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PF distances itself from Police action which led to the cancellation of Thanksgiving Prayers for HH

Headlines PF distances itself from Police action which led to the cancellation of...

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
The ruling Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has distanced itself from Police action which led to the cancellation of Thanksgiving Prayers by the Opposition UPND.

“The Patriotic Front is not allergic to prayer. As a matter of fact, it has been our consistent prayer that a day will come when the Opposition UPND would understand the need for Prayer in a Christian Nation like ours. It is a matter of public knowledge that in the Past, the UPND have refused to join the rest of the nation in matters of prayer. They have politicised 18th October, which President Edgar Lungu declared as a public holiday, dedicated to prayer, fasting and reconciliation”, he has observed.

Mr Mwila has further challenged the UPND not to shun in this year’s October 18th National Prayers, Fasting and Reconciliation as they always do.

“We hope UPND and other Opposition Parties can attend this year’s national prayers. As Political parties, we must ensure we are identified with prayer as opposed to being linked to dark forces. The former is the Journey of Faith Patriotic Front is proud to promote in line with our declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. The latter is about the evil undesirable in our nation. So we encourage everyone to pray”, Hon Mwila has said.

Mr Mwila has further denounced assertions by UPND National Chairperson Mrs Mutale Nalumango linking the ruling Party to a Police decision.

“Mrs. Nalumango knows too well that the Police are not a branch of the Patriotic Front. They make decisions, good or bad, on their own. They ensured public safety and security after UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was released after the DPP entered a Nolle Prosequi. The UPND procession went uninterrupted and no UPND National Chairperson linked the Police to the ruling Party at that point. With the unfortunate and unnecessary cancellation of Opposition prayers, the UPND has found it convenient to apportion blame on the ruling Party. But we are accustomed to UPND’s 11th Commandment – when Courts rule in their favour, they celebrate justice but when a Judgement goes against them, they insult the Judiciary as being held hostage by the ruling PF. It’s nothing but a UPND mindset problem”, he has said.

The PF Secretary General has also announced the appointment of Chungu Bwalya, MP, as Acting Provincial Chairperson for Northern Province, following Mr. Felix Mfula’s appointment into Foreign Service. Hon Mwila has also lifted suspensions for all Northern Province Party Officials with immediate effect and has since directed all who were acting to revert to their substantive positions. He has since called for hard work in the Province.


  1. The president js the commander in chief of all the forces including thevpolice service. The oresident is the chosen one for the pf . So by correlation it follows that the pf cannot distance themselves from the unchristian actions of the police service which is serving under the stewardship of the pf government. Mr Mwila jst admit that the pf govetnment has kicked another own goal by promoting itself as a christian party in a christian nation yet denies christians the opportunity to give thanksgiving unless it at a time dictated by the pf government. Strange behaviour in a so called democratic christian nation

    • Well done police. People should channel their energy to constructive things, not useless prayers motivated by bitterness.

    • These blarrie PF, Ba Joseph Kasonde died, how can they find time to discuss their fornication with ZP? I wonder.

    • We are ku chililo, ba kaonde died,, I have not seen any PF members except for max chongo who came with a drum of chibuku and PF t-shirts to distribute, I must appreciate here my friend @Nostradamus and ba GBM the good works they doing making sure everything befitting ba kasonde’s chililo is done,,,, I have not seen Jonathan or his representatives so far

    • Wow PF are so sarcastic in citing the Following” The Patriotic Front is not allergic to prayer. As a matter of fact, it has been our consistent prayer that a day will come when the Opposition UPND would understand the need for Prayer in a Christian Nation like ours” . REALLY? Who knows God more and what makes them think they are Holy than others. As a matter of Fact, PF are so bitter and evil that they forget we are a Christian nation. WHO are they fooling because an instruction was given by their Drunken Satanic Leader? What a shame that even for people to attend church require a permit?? Do we call that freedom and democracy?? ZAMBIANS lets wake up, today its HH tomorrow will be you. We should reject such nonsense happening in our beautiful country.

  2. Is it a Christian nation full of sinners? When you have selfish leaders you always find this kind of behaviour. We need fresh blood in Zambian leadership.

  3. Brother Mwila!are those words coming from dip down your heart or you ate fooling the Zambian people. It is now common knowledge that the police under your regime are unprofessional meaning they get instructions from from PF party officials. Examples are 1. At one time Mumbi Phiri instructed Inspector of Policee to arrest H.H. etc maybe you are just trying to run away from being embrassed. On UPND not joining your party in prayer, well in prayer you don’t force but it is an open thing as such don’t condemn your other colleagues the UPND.

  4. Stop lying mwila, we all know lungu and statehouse instructs the police on who to arrest , there is audio recordings of the police inspector general taking instructions from Amos chanda…

    • PF are very good at desecrating Biblical traditions. They are dissing the 10 Commandments with their kaponya humour. This is the second time a PF functionary is using this type of sinful language. PF is a party of satanists.

  5. This Chipante pante PF Govt never ceases to amaze the Nation. Lungu and his PF are hypocrites. Who doesn’t know that Jonathan Lungu is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces including ZPS? Commissioner Phiri was implementing directives from Lungu and his PF Officials as Commander in Chief of ZPS. Jonathan Lungu must take full responsibility for actions taken by the Police. The buck stop with him and he cannot distance himself from the actions of the Police. Its on record that Mrs Mumbi Phiri directed IG Kanganja to arrest HH and the IG implemented that directive. We all know that Lungu and his PF Officials are meddling in the operations of State Institutions like ECZ,ZPS, COURTS and the Civil Service in general. Lungu and his Criminal Advisers are always abusing State Institutions…

  6. UPND have nothing constructive to bring to the table but bitterness, anger, destruction and bring the country backwards. It is a dangerous party that practices clan politics and must never be allowed in power in Zambia! If you see the way Nose demon, JJ, HaLombe and others think, imagine one of them or their clan leading a ministry or Under Five President! Each time you read their postings, read between the lines, that is a general view of the clan and their online mouth piece Dog Watchers in Zambia!

    • Sharon you are an empty vessel that makes alot of noise. we are many different tribes supporting the UPND;I have never heard a tribal remark from the UPND but it is clueless people like you that promote all the tribal blogging. In fact you have nothing sensible to contribute apart from HH this and HH that even when he is not the topic. Get a life . This is on Mwila denying that the PF did not give instructions to ZP.

    • Which you read since you even knowits their mouth piece. Stop insults dear it will not benefit you. Bring your input with maturity

    • PF have no leadership qualities at all. They are a bunch of hyenas who find themselves in charge of other animals. It is feeding time!

  7. All you imbecellic, *****ic , anarchist renegades who are bent on worshipping your Diety HH, It is as simple as abc. Your bastors can declare any or every prayer congregational service a thanksgiving prayer event for a proven demagogue seeking to incite civil disobedience to result in Somali like anarchy. The churches are there so go ahead and worship your god HH for his good intentions.Report back in five years when you are in the midst of digging mass graves like Rwanda, Burundi and the dreaded HIV is being confused with malnutrition! Careful what you wish for, cos you might get it!

  8. Chritsian nation full of pretenders and jealous types.It was cancelled simply bcuz they were praying for HH and some losers could not take that.

  9. from my observation; when the president returns from Mfuwe there will be thunder and lightening and if I were the I.G. I would resign now as he may be on the firing line. Hope ECL throws some of these akalogolies out as they cause him many embarrassments.

    • Lungu himself has no sense of propriety. The mess and thuggery of his administration reflect his preference to intimidate, manipulate and frustrate others.

  10. SO now the nation must stand still so that the mostly Peons and their ba stors can idolize their High Diety HH a proven confusionist bent on inciting violence through civil disobedience. The path to such a mammoth prayer event is as simple as abc. Declare every sunday service a Thanksgiving day for the chief architecht of treasonable truancy. Pray hard for him until someday in the afterlife he can maybe give us an actual agenda of his platform. Time is on his side, afterlife? That should be a cakewalk. I also always mistakenly thought that pastors had a higher calling, but boy was i wrong!They are indeed the denominational political party. No wonder the church is always enveloped in sex scandal, they invest themselves too much in matters other than the gospel. Staring at Zambia, i bet…

  11. Go ahead with the thanksgiving prayers. Permission has been granted. If the UPND wants to pray on the moon or on the sun to thank God on the release of their God , Hakainde Hichilema, let them go ahead. But come 2021, another defeat awaits. Iam not PF, but will never vote for Hakainde come what may.

  12. Is Mwila as GS detached from his DSG just as his brain is detached from his mouth? If his DSG bitch admitted to having done so in retaliation to the embarrassment their boss was subjected to in SA, which PF is he distancing ffom the claim?

  13. @spaka. HH is the epitome of political incompetence. He can’t read signs. He has an ego which clouds his judgement. Sata wanted to give him a political lifeline considering that his ascendance to the Upnd presidency was tribal. He refused. He wanted Sata to be his Vice! He claimed he was more popular than Sata.. Then he unleashes violence on the Zambian people. Your HH is only fit for Mukobeko and the political dustbin . For the Presidency its a tall order.Nipatali.

    • Sata wanted to give Ben Phiri, the Comedian, a helpline and we saw what happened. Only a PFoool would accept Ukwa to mean what he said.

    • @ 11

      1mbecile, as a Christian I do NOT NEED PERMISSION TO PRAY. Go and rot in Hell together with your “anointed” paymaster, the Beast.

  14. Does this hatred for people who speak another language from them run in the blood or it is just these individuals on Lusaka Times.

    • It is the PF way of doing things. You cannot get a job in govt these days if you aren’t Bemba or Nyanja/Wako.

  15. This Mwila thing is indeed one hell of an ugly baboon. Just look ay Luo also and Kapasa Makasa, one wonders whether its the baboons and monkeys these Bembas chew that makes them develop such a cunning semblance to the primates!

  16. The PF Govt cannot distance itself from the stoppage of the Thanksgiving Prayers. Lungu and Kampyongo sent heavily armed Policemen to cordon the Cathedral. Just becoz Mumbi Phiri the Deputy PF SG claimed she had given orders to the Police to stop the Prayers Mwila is trying to distance PF from the Act. The PF govt is having a change of strategy so the Organisers of the Prayers and UPND must not assume that the PF govt is magnanimous in allowing the Prayers to go ahead. They must watch out for any surprises from Jonathan Lungu. There must be a devious reason for this Dununa Reverse from the PF Govt.

  17. No more freedom of worship in a christian nation. I’ve seen some men kneeling before their boss, perhaps some people are confused about who is God.

  18. Imbwa ngabaisakisha sana it doesn’t know when to stop running after everyone. These policemen are trying to please master Jonathan and are overdoing things

  19. ba upnd when dd u organise a prayer meeting?u shine national day of prayer evry year,u failed to pray wit de nation whn we had ecconomic down fall.Now that HH is out ,u now knw that God is there?kkkkkk.

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