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Its wrong for Common Wealth to organize dialogue between PF and UPND-Sakala

Headlines Its wrong for Common Wealth to organize dialogue between PF and UPND-Sakala


Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) President says it is not right for the Common Wealth to organize a dialogue platform between the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF).

In an interview, Edwin Sakala who is also Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) Chairperson said it is ZCID’s responsibility to foster peace talks between UPND and the PF.

Mr. Sakala said since both parties have agreed to talk, this should be the end point of the Common Wealth as ZCID was established for this purpose.

“It is not right for the Common Wealth to organize a dialogue platform between the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF)” Sakala said

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    • Ba Sakala, don’t be naïve. Please learn to appreciate efforts already made by other stakeholders.

      God bless Zambia.

    • I find Sakala’s reasoning laughable soon we will hear other PF sycophants join in claiming Sakala’s thinking.

    • So why didn’t he try to mediate intially … after his friends have done the work now he wants to reap where he did not sow. Lazy Bankam

    • Is it like a slow news day? President Muliokela is a better clown. How was he even made chairperson of an important governance institution like ZCID?

    • ASakala you are just a dog scrounging ftom Lungu. Its a shame that Lungu has got himself in in a tough situation of which he has to comply with or else there will be trouble.

      Where was this toothless dog in the name of Edwin Sakala when his paymaster was abusing his presidential powers?

      Edwin should go to hell as he has proved to be nothing but scrounger.


    • Sakala Nyongo is just embarrassed that outsiders have more sense than he and Jonathan.
      Jonathan is most likely to listen to outsiders since he lacks wisdom and is sorrounded by riffraffs.

  1. WHERE WERE YOU ZCID, ALL THIS LONG AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING ABOUT IT, after the common wealth have intervened in the all process then you came and say its wrong. do you know bu katyetye mwenda mwalimwa?

  2. We need international Touch to all our issued Mr .Sakala Full stop . Are u the Sakala that Chief Mazimawe or Nzamane admonished ?

  3. Neo colonialism has taken root through the politics of UPND.
    If everything in Zambia is controlled by the PF then the UPND should forget about Zambia.
    There message is suitable to audiences outside Zambia who who know little abt them.

  4. TO BEGIN WITH THIS SAKALA SHOULD NOT BE PART OF ZCID as he RUNS A POLITICAL PARTY!! We need independent minded people there!! SEE HE HAS ALREADY STARTED CAUSING CONFUSION, there is nothing wrong for outsider to promote internal peace when we have failed internally!! PEOPLE BLAME THE “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR ACTING TOO LATE AFTER THINGS HAVE GONE OUT CONTROL” this is a typical case of “nipping something in a bud”. However unpleasant it looks (which it is ) that we have failed to reasons together internally the way KK did with the then opposition to listen to students, unions and churches to change the constitution and re-introduce multiparty politics!! We could have done so,IF WE HAD WISE PEOPLE IN POLITICS ESPECIALLY THE OPPOSITION!!

    • Started well but in your warped reasoning want to place more responsibility on the opposition.In 1991 it was leaders in the ruling party who were wise,we ‘re in this mess because the ruling leaders are not wise that’s why they are depending on the police to rule.This is not sustainable.

    • @13.1 Biloko, the “opposition” or those agitating for change that time were ALSO MATURE and RESPONSIBLE than what we have NOW!! The current leadership in opposition had DIVERTED FROM REAL OPPOSITION POLITICS TO ANARCHY!! Boycotting parliament, calling the President names, refusing to recognize the victory and Presidency of someone who they failed to prove through legal channels that he was not elected etc… A THE EXPENSE OF PROJECT FAILURES OF GOVERNMENT AND HOW TO IMPROVE GOVERNANCE!! If the opposition mainly UPND was right, WHY HAVE THEY BEEN TOLD TO PUT 2016 ELECTIONS BEHIND and WORK WITH GOVERNMENT TO IMPROVE THE ELECTORAL PROCESS?? So who too far in their wrongs than the other??

    • 13.2
      Thru the weekly post kaunda was seriously abused by MMD then in opposition which led him to referring to them as scared little men he did not resort to the abuse of the police to have his way.Sata after winning majority in kitwe and Ndola declared”I will make the country un governable”did you seeLPM resort to state violence like we have witnessed in the last 6yrs.I insist those with state power need to be wise to create peace.

  5. Water under the bridge ba Sakala. Hero too late.
    Let the capable minds handle the matter. ZCID is nothing and has no backbone at all.

  6. What dialogue for what! We need opposition and not one party , what is it the difference that makes opposition!

  7. ba sakala its too late for you to defend pf at this hour . hands off commonwealth you are actually very useless . commonwealth would have not come in if you really exist .

    • There she goes, lusting over HH uncontrollably.

      It’s actually Tonga men you seem to lust over, when LT showed a picture of Larry mwitwa all you could comment about was his lips…..take is easy madam…..

  8. Sakala Just keep your mouth shut that is not the way we bring food to your table. How many months have passed with your mouth shut watching evil taking place. nsoni ebutu.

  9. This guy just realised that he is not worthy the organization he was mandated to lead. when it was necessary for him to bring dialogue between the two parties, he was practicing division by telling chiefs in the East to burn UPND. Now that he knows he is a failure he must just resign. How can such a guy, given his undemocratic utterances, come even near zcid, an institution mandated to bring reconciliatory, when he is so divisive?

  10. Zambia should not waste time with brief case political parties formed to destruct the attention of real issues we are facing. Sakala just like Chipimo, Nawakwi, RB can never be relied on in Zambia pipo that can be bought with money. We know which pipo care about the affairs of the country. It took The Catholic Bishops, Church Leaders and the Commonwealth and not forgetting South African Opposition parties to assist reduce tension in our country. Where were our local political parties? The whole world is watching Zambia’s democracy and rule of law being killed the and the so called Sakalas and their brief political parties where buried in blood money. RB as the former head of state should be very much ashamed of the happenings in our country.

  11. Sakala must be a lunatic person please let people not take his rubbish utterances seriously because he has nothing to offer including his foolish organisation.Talking useless things about certain issues just paints some one’s ignorance like Edwin himself.

  12. He can’t accept his irrelevance in the Zambia political scene
    Common wealth has done the job he is pretending to do

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