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Kansanshi Mines truck accident pollutes Kifubwa River

Rural News Kansanshi Mines truck accident pollutes Kifubwa River

Solwezi residents scramble for poisoned fish as acid tanker spills into Kifubwa River
Solwezi residents scramble for poisoned fish as acid tanker spills into Kifubwa River
A truck from Kansanshi Mines has overturned at Kifubwa Bridge spilling sulphuric-acid into the Kifubwa River in Solwezi District.

North-Western Water and Sewerage Company has since shut down six of its boreholes at Kifubwa well fields in order to assess the extent of the contamination.

The incident happened around 07:00 hours this morning as the truck was on its way to deliver the chemical to the mine but tried to overtake a Toyota Spacio car.

North Western water and sewerage company project Manager Mufalo Kabika has told ZNBC’s Patricia Banda at the accident scene that the shutdown will affect about sixty percent of its customers who get water from the boreholes.

And Kansanshi mine safety manager Baston Sichinsamba says the mine has with immediate effect engaged the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) to sensitise people not to eat fish from Kifubwa River.

Mr. Sichinsamba says the other safety measure that will be put in place is to put lime around the accident scene and in the water to neutralise the chemical.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Water Development Permanent Secretary Bishop Ed Chomba says the sulphuric spillage incident is unfortunate adding that a comprehensive statement will be issued soon.

Bishop Chomba stated that polluting the environment is a serious offence under law.

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  1. <This is a very sad development. But again, it is the outcome of an incompetent government lacking serious oversight on the environmental implications of the mining industry. The movement of dangerous or harzardous compounds, though covered in law, has not been strictly enforced. What do you expect from a clueless ECL minions, including the guy at the top? Sad.

    • You see that fake bishop is already talking about “breaking the law”. Where is the disaster management? Where is RSTA? People are walking bear feet on acid.
      Its time to clean up quickly. Shut down the river. Control the people. Save wild life.

    • So for you…everything bad is LUNGU? When are you going to grow up and out of the blame game? Life is not all about politics …

  2. How can a driver worthy his salt try to overtake a car at a bridge? And is that the condition of the road in a town that is the income generator be looking like that? and what is Kapita, a traitor doing there? Shame on him; Sure i am now starting to think what the whites say that we blacks are cursed; may be there’s some truth to it; we have copper and a bridge like that one is not properly secured with long safety barriers; the counc is useless and doing nothing; look at that tall grass around the bridge.

  3. It sounds irresponsible on the part of the driver to try to overtake a Toyota Spacio car when carrying such a dangerous liquid.

  4. Get your facts correct KANSANSHI mine is not in North western province but Copperbelt i think in Chibuluma area. Safyulik acid cannot be neutralised by an alkali called lime in a large water body, the PS Statement is HOLLOW, THE manager also being Tonga ISSUED A DULL STATEMENT, why is that many drivers in Zambia are Tongaz? Look at the surname of the driver from choma marabish yek yeka

    • ANYOKO you never passed your Geography!!! Kansanshi Mine has never been on the Copperbelt. It is an open pit mine very much in Solwezi Sir just a few kilometers to the East of Solwezi beyond Solwezi Hospital. It is also one of the oldest mines in Zambia and are sister mines with Kalumbila which is farther to the West of Solwezi on the Solwezi – Mwinilunga road!!!!!!! What is in Chibuluma is Chibuluma mine.

  5. Anyoko, you are very ignorant we chipuba iwe. Kansanshi on the copperbelt? chilelumbula ati near chibuluma mine. tachaishiba na chibuluma mine eko yaba. Amafi fulu muchinwa!

    • JC, you have hit the point on Anyoko….a very ignorant person who can perhaps even say Kitwe is in Eastern province mwe!!!

  6. @Banda Lungu Forkwell, an outcome of an incompetent opposition leader HH and his Namwala Constituency? You are right!

  7. Typical Zambian driver – overtaking on a bridge, overtaking near a junction, overtaking on Zebra crossing, overtaking on a curve, etc. RTSA needs to invest in more driver education campaigns including video translation of the Highway Code. Instead of transmitting praises for politicians, ZNBC needs to do more on the public education part. This driver should never drive again and should be locked up!

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