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Hakainde Hichilema is Not True To Him, Not True To UPND Members, He Lives a Lie

General News Hakainde Hichilema is Not True To Him, Not True To UPND Members,...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a deception to himself and exists in a cocoon of deception. He is not true to the UPND membership. Indeed, if the levels of deception from his South African press briefing is what the Thanksgiving Prayers have produced in the man, then its high time his High Priests thought of going beyond laying on of hands to include baptism by fire – they have a mountain to climb!

It is no wonder to this date, there still exists grey areas surrounding is entry onto the political stage; grey areas around his faith; grey areas around his role in Zambia’s infamous privatization of among other things, mines; grey areas around his style of leadership within UPND; and grey areas around what he really stands for.

Speaking before white capital in South Africa, Hichilema proved right what many Zambians had always suspected – he’s a political project and a puppet of capitalists who has chosen to align himself with beneficiaries of South Africa’s apartheid regime. Hichilema has gone to bed with Democratic Alliance (DA), a Party Nelson Mandela described as follows: “You must not be misled by a Party that only cares for blacks on the eve of the elections…No matter how they cover up by getting a few black stooges, they (the whites) remain the bosses.”

Instead of thanking the people of Zambia for his release, he chose to go to a foreign country to speak ill of a country he claims to love. His motive is greed and self-serving. “The Patriotic Front is not allergic to prayer. Those with the gift of knowledge in the UPND must get worried with their leader’s style of leadership. Hichilema does not care about his “voters”, all he wants is self-anointing. He is even going to go to great lengths to associate with the likes of expelled PF Member Chishimba Kambwili, (another political desperado who confuses Hichilema for the Micheal Sata legacy) thinking that will get him into State House.

With yesterday’s hallucinations from South Africa, even the little “public sympathy” he might have gained fizzled out. Right thinking Zambians can now see that he is a “political fluke” ready to tell lies about his own Country and cannot therefore be taken seriously. Zambians cannot trust his word.

Issued by: Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director, Party Headquarters


  1. Well said. This stunted under5 will never learn. Lets take the games to his side. He ran away from a court session to go to SA and lied that he was sick with GBM. Hammer them a kacourt something kaili. Let te games begin.
    I end here!

    • Why should the release of HH appear like a favour when he should not have been there in the first place? Secondly, Lungu should tell people why he chose to go by road instead of the chopper that was waiting for him. Truth be told, Lungu will always have a difficult time getting respect which should go beyond the title he holds and cannot justify with evidence he truly deserves it. The best was for him to allow the petition to be heard and let HH bring the evidence he said he had. If Lungu won the evidence will show

    • This is the kind of obsession that HH is complaining about. This is the scourge that is ruining our country and keeping us from moving forward.

      Foreign Embassies are swamped with people trying to get out of Zambia to run away from such buffoonery.

  2. Why should you waste time on Hichilema? He’s a failed project, what he has embarked on won’t win him elections. He’s a disaster, he isn’t as clever as his followers project him to be. The best way to deal with him is to ignore him. I think he’s already missing prison

  3. Upnd stooges believes that they can win elections by attracting sympathy from outsiders who can’t even vote in Zambia. Just hear how spanya boasts about international community like it’s there third strong voting hold.

  4. What do you say about lungu who thought SA is his country and can summon anyone ,why can’t you talk about that shame act and our president HH a man of wisdom who don’t know how beer ? smell,bachanda think

  5. What do you say about lungu who thought SA is his country and can summon anyone ,why can’t you talk about that shame act and our president HH a man of wisdom who don’t know how beer ? smell,bachanda think

  6. Indeed, Nelson Mandela was right when described some black South Africans who join racist political parties by stating as follows: “You must not be misled by a Party that only cares for blacks on the eve of the elections…No matter how they cover up by getting a few black stooges, the whites remain the bosses.” Just recently Mmusi Maimane tried to punish Helen Zille for her apartheid-based statement. But the real bosses of the DA quickly chastised him for messing up a former DA President. Later Maimane switched his guns to attacking President Lungu’s Zambian Govt. HH must know that even Helen Zille, an experienced politician, would not dare pock her nose on Zambian internal affairs.

  7. Lord have mercy on Sunday Chanda. He needs your healing hand, each time he writes, he does not fail to exhibit his deep hatred for HH, it really pains him to see this man talk, or afforded the opportunity to tell the world about his true feelings for Zambia, if he had a way, he was going to send caders to stop the whole press briefing….the question is, what’s your problem? You need healing my brother. There are better things for you to write about….you are a bitter man, wonder what your upbringing was like? Am sure you are not aware of what you pour out of your self each time you post something…you just show us your emptiness …..you talk about laying of hands, you need it more than HH does. You need the Power of the Holy Spirit to fall on you, to heal you and teach you how to…

  8. Within Zambia, and particularly within the bounds of Southern Province, Mr. Hamududu and Major Chizyuka will demolish HH’s popularity. It is a disgrace for a political leader to unleash mountains of lies about his own country in a foreign country. HH must ask his own intellectuals the fate of Tony Blair when he lied on the state of affairs in Iraq, the misinformation that promptd the British Govt spend tax payers money to service a shameful military invasion of IRAQ. The British quietly fired Blair as Prime Minister whereas President Obama saved George Bush by effecting a civilized withdrawal of American military personnel from Iraq. Yet Malema had to go to London just to attack the legacy of late Nelson Mandela – a feat that pleased the white racists globally. Will HH ever learn the…

  9. As HH mounts his deceitful mission in South Africa, will he ever learn the real plight of the African race in Africa, Europe and the USA? This time around HH has exposed himself as a worthless stooge. He has earned himself the characteristics of a big LIAR. It is doubtful if whites who have invested businesses in Zambia will ever trust him at all.

  10. To teach you how love fellow human beings. Can you imagine for a minute what life would be, if all people had such hatred for others? Your own children would have no where to go, remember that whatever you do here on earth, it’s like seed you plant, one day it’s going to be time for harvesting. You have children whom you are going to leave here on earth, what future are you preparing for them? A future of hatred and insults? I feel sorry for you, do not live for now, there’s tomorrow …leave a legacy with children, where, just mentioning your name, people are happy to welcome your children and help them….not this situation where your children want to change their surnames cos of fear…..Lord have mercy!!!

  11. The PF is really finished. How does a ruling party entrust its public image in the hands of Sunday Chanda?! Are you lisyening to yourselves at all PF and your Sunday?

  12. The truth has set our President HH free. The bible does not lie but human beings are pretenders and liars. When God is on your side no one can be against you.

  13. Never mind him, God will punish him for his pathetic lies and evil deeds. First he makes them mad and then miraculously gets rid of them.

  14. I concur with you Victor, it’s a vision less party that only thinks HH is an high breed more animal than others! Only him can stand for president .

  15. You lockup someone for months on fake charges and expect him to say how nice you are ??
    If it was I would even tell them how lungu lost his lisence…

    Hehehe these Pf rats are pathetic.

  16. Sounds like a psychopathic father poisoning his children against their mother, telling them not to trust their mother because ” she is a liar and because she has leaked information about the family”. HH was invited to SA and he obviously had his perfect opportunity to spill the beans . Good on you HH,go on and bring back order into Zambia !!.
    If you can’t freely express your opinion in your own country, then you might as well do it elsewhere, at least he is not there to socialise . He is on some meaningful business and he is talking sense and above all, the truth. Not sweeping issues under the carpet !!

  17. HH belongs to mukobeko-period!!
    This is the reason why 6.5 provinces were quiet the day Kainde was released from jail because many Zambians know how evil HH is!!HH IS A CURSED POLITICIAN WHO WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA-MARK MY WORDS!!!we are waiting for him,come 2021 it will be another defeat!!

  18. Njimbu mukobeko is too small to contain HH, that’s why he is out and why should a whole government official go ranting about an opponent. HH has every right to speak his mind out especially him being one of the biggest tax payer. You njimbu have no right to even ridicule him
    Considering that you perhaps a freeloader who contributes nothing to the national cake but want to have a big mouth to ridicule others. How much taxes do you pay. I have a business in Zed and pay a lot of taxes, l don’t know where all this money is going. Poverty everywhere and nothing seems to be improving except politicians bellies

  19. Thank You HH for exposing the evils that are happening in our country to the whole world. What an opportunity it is to expose the failed leadership. HH you are the man pliz do it for mother Zambia so that thiz evils can stop.

    • Be realist, how can a normal person like you start supporting lies. Remember that a good and honest leader must stand on the truth. When and where did you see Police Officers deployed inside the parliament? Today you can insult our president,and tomorrow it can be your so called president in Government, what if he fails deliver according to your expectations. Learn to respect elders/leaders.

  20. Ba Sunday,
    Definitely u ll never see beyond your nose.
    If today UPND said we want our President to go round the country to meet and thank his party members..TELL ME ia the PF Police going to give him the Permit?
    Am sure not….answer…. security reason.
    He was invited to go and tell the world why he was incarcerated. If your memory is as good as mine. HE told the foreign journalists in RSA that He Hakainde should tell the world why he can’t recognize his government. Now which platform can he use here in shrinking Zambia?
    Can you allow him to use Freedom Square in Kitwe to say what he disclosed in RSA where democracy has found green pasture…answer is NO. You even know what would happen.
    So leave him alone..
    Pretend you have not heard or seen him.
    Just have a peaceful mind…

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