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Lusaka residents should reject the proposed Garbage Levy by the Mayor-ZSPA

Economy Lusaka residents should reject the proposed Garbage Levy by the Mayor-ZSPA

Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba
Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba
The Zambia Society of Public Administration (ZSPA) has called on Lusaka residents to reject the proposal by Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba to start collecting garbage Levy via the telecoms.

ZSPA President Kelvin Esiasa feels that this proposal lacks credibility, merit and should not be supported for any cause.

Mr. Esiasa says there is no credibility in what the mayor is proposing adding that it is meant to abuse institutions like ZICTA.

He says what the mayor needs to do is to engage the citizens and see how best they can make the city clean and ensure that residents of Lusaka are committed and responsible enough to promote a clean culture and ensure that refuse is disposed of in a designated place.

He states that garbage in the central Business district and other high density areas is raising concerns that require citizens to support the local authority in maintaining it.


    • @1 Spaka.. 100% correct, he can’t keep collecting money without telling those contributing how he is using it he already collects!

    • This is essentially it in a nutshell. Council service delivery is currently already very poor despite all the money collected from domestic and commercial property rates. So what guarantee is there that this money will be used for it’s intended purpose?

    • I don’t think LCC and the mayor will tell the nation their revenue streams and what they are used for, this will expose a lot of corruption and mismangment of monies collected.

      It is probably the case that all monies collected from land and bussiness rates are used to service corrupt useless contacts and overpay management.. ..

  1. In developed countries where waste management is a serious issue residents a waste management fee or tax. Esiasa needs to propose an alternative and not just condemn anything just because it is coming from government. Waste management in this country is a serious issue and let us not play politics with it.

    • @2abilima, in those countries, there is proper accountability on the use of those taxes. If the Mayor and his team took time explain the councils revenue streams and its expenditures and called for public hearings for people to examine their financial records and explain well why it is necessary to charge extra fees to provide the very basic services they are expected to provide from already existing fees, people would not be protesting.Another thing is what the ZSPA President is advising, let the council lead in developing a culture of cleanliness and order; let trade take place in designated areas and people encouraged to develop a culture if cleanliness and general hygiene. Today as we discuss, you hardly see refuse disposal bins in streets and public places except in few offices and…


    • Bwafyaa – Thanks a lot. We all need accountability and the council to educate citizens on the plans that they want to implement so that we are all on board. My problem is with organizations such as ZSPA – they would rather criticize than work with the Council. This is very common in our society – criticism of Govt institutions is taken to imply that so and so are working very hard.

  2. This chi mayor with nose like Pompi ya menshi. Look at his eyes…Can such a mayor add any value to the city? Him everything is about more levies to residents, that’s all he knows!!

  3. Do we really need to be told how to keep our surroundings clean? I propose that we all become policemen of one another. He who is seen throwing waste anyhow be arrested and a reward be given to the person who makes a citizens arrest.

  4. LCC should revisit garbage collection from experience the present Chairperson Amos Musonda,for Local Government Commission was once Director of Public Health at LCC had a monthly programme on garbage collection and other activities like underage drinking. It worked tip-top for Lusaka City from 2011 up to 2015 or so took shape in cleanliness. My advice to the Mayor to get tips from Mr. Musonda instead of complaining the garbage trucks are down and literally . Mayor dream wisely for the great lusakans. Amen

  5. If the council collectec6 fees from all markets in its boundaries and from all the bus stations rather than lettinf pf cadres control and collect money then i am sure there would be more money to address issues.
    Government both national and loca is not about jobs for the loyal but about setvice for the Country and Community.
    The sooner we look beyond our bellies the quicker zambia can develop

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