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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Male Nurse slapped with a 15-year jail term for raping a 17-year-old patient

Rural News Male Nurse slapped with a 15-year jail term for raping...

THE Mansa High Court has slapped a 15-year jail term on a 35-year-old male nurse of St Paul’s Hospital in Nchelenge district in Luapula Province for raping a 17-year-old girl while she was seeking medical treatment at the health facility.

Justice Davis Mumba sent to jail Joseph Kabaso of Daison village in Nchelenge who was facing one count of rape.

In passing the judgment, Justice Mumba said Kabaso had betrayed the confidence and trust which was bestowed on him by his employer to look after patients.

He said Kabaso took advantage of the girl’s sickness, injected her with some medication which made her feel drowsy before raping her.

“I sentence you to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour and if you are not happy with my conviction, you can appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days,” justice Mumba said.
On July 17 last year, Mumba had unlawful carnal knowledge of the named patient without her consent.

During trial at the lower court, the victim testified that on the fateful night around 22:00 hours, she was referred to the hospital as she had abdominal pains.
She narrated that she was then admitted to the emergency room due to lack of space at the hospital.

“Around 23:00 hours, I was taken to the treatment room and Kabaso refused my mother who had taken me to the hospital to enter the room, saying she might get some infection,” she narrated.

“He then gave me an injection which made me feel drowsy, when I woke up, I found him kissing me telling me that he loves me,” she narrated.

She said Kabaso injected her again and she fell asleep and only woke up after hours and discovered that she and Kabaso were naked.

She narrated that she shouted for help and that she was taken to Mbereshi Mission Hospital where it was discovered that she was raped.

The matter was later reported to police where Mumba was charged and arrested.

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  1. This bandit Kabaso pretending to be a teacher is a total danger to society!

    Meanwhile mupimiseni uyo. A’pimiwe uyo~& educate that raped.

    The Skeleton Key

  2. This Kabaso pretending to be a teacher is a menace to society.

    Mupimiseni uyo gebenga!

    The Skeleton Key

  3. Sorry we always insists do not examine a patient alone otherwise you may be tempered. Those are the results of libido at work. Male nurses and male clinical officers you always be accompanied in the examination room with somebody. It is a wake up call for all medical personnel. Thumps up judge WELLDONE

    • Well said. Ugwila gwila thupi ya ka kashana ati I am a professional. I cant feel anything. Nanga ni ma feelings ya nyoko?

  4. It is normal for every man to sexually get attracted to a woman but surely can a normal person pounce on a patient who needs medical attention!!Must be sick in the head! God come and heal our land. This reminds of a video which is circulating on social media where this woman is sucking the penis of a ‘pastor’ in the so called ‘holy pool’ in full view of the rest of the ‘congregation’ in which they are seen cheering and taking pictures. Just what has gone wrong with our society??

  5. Nyele look what you made me do! This is the sad Zambian version of Zee World’s: Love Look What You Made Me Do.


  7. With the coming of fight for gender equality came the introduction of male nurses. It is easier for the male nurse to rape a patient and almost impossible for the female one to do the same act. Shame on us males. One bad character has dented the image of males going into this profession and making it uncomfortable for females being cared for by male nurses.

  8. 15 years for such an offence is too lenient! This person broke so many laws and ethics and he’s only given 15 years?

  9. We’ve so many women and you wonder how people resort to rape. Anyway it’s all to do with mental strength.

  10. I think the sentence in inadequate. The offence this sex maniac committed is so serious it should have been at least 30 years imprisonment.

  11. 15 years yachepa. The 17 year old must sue the state for compensation because its the govt’s hospital staff that brought this tragedy on her

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