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Mwamba advises HH to stop tarnishing Zambia’s image

Headlines Mwamba advises HH to stop tarnishing Zambia’s image

Emmanuel Mwamba speaking when he received a memorandum of demands NUMSA
Emmanuel Mwamba speaking when he received a memorandum of demands NUMSA

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has urged opposition United Party for National Development ( UPND ) leader Hakainde Hichilema to positively use his time in South Africa instead of spreading falsehood and consequently tarnishing the image of Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba says the recent claims by the UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema that Zambia was facing a break down in the rule of law are all lies and based on total fabrications.

He explains that Mr. Hichilema’s recent release from prison together with his co-accused was a demonstration of Zambia’s entrenched rule of law and a tested democracy.

He adds that the recent acquittals of UPND’s Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and the other UPND senior member Obvious Mwaliteta also demonstrate that the independence of the judiciary.

Reacting to Mr. Hichilema’s statements that Zambia’s 2016 general elections remain disputed, Mr. Mwamba clarified that President Edger Lungu won the 2016 elections with clear margin of over one hundred thousand votes representing a percentage of 50.35 contrary to Mr. Hichilema’s claim.

He added that the election of President Edger Lungu in 2016 was pronounced and determined as credible by reputable local and international observers thereby making Mr. Hichilema’s claims unfounded.

Mr. Mwamba has further refuted Mr. Hichilema’s claim that there was no media freedom in Zambia.

“There is a diversified and independent media with over 85 radio stations and 15 television stations including 10 newspaper firms operating freely in Zambia,” he explained.

He added that the suspension of two radio stations Komboni Radio and Itezhi-Tezhi FM and Muvi TV could not be used to justify claims as the named stations were suspended and found liable for using and promoting hate speech.

The Zambian Envoy has also described Mr. Hichilema’s claims that the Zambian Parliament was raided by Police as a fabrication stating that no such incident has ever happened in Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba explained that Zambian nationals who travel abroad are expected to honour their solemn duty and responsibility to the country and not speak ill of the country.

He urged Mr. Hichilema to help promote peace, unity and contribute towards Zambia’s development.

The UPND President is currently in South Africa where he is reported having held a joint press conference with South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane in Cape Town.

Mr. Hichilema is reported having stated that there was break down of the rule of law in Zambia, no media freedom in Zambia, the Zambian parliament was raided by police and the President Edger Lungu’s election remains disputed.

This is contained in a press statement made available to ZANIS by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambia’s High Commission to South Africa, Mrs. Naomi Nyawali.

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  1. Emulate Shaka Zulu s way of doing things . Never ever leave an enemy behind . This was and is not a small saying ?

    • I have lost sympathy for this hechihechi thing. What does he want to achieve? He is still in denial even after the president went against his so-called rule of law to have him released where he rightfully belonged. He should have rotten in jail kwasila. Some people never learn and hechihechi is one of them.
      I can assure you people that if there was a break down in the rule of law in Zambia this man could have been history from the time he blocked the presidential motor cade in Mongu. That was a very good excuse to get rid of such f.ools who keep on yapping and yapping even in foreign countries.
      Hey where is the rule of law when these guys also cheated that they were sick and could not attend court session in Luanshya but instead went to SA to insult Zambia. Awe mwachilamo baba. You…

    • Mwamba when you look at your own image you think that is Zambia’s image. Lungu is the only president to have tarnished our nation prestige. If you are looking for promotion, just call Jonathan he will find you something to do, not defending the indefensible.

    • Ba Mwamba with his old tired story of so many radio and TV stations and elections endorsed by bla bla bla. All I can say is the devil is in the details this is a typical case when numbers mean nothing. You can have a Gazillion Radio and TV stations conformed to the ruling Party and You can have an election such as the one that just passed without absolute freedoms by the Opposition to campaign anywhere instead in some areas such as Shiwangandu they couldn’t even campaign, suspended scheduled rallies with ghastly consequences of defiance one incident resulting in the death of a Young lady, beatings and intimidation of people in opposition regalia. So the casting and Counting of votes then amount to democracy? Awe Ba Mwamba twakana !

    • @ Rude monk the Presidency has disassociated itself from any influence of the outcome of the HH case so don’t claim he had anything to do with his release. Though in reality we know he did thus logically confirming his dishonesty and craftiness. Thank you for bringing this out

  2. Ba Mwamba, for once be serious. Zambia has no image worth defending us of now. What we have is a clueless troglodyte who should have never got reigns of power in the first place. He has demeaned the rule of law, denigrated the presidency and irreparably destroyed the image of a once wonderful country. Zambia is living through wasted years. Mwamba, I wish you could save your breathe other than engaging in hogwash of PR.

  3. I have lost sympathy for this hechihechi thing. What does he want to achieve? He is still in denial even after the president went against his so-called rule of law to have him released where he rightfully belonged. He should have rotten in jail kwasila. Some people never learn and hechihechi is one of them.
    I can assure you people that if there was a break down in the rule of law in Zambia this man could have been history from the time he blocked the presidential motor cade in Mongu. That was a very good excuse to get rid of such f.ools who keep on yapping and yapping even in foreign countries.
    Hey where is the rule of law when these guys also cheated that they were sick and could not attend court session in Luanshya but instead went to SA to insult Zambia. Awe mwachilamo baba. You…

    • Another ***** (pf)I guess whose hand has been greased to defend…Cant see anything wrong with the way things are being handled in Zed…wake up baba…

  4. They want to destroy then come and build. in Ndola some govt demolished a stadium and failed to build. Be like Americans who are proud of their country

    • We are proud of Zambia but not corrupt dictator Lungu and his way of ruining the country. There’s a huge difference between Zambia and PF.

  5. Mr HARRY KALABA may have been the best person to respond but your usual political self,Mr Mwamba contrary to civil service rules, is in charge of you.We all know the reason you cant be retired in national interest.Please remember that all the officers you suspended,fired or transferred belong one region.You can conclude for yourself what that means

  6. It is normal. Fellow readers, do you honestly expect an opposition leader who is aspiring for plot 1 to say only good things about the incumbent President and his government? The answer is a categorical NO.Even Maimane or Malema cannot say good things about Zuma and ANC when he comes here.

  7. If emmanuel mwambwa is really litirate then he would have read and understood the speach HH gave. truth and only truth was spoken by Hichilema. What has happened to the Post newspaper? You cannot shut down a company because it owes tax; no you keep it running so that the revenue owed can be collected. Journalists are locked up. We are not free to air our voices then we are picked up. Our phones are tapped; there is no more privacy on our webs. So mr Mwamba which part of HH s speach is false?

  8. Just like a person damages his reputation by his own bad conduct, a country can also damage its image in the way it runs public affairs. If a person’s behavior is immoral and disrespectful do you honestly think people would be saying good things about him? The answer is NO.

  9. Banda Lungu foloko, you should learn to be mature in your contributions to the blog, it doesn’t mean when you are in diaspora cleaning trash of your bosses that you should support those people you say rubbish about mother Zambia. We have been outside before and we know very well what it entails to work in a foreign nation, you are just been used to do jobs which owners shun to do because of the health risks attached to them. Our sisters who flocked to Europe are busy cleaning feaces in homecare institutions and they are exposed to all sorts of communicable diseases. Don’t think we don’t know the slavery you are in just because we are back home in Zambia enjoying what the able Leadership of Changwa Lungu can offer. You are the same people who begged for duo citizenship so that you can…

    • If that what you were doing when you lived abroad, don’t think and assume we are also doing that…. i guess thats why you back in Zambia

    • @the Observer – Let people support their preference and not the one who rocks your boat! And please… there’s nothing wrong with a cleaning feaces job or collecting trash. At the end of the day what should be important is that they sustain themselves and their families. I once worked in a nursing home in the US and was able to educate myself and my children and I would do it over again. The health risks you are talking about are imaginary. I now work at UTH and YES… there are some serious health risks here my dear.
      Its amazing how some of you, the so called “learned” look down on some of these jobs. Be nice, because one day, you may just find yourself at UTH and need your a$$ cleaned. Be nice!!

    • True to that observer. I did my secondary school in Harare in the 80s when there were a lot of white people and I know the behavior of those people. Bwana, no matter how intelligent or educated you are, they never consider you their equal. So to even see The Engineer make it look like he is proud of being abroad, Muzungu ni muzungu, he is the same anywhere in the world-to him, we are below him!! In Zambia, around my friends and relatives, I am respected. I can wake up today and go see a minister or a chief for example and he will make time for me. Engineer, do you think you can be allowed to sit in the same office as a high ranking official or royalty in your host country??? I doubt that. Observer is spot on. Ku la pipa fye, that’s where the white man puts you.

    • @the observer

      You are a true brainless PF cadre: ati “…the able Leadership of Changwa Lungu can offer..” lungu!!
      Ukupipa amafi ni ncito! It pays money and on time! And don’t assume that all the people who escaped the rat hole that Zambia has become are all wiping bums. Zambian professionals overseas are an appreciated asset to their host nations. You can’t have a full functional brain and still remain in Zambia under that leader!?. Remember Zambia is the poorest nation on earth, thanks to idio!tc leadership, with 86% living on a monthly income that is below what a bum wiper in UK makes in a few minutes. Are you proud of this record?

    • Wantanshi: When Japan was bombed to rubble, did their people “escape that rat hole”??? Or the Germans?? Professional or not, you characters are monkeys to the white man, that is why they throw bananas at you at football matches. They will never accept you; where you are they call you mukwerekwere. Since when did Zambia become the poorest nation on Earth?? 86% poor?? We have a 10% formal employment statistic and a whopping 60% informal employment. We are daily interacting with informal businesspeople who are investing in properties and farms. Are you aware that almost 80% of pig farmers in Lusaka alone are informal yet they are feeding us?? WE ARE PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE WE ARE DRIVING IT FORWARD OURSELVES.

    • Be silent brother. I pity you with your insubstantive hogwash. I hold one of the best jobs you could only dream off. I live the best life, the life I would wish for a majority of Zambians in a just society lead by upright thinking Zambian. Not the trash we have that is pretending to lead. Oh….just in case, I have multiple qualifications, including 3 degrees with a doctorate to cap it. I have been to one of the best Universities on mother earth. But I love Zambia to death, and will always speak out!

    • …best job or not, qualifications or not, you can never be allowed to lead Canadians, bwana!! YOU ARE STILL A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN TO THEM!!! We chose our leaders and it was our choice, we love our president and will always reject evil people who are up to no good like hakainde. If you have all those things, what have you done to uplift the welfare of your countrymen and women??? Not just monetary, but how have you helped enhance the country except talk rubbish about it while praising foreign lands???

  10. Some explanations are not sound.How did the guy’s brazier explode and burn the market? How were the beer and sprite empties last year supposed to be made into bombs.Then we have Choongwa and Mapenzi murders.Quite frankly the explanations are comic.How did Zambians freely sanction,participate and execute clear tribal purge in public service ? How can entire team of directors,permanent and minister in a ministry come from one area? How come these injustices are so common now?

  11. Mr Mwamba, just some professional friendly advice. You cant be responding to every thing. Are you sure there is no work to do. Do you have any key performance indicators? You really like being in the news. Do some work, the tax payer who sent you there wants to see you working. Very friendly advice

  12. Mr Mwamba Just check on the pf cadres utterences, they threatened to deal with any media which was to host H.H. So dont defend your party. Just instill descipline and proper protocol in your party.

  13. We have all heard and seen the atrocities that have been going on in Zambia and highlighting these things is the only way forward. You cannot continue, as a nation to sweep the dirt under the carpet and pretend that all is well. Zambia’s image on the international media was tarnished way before HH gave this speech, so Mr Mwamba please listen to your Zambian citizens, they are crying for jobs and basic things.
    The man who is trashing those who work in care homes abroad , shame that you dont understand why someone has to do this kind of work. Can I remind you that one day when you are terminally ill or elderly, someone will have to clean your bottom?

  14. Mwamba: lungu has tarnished Zambia’s image more than anybody else since independence. First the world knows the president of Zambia is a convicted thief, they know already he is a hopeless drunkard, they know he is a ruthless dictator whose role model is a senile and despicable dictator south of Zambia. They know also he is not intelligent. lungu confessed he is clueless. The world also wonders why intelligent Zambians dragged into office such a charlatan!

  15. HH loves Zambia that is why he was jailed by Lungu for 127 days. HH talked of how the Barbaric PF Govt arrested him ,charged him with Treason which he didn’t commit and mistreated him in Jail. HH is simply recounting his experience in Jail at the hands of Sadist and Dictator Lungu govt. What is wrong with that? The Truth hurts and the illegitimate Lungu govt is embarrassed. Lungu and his govt should apologize to HH and 5 others for incarcerating them for a Crime they did not commit.

  16. The truth is always hard to swallow…

    Zambias image has been tarnished for years now! Mwamba should also learn to keep his mouth closed….he is the most out spoken rubbish broadcaster of all deplomat in the world……

  17. Very well said, Mr. High Commissioner: …Zambian nationals who travel abroad are expected to honour their solemn duty and responsibility to the country and not speak ill of the country.” Your sentiments have been supported by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, who is the representative of these people and not maimane. Good work, sir!!

  18. HH is a disgrace and I sincerely hope the Zambian people will remember his unpatriotic utterances and close this man off once and for all at the next election. Just who does he think he is? God does indeed have ways to expose evil people. HH you will be punished by God for aligning yourself with dark forces seeking to loot Zambia’s precious resources. You have no shame or perhaps you think the world is on your side?

  19. Why do people see a speck in other people’s eyes and can’t see a log in their own eyes? The problem the country is facing is Muzungu anikonde instead of saying the truth they would rather tell lies. The bible says the truth will set you free.

  20. Let him say what he wishes, its his country too and his observations. The fact that he does not agree with you does not mean he is wrong.

  21. I have never seen this type of desperation as exhibited by HH in the political history of Zambia. It’s high time Zambians especially those that he has so far deceived to think twice, is this guy genuinely interested in the affairs of the country or are there personal ambitions driven by hidden forces that has led to this? It’s clear in our mind that even in the unlikely event that he was to be president of Zambia, can he really represent the views of the people and worse still can he relinquish power to another party or person? The answer is clear, this HH must never be allowed or given the minimum chance to hold presidential powers because that will be the end of Zambia as we know it.

  22. The inability to receive any type of criticism is a sign that the current Zambian government is failing in its most basic duties. You want to lock the guy up for 4 months for nothing and then he should thank you? Actions have consequences

  23. Twanaka ne lyashi lyaba chumbu munshololwa HH!!! This chap will never grow up or mature in politics. He thinks the people world over will come to his rescue and help him get into state house? Shame on you bwana HH.

  24. What he must do is to inform the DA members that the introduction of 50% + 1 is not easy to have him win presidential elections because the country (Zambia) is divided in voting patterns and tribal politics which has gone even more than any other time. What can he do for him to win?instead he is there mocking Zambians hoping to achieve what in foreign country? Does he understand what it means to win presidential election? He is a mile away from winning two mainstream cities for Lusaka and Copperbelt because are cities that have come to learn about him that he is a wrongful man who has nothing to offer to help Zambians but his political ego to usher himself to plot 1 . If he will continue politics of imperialism by using the Anglo America influence on Zambians will not and never make him a…

  25. No one can damage Zambia’s reputation. Political confusion is happening everywhere, in SA, USA, UK. Who is HH to destroy Zambia? We are a strong country and no puppet to whites will ever win against what God has ordained. True, many foreigners in the diaspora are just slaves being overused in those countries. The little money they get is out of blood sweat. Its hard there. Many so called proffessionals are not recognised for their degrees. If black SA proffessionals are complaining that they are sidelined in their own country, what more with a foreigner. Some foreigners now are into drugs, prostitution and many illegal activities to make a living. Few Zambians in the diaspora have their own properties. Yet a teacher in Zambia has managed to build houses. What is there to boast about…

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