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Alba Iulia
Friday, February 21, 2020

Listen to Kantu and Macky 2’s sweet collaborative effort “Honey”

Headlines Listen to Kantu and Macky 2's sweet collaborative effort "Honey"

Kantu released her latest single “Honey” that features Macky 2. The song was produced by KB, K-Army Studios.

Download the song HERE



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  1. I listen to Runtown, Techno, PSqure, Wizkid etc. This Mark II is not talented. I want to listen to something that makes me feel good not something miserable just because I have to support fellow Zambians. Zambian artists need to be creative and start working hard so that they can make good songs. Not long ago, Nigerian musicians were not better musicians when compared to Zambian misicians. But look where Nigerian musicians are now.

    • No My broder. Nigerian music has always been better than Zambia. Zambia has never produced original music. Its always imitation of European music but Naija has always been original

  2. Mwebantu this song is quite cool. Its oroso original. Its Zambian music. You can’t mistake it for anything else

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