if you can not protest just pay up, put up and shu.t up……

  28. Another way to extort money from the already over taxed citizens. The money will be miss appropriated and the dirty in Lusaka will continue. What you need Mayor is to criminalize street vending and enforce cleanliness bylaws. That sort of money could be raised by penalizing those guilt of littering the the city and not innocent citizens.

  29. Sitifuna kutudyela chabe ndalama. I agree with people who are saying this is not going to solve the garbage problem. It would be better for people to be paying that K10 per month for collecting the garbage from their homes.

  30. The problem we have in Africa is that we think money solves problems and that is a reason why corruption is endemic. You can solve a problem simply by putting up intervention measures. Let the mayor if him and his council cant think beyond their noses call for an indaba with Lusaka residents who can suggest ways of tackling the garbage issue. There is no Zambian suburb which is devoid of this problem of garbage. We dont need more taxes. We are already paying too much. They even want to start taxing our personal bank accounts.

  31. This is not even worth debating! It is an idea emanating from a very lazy mind. How does garbage relates to airtime???? Water utility companies charge sewerage fees as a component of the water bill. Shouldn’t this dull mayor explore that avenue by embedding the “K10 garbage fee” in one of the so many charges levied by the local councils (personal levy, parking fees, land rates etc…? This will reduce the confusion on what the actual cost of air time is relative to other regions! We don’t want another ignoble title as the one country with the costliest airtime! remember we are tops in the gasoline industry…

  32. Bwana Kalumba,this is a bad idea,in my home 3 of my family members have registered sim cards, so the 5 of us should pay k50 for the same garbage we generate at home, bushilu ubu.

  33. This is the problem when you have an illiterate on top. For him to propose K10 how did he arrive at that figure. Did he ever conduct a study to look at people’s capacities. Does he realize that some people struggle just to raise a K1 for talk-time. Worse still look at the current scenario where this conman and his mentors have most likely given contracts to themselves, friends and relatives possibly cadres using undesignated waste collection vehicles. If council was serious this could not have been allowed, the open vans used liter cabbage throughout town to the dump-site. What if there is a disease out-break what would happen. Please spare us from dreamers!

  34. Stupid Mayor. Charge all households and business premises within Lusaka a fixed garbage fee. After charging, you also provide the garbage collection service. This mayor doesn’t even know how many houses are in Lusaka.

  35. i think its a good move…people don’t want to pay for garbage or atleast dispose it well…in my neighbourhood there is too much garbage thrown everywhere by our lovely neighbours of mtendere east.with this move i hope the council will put the funds to good use and collect all the garbage in all neighbourhoods on time…and its also a relief for some of us who pay K86 per month.

  36. I have a contract with a private firm for which I pay the agreed fee per month for collection of my garbage. So this illegal tax is for collection of whose garbage and why should I be forced to pay? Can LCC tell us all it’s revenue and how it is spent? LCC is the only council with potential to generate sufficient resources and sustain it’s operations but because of corruption and incomptence can not do so. We know where this money will end up…….contracts for well connected chaps providing shoddy or no service at all. Please provide us with the Law allowing you to tax us this money. I appeal to ALL who will be affected by this move to gang up and E ngange a Lawyer to challenge this.

  37. ZEMA the custodian of the Environment in Zambia told this Mayor earlier this month that he has no audacity or Jurisdiction to charge garbage fees thru talk time as the two are not compatible…Now why has this mayor continued with his unpopular debate…

  38. Citizen I concour with you there is too much lawlessness ba Mayor take control of bus terminus chase cadres from bus station collect levy from street vendors but I know you wouldn’t dare as you know they will not vote for you.You brought this mess on yourself by aligning your self with cadres they are like ticks difficult to eradicate too bad. You have your self to blame.

  39. This mayor has a brain of a chicken. Everything him is about introducing a levy. What happens to the colossal sums of money thousands of vehicle owners pay in terms of road taxes in Lusaka? Are those not supposed to cater even for the street lighting this dullest mayor is talking about?

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