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Lusaka woman accused of running over her husband and killing him acquitted

Headlines Lusaka woman accused of running over her husband and killing him acquitted

Mrs Milumbe
Mrs Milumbe

A Lusaka woman who was accused of killing her husband last October by driving over him with her car has been acquitted by the Lusaka High Court on lack of evidence.

Details of the case were that Jacqueline, a Health Care Administrator was accused of killing her husband Kofi Milumbe in October last year by running him over with a car after a domestic dispute on October 28, 2016.

High Court Judge Charles Chanda said the prosecution failed to establish prema-facie case against the accused as the case was full of speculation.

Jacqueline was accused of killing her husband Kofi Milumbe by running over him on October 28, 2016.

Judge Chanda said Jacqueline did not run over her husband but that he was run over by another speeding vehicle on the road.

Judge Chanda found that all the prosecution’s witnesses exonerated the accused and did not implicate her in any way.

“Based on the evidence before court and relying on the findings of the pathologist, I find that the deceased died as a result of the road traffic accident,” said Judge Chanda.

Jacqueline’s lawyer Abyudi Shonga had asked the court to acquit her because the prosecution had not established a prima facie case against her.

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  1. More evidence of ZP’s incompetence….even a solid case like this one was messed up from the start. ZP need technical assistance in CSI…if she was poor and didnt have access to lawyers she would have been locked away whether guilty or not!!

    • I don’t about solid case, Jay Jay, my friend. This was a wrong case in the first place. I think the Police’s incompetence lies in rushing to the court without thoroughly investigating the case. Basically being lazy to establish the truth. Clearly, according to the Judge, the police failed to present anybody before the court who said they saw a this innocent woman run over her husband. Question is how does their Police and the DPP even approach the court with such weak evidence. This is the incompetence we are talking about. No amount of training will help. This is just laziness, pure and simple

    • Kofi Milumbe sounds Congolese, he had no family support. I mean even me when I got robbed by a cousin of my Latino woman, I never got any help. So I told them they will never see me in their country.
      If they kill me or my Latino run over me, no one will feel sorry for me.
      Enjoy guys, make love!

    • @Nostradamus
      You have family, am here I will even force Jonathan to get involved,, that Congolese was maybe a refuge his relatives all died in congo

    • @Ndobo, I appreciate that, but my family wouldn’t want to fight with those crazy people with tattoos, all behave lunatic PFs.
      She will run over me, in her country, she would I know.
      Then she is also scared of malaria and witchcraft in Luapula. I go to Zambia with her pictures only! I am so blessed…
      So my friend in this neutral country, I can only die from romance.
      Be careful in Sweden, what can Mukwita do for you.

    • Guys stop speculating, the guy was not Congolese, He is very much Zambian, Tonga by Tribe, A chartered Accountant. If thats the verdict let it be. But for us who know the couple? its sad because this lady was cheating on her husband after living living in the Middle East for years. What goes around comes around, this woman will die badly she killed the husband and just wait and see. the justice system in Zambia is so corrupt. for sure they played it that there is no evidence being that the guys family have no money to bribe the court. what a shame and if god is there, she will get her fet


  2. She will never have peace of mind. She caused him to be run over when she drove off and he tried to stop her. In his haste he did not see the oncoming car that run over him. Even a Congolese deserves justice. Kabila is too busy to care. Katumbi, wake up.

    • Correct – She may have not run over him by she caused his death. If it is true that he may not have had relatives in Zambia – and therefore no emotional testimony, that even makes for more sad reading. It is very difficult to find a witness to testify against her in situations like this – a woman with little children. Now she can go and enjoy life with the boyfriend she was with in the car at the time the accident occurred.

  3. She looks like a cold hearted don’t give a damn kind of biatch. What goes around come around “Jackilling “

  4. Ati ,”… the case was full of speculation.” when its clear that a life was lost by the killer wife. She did kill the man because she thought he was going out with a better girl friend. Who does not know that women are killing men for petty reasons.
    What a disaster?

    • if there is no evidence why do you want her to be jailed if she did not kill her husband it means she dd not period she must be acquitted.

  5. The prosecutions own witnesses exonerated her. How? This is either incompetence on prosecutions part, or bribes were exchanged…

    • Spot on! They deliberately sabotaged this case to favour the woman. Let the DPP appeal to the supreme court and put in new prosecutors. If it was a traffic accident, then she caused his death by driving with his head sticking in the car or whatever.

  6. And doing right is also so wrong. So when the wind blows your way you breath. In life on earth you are hunted by your friends and rescued by strangers. Else search for positives in any situation the wind blows you to.

  7. It is like the case of Oscar Pistorious. God knows exactly what happened. The blood of the dead man is crying for Justice.

  8. I think most of us take social media news as gospel truth and fail to think objectively and seek the truth independently. Fortunately, what hold in court is not mere speculation as found on social media but truth that you can prove. This reminds of HH and the Mines were most people believe the lie and yet none has been able to prove. Truth of the matter is that Jacqueline was judged in the court of public opinion and found guilty and so the public is finding difficult to swallow its pride. Had we taken time to do just a simple thing, get both sides of the story, we would have had a different stance.

  9. This is sad. Offenders need to be punished now with this kind of judgement do you think spouse killings will come to an end. Another woman will kill the husband ati I will be acquitted.

  10. The other day i was reading the life of story of our DPP Ms. Siyuni. Among the things she said was the fact that sometimes certificates of committal to the high court takes time because herself and other people in her office have to go through the evidence from the police and talk to witnesses so that they take a solid case to the high court. Now, madam Siyuni, the many loses your prosecutors are suffering is all attributed to insufficient evidence by the police. The judges are ever telling your people to do their work and not expect the courts to convict without evidence. Why are you consenting to half baked cases from the police? Is it incompetence or someone is working against our dear DPP? Time to put your house in order Madam Siyuni.

  11. Where is the motorist who had run over him? He should be arrested for careless driving, speeding and hit and run offences. Then we will believe her story.

  12. Clear Clear picture that the law favours the rich, and hunts down the poor. God only you will bring true Justice in this case and many other cases we dont know about.

  13. Is Charles Chanda a woman? If not, then Jacqueline, a Health Care Administrator, must be waiting somewhere to to offer sexual administration.

  14. I don’t know why any right thinking person should expect anything good from our police officers and the office of the DPP.

  15. The judge is right. Get the full details of the trial and you will be convinced that the judge’s ruling is correct. Take a look at the alleged car which the judge said has no dents and you will beleive the ruling.

  16. Sounds like day rite robbery ,,judges lawyers and so cud prosecutors have mercy .The woman will never have peace whenever whatever

  17. Just one simple question. If the husband was run over by a passing vehicle, where is the vehicle or the person who was driving it? Did the vehicle and the driver disappear or what? where is the evidence that he was run over by a passing vehicle? This would make it clear rather than just speculating that she didn’t run over him but a passing vehicle did.

  18. I like what this person with an FDD said it is time we started evaluating office bearers. There are so many cases prosecution are losing all because of lack of evidence. We must put them 2 task ie in a year how many have they taken 2 court and how many loses. Simple as that. We need our dpps office 2 work hard like its a private undertaking

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