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‘Wawa’ Chongo Jnr wants to follow father’s footsteps

Sports 'Wawa' Chongo Jnr wants to follow father's footsteps

The son of the late ex-Chipolopolo star defender Harrison “Wawa” Chongo has launched his football career with an audacious target of surpassing his father’s achievements in the game.

Wawa’s first born son Castro Chongo is currently attached to FAZ Division One side Young Green Buffaloes of Lusaka.

Defender Chongo, 22, said his late father, who played for Zambia and Mufulira Wanderers, inspired his decision to take up football.

“I have started football after being inspired by my late dad. I couldn’t watch him during his peak because was I a kid but after growing up I have been watching his videos. Furthermore, a lot of people say good things about him. They say he was a good player,” Chongo said.

“When he was coaching Mufulira Wanderers I used to follow him at the stadium and I remember, I also used to clean his souvenirs,” he said.

Wawa, who died in 2011, was a veteran of four Africa Cup finals in which he won a silver medal in 1994 and a bronze in 1996.

“I want to achieve a lot in football, looking at what dad did for the nation and our family. I want to exceed his level.”

He admits carrying the Wawa Chongo tag gives him pressure to impress.

“The name is too big in Zambian football so it gives me pressure whenever I am on the pitch. I know everyone expect a lot from me. Maybe if I make a mistake people would say you are not playing like your dad,” he said.

“Football is a sport where people will cheer you when you impress and also insult you when you falter.”

Castro added “But one thing that makes me feel better is that I have got too much support. People would come in numbers just to watch and support me as they remember dad. I have actually taken up his jersey number two.

Castro’s father spent a decade at Al Tawun in Saudi Arabia.


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  1. Ba HIBALWA you are a chakolwa, you even get hammered when you drink pure water? What happens when you drink carbonated water, bwa kuluka

  2. I do not understand this article: You mean the young man has taken up football at 22? If this is the case then the best advice to the young man is, football does not work that way – you have a very tough battle.

  3. Mwaice bawiso he was inshimbi and very inspiring. He was A defender whom you couldn’t go past. Mighty Yale producer amaplayer in those days there was no team in Zambia that could match them. Wawa should have gone to Europe bit he preferred Saudi

    • Ba Hugo! Wawa played for Mighty from the mid 80s to about 1994. You misleadingly state that “in those days there was no team in Zambia that could match them”… Now I doubt whether you have been following Zambian football, because the dominant force during this period was only Nkana FC and the number of championships will attest to this!

    • Ba David I said “Mighty Yale producer amaplayer in those days there was no team in Zambia that could match them” That is to say no team could produce players like Mighty.
      Ok chaumfwika bakalampa you arrived in the 80s but Mighty were still the top team tefyo?

  4. Wawa was a good defender BUT not U. Dont ride on your fathers shoes look at MULENGA SATA his father was the best politician Zambia ever produced in the name of MCS but his son thot he can be like MCS wHERE IS HE TODAY, he cant even issue any statement in politics cos. he is not an inspiring speaker. Talking about yourself at 22 tell us about your education background cos. i remember WAWA didnt know even how to spell his name in Airports they airport staff used to write for him and uses a thumb to sign

    • Sata was never the best politician this country has ever had. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe is the only one fit to be showered with those accolades. But then thats your opinion and I respect it

  5. Not a very wise idea, children should aspire to beat their father’s achievements. Wawa died destitute because he squandered all his earnings, so are you also going to follow those footsteps?

  6. 22 is still fine look players like Wes Morgan of Leicester City he won his first premier league crown at 31 having debut the highest league in England at age 30. 22 is still fine there are alot of players who have started their international career at 26 or even 29. Just keep working hard you can be there one day.

  7. Wawa was a good defender.He won the best defender’s award together with Elijah litana in 1994.Continue working hard,you can be like your late father!

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