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PAC cautions UPND supporters stop the hatred against their perceived enemies

Headlines PAC cautions UPND supporters stop the hatred against their perceived enemies

People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Mayele Bandahas urged supporters of the United Party for National Development (UPND) to refrain from pushing resentments against their perceived political enemies after the release of their leader from detention.

Banda, who seized the fourth slot in the 2016 presidential polls, said UPND supporters should heed Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s call for Zambians to cast away all differences and focus on developmental issues.

In an interview Wednesday, Banda  said the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) should not remain silent after Mr. Hichilema walked to freedom but continue calling for the release of all political prisoners in Zambia.

“United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres should refrain from pushing resentments against their perceived political enemies after the release of their leader from detention” Banda said

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  1. In our tribe, Mayele means Magic. No wonder is difficult to understand how this man even came fourth to ECL. Magic Banda

    • Peace is not the abscence of war! Its this very idea to just ignore atrocities committed by the PF to hold on to power by all means with impunity which will make some us find it difficult to forgive.

      The same tactics were used to bring ZANUPF and MDC in Zim together but the Mugabe regime did not stop committing atrocities against its people despite the government of national unit.

      Some how I feel stopping the court cases against PF s rigging schemes is and will be the biggest tragedy that Zambians will gave experienced . For it feels as though UPND supporters lives were sacrificed in vain to appease PF and Lungu.

      For me as a UPND supporter to forgive Lungu and his PF stooges all UPND members arrested must be released and those PF miscreants who butchered innocent UPND to death…

    • If handkerchief banda wants to know the definition of hatred let him put on a upnd t-shirt and visit intercity bus station.

    • He is a Banda after all, what would one expect? Wako ni Wako. Unfortunately, the other guys from the North are slowly fading away due to the newly declared political North versus East war! I am loving it!

  2. MAYELE OR NYELE…?????


  3. What is this man waffling about,? it is not the UPND that hate their rivals but vice versa. surely he just wanted to be heard saying something. MR silence sometimes speaks volumes especially, if you have nothing sensible to contribute.

  4. If upnd was given power, it would be the Chiluba style persecutions again. Innocent people from certain tribes would be targets and brutalised to their deaths. I for one do not support political violence. Whenever PF and upnd cadres clash, I don’t support any of them-IT IS WRONG!! But to attack innocent families because they are not from your tribe, AS WHAT HAPPENED IN NAMWALA, that is bigotry of the worst form. I strongly believe that is the kind of hatred a upnd government would practice. I get chills in my spine imagining these people in power!!!

    • Stand up Zambia, chanda chimba 3 used to preach the same about sata, we know your kind wait until you develop bolabola from your falsehoods.

    • @Divide and Rule was Chanda Chimba wrong about Sata? Of course the interpretation of law is something else but Chanda Chimba was a small prophet.

    • Iwe Zambian citizen, no one was attacked in Namwala. That was stage managed to blind people like you, what have you got to say about the mourners attacked at a cemetery? You didn’t see that or that is normal to you?

    • Zambian citizen, are the Tonga people not being victimized by you and some of the bloggers? stop this tribal crap. we are one Zambia one Nation. that incident had alot of speculation about it. The pictures looked like Zimbabwens and the story was never proved. If you really are a Zambian please stop this tribal talk.

  5. PAC it is like it is you who is still so concerned with hate when UPND is totally quiet and celebrating the release of HH.
    The only problem is you are not happy to see HH out and 10x more famous than before.
    UPND is always defending not attacking. People like u are not suppose to exist because you always look for mistakes in others not seeing the bigger mistakes you make.
    HATRED…HATRED…UPND…UPND when will this stop!
    You are the ones harbouring hatred.
    You are told.. PUT ON UPND T-shirt go to inter city to prove perpetrators of hatred and violent… Before you identified as same as them you will be on ambulance to UTH ICU.

  6. Let the PAC leader tell us what motivated the brutal,merciless and shameful tribal purge (Retrement in National Interest) that has and is going on in civil service.Zambians are intelligent and the perpetrators of the scourge are known

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