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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Indian firm begins the construction of a $60 million solar power plant in Kafue

Economy Indian firm begins the construction of a $60 million solar power plant...

Solar Modules
Solar Modules

CONSTRUCTION of a 54 megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Kafue at a cost of US$60 million has started.

An Indian firm, Sterling and Wilson, is undertaking the construction works.

Sterling and Wilson head of human resource for northern region Atul Goyal said the project, which will be on a 52 hectare land, will be completed within eight months.

Mr Goyal said this on Wednesday when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga at the Zambian chancery in New Delhi.

“President Lungu directed the Industrial Development Corporation to urgently drive the development and installation of at least 600MW of solar power countrywide, to tackle the power deficit in Zambia,” Mr Goyal said.

This is contained in a statement issued yesterday by first secretary for press at the Zambian mission in India, Bangwe Naviley.

Mr Goyal said the project is important as it promotes clean energy and will result in skills transfer.

And Ms Kapijimpanga said investing in Zambia’s energy sector is a good move by Sterling and Wilson, especially that electricity tariffs are now cost-reflective.

“The project will not only profit over two million residents of Lusaka and Kafue but Zambia as a whole and the eight neighbouring countries,” she said.

Ms Kapijimpanga said the mission will fully support the project because Zambia is in a hurry to develop.

“Zambia has managed to avoid conflict which has marked much of Africa’s post-colonial history, earning itself a status of a politically stable nation,” she said.

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  1. We give all investors atvkeast 5 years tax free so tax benefits into the economy will not show fir at keast five years. Then the profits go offshore, we benefit by paying foreigners for the pleasur of having power

  2. Googling i have found that a rule of thumb each megawatt of power by solr requires 4 hectares and on 54 megawatt it should generate power for about 54000 homes china on the 2nd of july launched a 40 megawatt solar farm ant it benefits 15000 homes interesting figures when we are supplying zambia and the 8 neighboring countries. Where are the results of the feasibility study

    • Very true, for 54MW one needs about 220ha of land regardless whether the company is from India, USA, UK or Mongolia. Globaly the cost of installing ONE kilowatt is about US$2500. 54MW will cost you in the region of US$135 million. Iam a patriot but wont be blinded by these cheap Indian lies and claiming they can install 54 MW for US$60 million. The 54 MW also looks suspicious….who thinks of 54, why not 50, 55 or 60?

  3. Again we have the statement zambia is a peaceful and politically stable country. Do i really believe that every investor says the same thing. Good thst the man is in india anfpd the project is in kafue. Anybody in kafue who can confirm

    • So you’d rather see tension and confusion in your country than peace. I wonder how you even found yourself in aussie because only civilised and properly trained personnel are allowed entry in this country. Aussie is not like UK or USA were illegal immigrants are welcome.

  4. I dont mean to undermine this investor. We know the pain during load shedding, the electricity is welcome.

    However it would be great to someday open LT and read of an indigenous black Zambian putting up these types of projects in his very own country.

    • Iam a Zambian in the Diaspora and I have been trying to set up a solar plant since 2008. I gave presentations to Ministry of energy, Rural electrification board, Zesco, but I couldnt get a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) from an government entity. This was going to be a plant owned and run by Zambians. Surprising, they now giving PPA’s to French and Indian companies. My only problem is that I refused to bribe.

    • PM – employ some white chaps put them in the front…thats the only way those brainwashed tins will take you seriously

  5. Me l have 600 hectares of land in central Zambia and is on 99year lease from Government. If anyone (investors) wish to team up with me in this project by all means, they are welcome.

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